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Solid, long bursts of work have started again and I have decided that after the server and networking is completely rebuilt (which is almost done, just need to implement the client side into the current game) that there will be a beta test to see how smoothly this whole new system runs. The features will be that of a simple MMORPG without battles for now. After that and whatever fixes have been made, focus will switch back to the battle engine once again (which is already looking very good and has progressed quite far).

But, there are two problems.
One is that we want to start using original, unique characters for this beta test. Of course not tons like the end game will have, but enough. The problem is that we don't currently have anyone that is up to the job of working with us frequently to produce these sprites. The sort of character sprites needed are the sort in the screenshots here. They don't have to be the exact same (for example, making them somewhat bigger may look better), but need to be able to fit in with the rest of the graphics well.
If you think you are up to such a job, then please contact me via PM or by email or on MSN Messenger (hawthorneluke@hotmail.com).

The second problem is that currently we have no real way of hosting such a beta. We need a windows machine that will be able to run 24/7 without much interference to host this new server, preferably. Again, without this, the beta will be impossible. Again, if you can help here, please contact me via PM or by email or on MSN Messenger (hawthorneluke@hotmail.com).

If you want to help out this team but can't help in the two ways listed above, then still feel free to contact me. Please just make sure that you will be able to help us well in at least one way.

(Note: If you think you've already talked to me about the related things in this post in the past, then please contact me again, as I'm not 100% certain about what people have said and what they are currently doing, with disappearing for months or whatever and I have no idea if you still want to do anything. Thanks.)

If you have any interest in helping us, but are not sure and need questions answered. then please contact me by any of the ways listed above and I'll be able to fill you in with everything you need to know.

Interested in the progress of this beta test? then check out here.

One last note. I'll be away for a week this Tuesday (14th of August). So don't expect to hear from me until I get back.

Thanks. We're counting on you!



I will answer any questions about the game (currently, only the first available, now offline demo) you ask here in this topic (and question's i've received via the game). so ask away.
(I know some shouldn't be here, but i thought i'd have them here, as they could possible help some people, for now, at least until there are some better questions to be answered)
(if any mods or admins want to make this neater, feel free xD and also, if you find any other questions and answers that can go here, please feel free to add them)

some of the avatars (players) are bugged. a black square outlines them.
This is due to the automatic sprite loading system and not so compatable sprites. But this will only be the case for the very first demo.

Not much, just making this FAQ.

Holy cow. Your version of The World is awesome. I'm waiting for my e-mail to activate my account and until then I though I'd look on the forums and then saw this. This just rocks! Keep up the work guys! And sorry for sending this almost pointless e-mail..
Thanks. but if you have to wait more then any normal time for the activation email for these forum's. it's likely going to be in your junk email. It's nice to get feedback from user's

Is there a battle engine in the demo or do we have to wait for an update or will the full version be released in a year or two?
In this first demo, there is no battle engine. but there will be (as well as a lot of other features such as items, trading, other areas etc) in the next demo/beta, which shouldn't take as long as a year to come out at all.

im in the second part of the dungun is there a third part how do you get there.
There are five parts.

1) Maze room
2) Hidden Path room
3) Puzzle room
4) Wall room

For the second room, you need another member to hold the light on for you.

im confused i want to do the dunguen mission but i dont know if you need three people or could you get away with just two. i only have one other person to do the mission with so can sombody tell me is it 2 or 3 people
Two to get past the second room, three to clear the dungeon.

how do you play two player with the demo is it possible. does it have to do with the server.
If you really know what you're doing with forwarding ports on any router/hub you may have and firewall.
then you can forward the two ports listed in the topic in announcements where you got the demo from (http://theworld.dayjoaspen.com/index.php?topic=181.0 ports 23524 and 23525).
then one of you runs the server, finds out their ip and then the other people just run the client and connect to that ip instead of the default "" but still using the same default port.
but it's probably going to be very hard for you to do unless you know what i'm on about


ok, first of all, this needs quite a new pc to run well and seeing as this game isnt made for users to connect to the server they are running on their pc, you may run into a lot of problems unless you are confident you know what you are doing with these two programs you can download further down this post. this demo is just here for those that really want to try out and are willing to go through quite some hardships to get it working for them (if you know what you're doing though, it's easy)

but dont worry, when the next demo comes out, there will be a lot more to do and like the previous demo, it will be online and you will be able to easily connect and play online in a user friendly way

i've decided to let you download the server so you can connect to it and play the game (with the user version of the game)
you can get the new client from the download a little further down this post.

to play, just open the server exe (which you must download, which you can get a bit further down this post)
and then open the game normally (which you must also download, which you can get a bit further down this post as well) and using the default ip and port should work fine, unless you want to use the ip of someone else to connect to their server and play with them. if so, you will have to forward ports 23524 and 23525 if you have a firewall (software and hardware. eg in a router). but if you do not have a clue about what i just said then, just ignore that bit

download the user client here
download the server here


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