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The Project MOVED!

Dear Users & Fans.

Due to the fusion with the Celes-Network, a Network administrated by my Team and I - I decided to fuse the Fragment Project into my very own private Blog which can be accessed at http://coldbird.celes-network.de .

The BBS also got closed and moved to the new host aswell.

All important data was ported over and I hope you all will be pleased with the new web-presence.

This Website - From now on - is on HIATUS and there will be no further edits or update to it.

For reference and information though this page will stay online and I hope that all people that are interested in the project will come over to the new place for new updates & information.

Sincerely, the Administrator.

R. D. Coldbird


The Blog has been upgraded with a PSP Frontend… when visiting the Blog using the Playstation Portables’s Webbrowser a 100%ly fitting easy to read design will be used in the stead of the highresolution template we are using for PC Access.

This is the first out of many planned PSP Interaction Upgrades we intend to apply to the ‘The World’ Project. In preparation for the development of “Eden”.

The World Administrator and Developer,
Damian Coldbird


People on the BBS wanted a way to decide which character they’d play…

Well here it is, and now people can browse through all possible designs.

As a little goodie there’s also a gameplay video of the new Revision 3 Patch for DDL in the Download Section.

Administrator and Developer of ‘The World’
Damian Coldbird


I want to extend the capability of my grabtex tool… People might have guessed it - or maybe they didn’t.

Anyway - The goal of mine is to not only be able to extract textures, but model data from the console games aswell…

To reach this goal I need assistance of people that are well informed about 3D stuff, both in practical stuff aswell as theoretical.

Thus - I’m waiting for volunteers. My MSN Addy, etc. people can look up via the BBS.


Edit: It’s released now… grab the new unpack.c from the thread on the BBS if you wish to unpack both IMOQ+F aswell as GU Series Graphic Data.

I’m currently working on a improved Toolset, that allows for .hack//GU Graphic Extraction aswell.

It works somewhat fine till now but there are still some bugs in the GU Support…

The new sourcecode will be released on the BBS once the bugs are fixed and the Toolset got tested properly.


Man… was this movie a downer…

If they recorded the gameplay scenes and made a movie out of them - that would have been thousand times better.

While this ain’t real news… I couldn’t stop myself from posting it… Sheesh…

Coldbird over and out and disappointed and bla… crap.


.hack//FRAGMENT “US-Patch” R2-2 (1 MB, 36 hits)

The first bugfix patch for R2 is now available. Please refrain from using the old R2 Patch any longer as it contains bugs that this one doesn’t.

At this point - thanks to Chaos for reporting the bugs which resulted in 7 bugs being fixed.

I hope you all have fun with what we provide here.

‘The World’ Administrator and Developer,
Damian Coldbird


The Quarantine to Fragment Portover Patch is now finished… I promised I’d finish it this weekend… so here you go…

.hack//FRAGMENT “US-Patch” R2 (1003 KB, 68 hits)

YouTube Video

EDIT: First bugreports came in… sad to say they weren’t real bugs…
They resulted from using previously patched files as Base-Files for the R2 Patch.
So please - always make sure you are using appropriate FRESH files, right off the disc… if you don’t - you WILL encounter bugs.


I need a PS2 Slim…

Well - I’m asking for a lot lately… but its for a reason…
Everythings been going smooth with the project - till now…
Because the stuff we did didn’t alter the games code - even in the tiniest bit…

But soon we have to start doing alterations… we have to nuke the DNAS Protection to get the Game to connect to our own servers…

Such a hack needs a lot of testing… which ultimately means we’d have to waste hundreds of DVD blanks… if not thousand…

I only got a old “fat” PS2… which is fine for most of the work I do… but it’s not capable of reading DVD-RW or +RW… which means everytime I do a test… I waste one DVD blank…

Slimline PS2s are capable of reading rewriteable Media… thus I’m asking…

If there is someone out there that wishes to help this project - please contact me on MSN or ICQ and donate a bit of cash to me so I can get me a Slimline PS2 and start hacking this thing for real.

MSN: coldbird123@hotmail.com
ICQ: 419134465


I’ve made this Patch available to Public now.
Check it out

.hack//FRAGMENT “US-Patch” R1 (979 KB, 54 hits)

I’ve started my work on localizing .hack//FRAGMENT…

Without enough DVD Blanks I can’t do real work on the Networking yet… it would eat away my money…

But its still enough to do a few Translation Tests here and there…

Now I hope this will be enough motivation to get some Japanese speaking people to assist in translating this game…

Read the Full Post for the Screenshots ;D


I tried doing everything possible to make physical investments unneeded…

I tried using PCSX2… just to find out after a lot of compiling and tricking - that Fragment wont even boot on it…

I tried patching it to work on HDLoader… no go either…

It seems I really have to burn a new DVD everytime I do a — even minimal — Mod to the Game…

I don’t have the money to do so… atleast not now… I’ll have to wait now… save up some money… and hope to get me a lot of DVD-Blanks sometime…

Wondering if people are willing to donate a bit of cash for this… I guess they won’t but let’s see how this turns out.


PRG Dialog Files

Again I’m off into Fragment Hacking!

Wahahaha ~ *ahem* ~ Sorry….

To make it short - I spotted the Menu Dialogs… I hope to finish a Menu Translation Hack soon…
Once done I’ll do my best and try to show some Screenshot Footage… Now if I could get this damn PS2 Emulator running properly…

I’m annoyed to burn a new copy everytime I need to test something…

Anyway - Coldbird over and out.


I’ve invested quite some time into analysing DATA.BIN and *.CMP Files lately…

DATA.BIN was no problem but *.CMP was a bit fishy… Those are like Filecollections… all without Header — ready to get loaded into a Framebuffer…

Well -  Finally it’s reversed and I’m currently going through some Tests with the Toolset.

Once released everyone should be able to alter the In-Game Graphics aswell as translate all Japanese Textures… (like the Main Menu…).

This was actually the reason we hacked those Files in the first place… Lets hope we get more Japanese Help soon.

Till then~ Greetings, Coldbird.


IT arrived.


Thanks to Aweb for Sponsoring at this Point.

I was a bit surprised to see a small quite nice shaped DVD-Cover-sized Package in our mail… a evil grin could be seen on my face… like a maniac I ran around screaming “ITS HERE - OH GOD ITS HERE ALREADY.”.

That was the time I got my hands on this awesome oldschool movie I ordered from Nostalgic Videos… — Today was quite similiar.

To celebrate this nice day - which I hope we will always remember as the Starting-Date of this Project while enjoying a nice game of ‘The World’ with you all - I took some Camshots - nothing too special but still more than nothing to please your eyes.

I hope I can provide a Manual Scan soon aswell.

Anyway - If you want to check up on the Pics - Read on!


Greetings - Coldbird here.

I did my best on preparing this Blog - including a personal Design…
If you find flaws in the Design or Function of this Page please report them to me and I’ll try my best to resolve the problem.

About the Blog - This Blog is about Nothing and Everything… But especially about our PS2 Project ‘The World:R1′ in which we try to revive .hack//FRAGMENT, the dead PS2 .hack MORPG.

What else to say… - Enjoy your Time with us.

Coldbird over and out.

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