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Yes… 3D Screenshots… Sounds interesting?

Listen well then… You might like what you read.

To those that tried to do 3D Screenshots of PCSX2 using tools like 3D Ripper DX… you probably figured out that PCSX2 isn’t compatible with such tools… Easily explainable… Because PCSX2 flattens the whole stuff to a 2D Layer before forwarding it to the DX api…

This is where my plugin… currently in a internal alpha testing version… Jumps in…

It’s based on Gabest’s famous GSDX Plugin which supports both DX9 and for Vista users DX10…

I added my own code to it… which pipes the whole 3D Card Traffic into a 3D File…

Or summed up… 3D Screenshots!


Many .hack fans know the mystery behind the name… a fictional MMORPG where the nature spirits gave the human race so-called waves to protect themselves and their cities against monsters…

But is it really that fictional?

Three different revisions based on two different concepts are currently being worked out by Altimit Corp. and Team A.U. - While one version is based entirely on a opensource engine, namely the famous Torque Engine, the other two revisions are based on eAthena & Ragnarok Online.

Both the Version based on Torque aswell as one of the two versions based on Ragnarok Online will revolve around the The World R1 setting, while the second Ragnarok Online based version will revolve around the R2 setting seen in GU games.

So what does this mean?

The World will become a reality… who knows… maybe sooner than we all believed at first…

To memorize this big step towards not only one, but three implementations of The World… Altimit Corp. and Team A.U. - using this blog as a headquarter for the The World Project - hereby start a partnership, to master the ordeals that await us together.

Greetings to all our readers,

R. D. Coldbird


As we were in need of a realtime 3D mapeditor… and Borf didn’t get back to my request of buying a copy off of him…

I had no other choice but to crack it to work on any computer…

Unlike other codings of mine, I won’t release this one to the public as I had to promise it to the “raw provider” (the person that leaked a protected beta copy to me).

I will hand out copies of this tool to mapping volunteers for our new “The World” Ragnarok Online Server though - of course only for personal use.

In advance… to make sure people who just wish to leak this tool from us stay away… I added my own protections to this tool… which allow me to easily deactivate and render shared copies useless.

For those that are serious and wish to help us build a “The World” Ragnarok Server…

Your job as mapper would be to recreate all of the “The World” areas… be it root towns, dungeons, lost grounds, etc…

If you’re interested. Contact me on the BBS or via Instant Messengers (You can look up my IM data in my BBS profile).


R. D. Coldbird


Yggdra Union - PSP Hacking

EDIT! The PTX2TGA Converter is now released and available.

Opensource as always. Here it is. Readme included.

Yggdra Union PTX -> TGA Converter



Hello everyone. I know I’ve been pretty inactive on the BBS lately.

RL got me. Anyway… I’m still waiting for translation for Fragment… Just in case someone can help, read the Blog-Post right below this one.

That aside, I’ve started a little Mini-Hack, again for a PSP game… Sheesh… I should start a collection for hacks already so you guys can have a open view on them…

Anyway - Till now I’ve got… BGMs hacked - yeah - got all of them - even the hidden unused ones…

And parts of the Sprite-Format aswell… It uses 16×8 Pixel Blocks to save the [censored]… I really got no idea why each game has to have it’s own stupid Image-Format… anyway…

I will provide the needed tools to take a look yourself into this games’ files once I’ve finished a Image-Unpacker.

Greetings, the Administrator.

R. D. Coldbird


Fragment Translation

Dear Users.

The translation pretty much came to a halt lately. We need translators to move forward…

I’m begging each and every user capable of reading and translating japanese to english to support us.

To make it easier for everyone. I provided the HACK_01.ELF script file in this newspost.

Please refrain from using the old HACK_01.ELF scripts that are passed around in the BBS… The new scripts allow me to freely reimport translations without redoing the whole file…

And thus saves me a lot of effort to actually reimport your translations.

Help us moving forward. Thank you in advance.

Sincere Greetings,

R. D. Coldbird


New Website Layout

Good Afternoon.

I decided that it was time to upgrade the layout of World of Visions

To make a long story short, here it is. And it’s packed with a few new things…

  • You can now get “Globals“. You can request one if you’re affiliated with us, or buy one by donating 5$. Each 5$ you donate can prolong your Globals’ life by one month.
  • Hacking “Breakthroughs” are now displayed via the Featured Post display.

And that’s it again. Coldbird over and out. Peace.

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