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Quarantine Content

Working on porting over some more .hack//quarantine content to .hack//frägment.

If all goes right we will have 100% english Grunty Farms soon, as well as a lot more translated NPCs.

While I'm at it, sorry for the lack of updates over the last few months, life is busy but I will pick up my pace again in providing a better experience for all of you.

Greetings, Coldbird


Build No. 6

We have released a small bugfix update to our game client, pushing it to build number 6.

This version should fix most of the remaining translation shenanigans that we hacked into the game by accident, one of many examples are the busy status messages that you can encounter while using the Chaos Gate.

Credits for this bugfix update go to our team member Kitsune and his small group of translators.

You can find the update at the usual place over at http://www.coldbird.net/fragment.


Server Moved

To those that didn't notice yet, or to the people that don't read the blog at www.coldbird.net, we have moved to a different host.

This means less downtimes and better performance for both our webservices and of course the Fragment & PRO Online gaming services.

We're sorry for the inconveniences caused by the regular downtimes of our previous host and of course the DNS swap downtimes during the migration of the services to our new host.

From here on out things should be smooth though.


This is now the second time we have moved servers in an year.

Our previous hosting provider was unreliable when it came to providing uptime, and we were running into the limitations of OpenVZ virtualization several times during our stay there already, so I decided it was time to gear up, back our virtual bags and move coldbird.net and all its underlying services + sites to a new, better, host.

What has been moved so far is pretty much everything people got used to having around here:

  • the blog
  • the community forum
  • the pro online server (psp adhoc multiplayer over the internet for psp + ppsspp emulator)
  • the .hack//frägment lobby server (revival and translation of one of my favorite ps2 games of all times)
  • several procfw legacy services
  • some android stuff

It has been nearly 2 days since the move now, so I hope that by now all the DNS migration issues should be gone as well.

Greetings, Coldbird


Dear .hack//frägment Server Hosts!

We are doing our best to improve your experience so we have created a new, more versatile, Area Server for you.

This new Area Server is just the tip of the iceberg though, and while – right now – you will hardly notice any difference in functionality, this new release will benefit you on the long run.

This new release supports a new functionality which we call passthrough, which will allow us to create better (100% accurate) live statistics of your server, which will, eventually, result in better Anti-Cheat mechanisms and more complete Server Webviews.

This update is mandatory, due to the change of how data is processed now.

This will result in your old Area Server binaries being unable to connect to the Lobby Server.

Existing Area Server savedata won’t be affected, allowing you a safe upgrade of your existing server.

Greetings, Coldbird

EDIT: Fixed a shenanigan in the 1.0.4 Area Server. Please download the new 1.0.5 Area Server to resolve the instant disconnect issue.


We had to roll out another server update as a previous security patch turned out to be a bit “too strict”, preventing people from accessing their area server.

The issue has been fixed and area server function normally again.


Updated the Lobby Server today: next to a whole bunch of bug and crash fixes it now also supports live status display telling you who is online and what area servers are currently up and running.

Check it out at www.coldbird.net:49000!

PS. yes we know the server status page looks horrible – we are searching for a talented webdesigner / themer who can build us a nice looking design for that page!



And the public beta has started here @ coldbird.net!

Visit our .hack//frägment page right here to download the game client, PCSX2 emulator (if you wish to play on PC) and the Area Server bundle so you can host your own “The World” server!

Tutorials on how to create your own server as well as how to get connected to the game can be found in the .hack//frägment subforum inside our community forums.

Have fun everyone and enjoy “The World”!



Special thanks to DAI for joining us admins on this tour!

We had some more issues to iron out before a public betatest than we initially thought and we are sorry for the delays this has caused. But thanks to our collaborative work done here we managed to get them ironed out and the lobby stable.

More picture and video material will be posted tomorrow to show you guys how it is going. It’s late here and I’m tired. That was an awesome all nighter though.

EDIT: And here goes the promised YouTube video!




Painful Forest

Welcome to “The World”

That’s the sentence pretty much every .hack fan out there has read countless times, that it will become a reality once again soon was often doubted.

I myself am a great .hack fan and have always felt extremely disappointed with the fact that CC2, the company behind .hack, never showed any interest of taking the game online to where it belongs.

I was struck in awe when CC2 announced their first .hack online game (.hack//frägment) back in the days (was it 2005?) and got disappointed once more when at first it was announced to be a japanese only release and again in 2007 when it was taken offline permanently.

Ever since then I and several other people have struggled, reverse engineered and hacked things together to bring this title back online.

Long story short – we did it.


Most of the work behind the curtains has been done by me and NCDyson here, me tackling the DNAS protection, network cryptography, checksum generation, crypto-packet-wrapping and client translation (to an extend) while NCDyson dealt with post-crypto packet bruteforcing, packet analysis and networking tests.

So far everything related to the actual game (root towns, fields, dungeons, fighting, etc) seems to work great, but a whole lot (if not all) lobby related functions like the BBS, News-System, Emails, Guilds & Chatrooms don’t work fully yet.

Also the live-preview of the Map-Editor seems to be flawed still, making Map-Design a bit more tedious without a real 3D way to preview it (only the 2D bird-view render inside the Area Server works so far).

We are going to spend the next few (holi)days trying to clean up the github server source to make it more reliable and maintainable as well as craft a ready-to-use client for connecting to our soon-to-be launched public test server.

I will keep you posted on the progress as we make it.
I also want to thank NCDyson for his hard work and investment in this project as without him we would never have made such quick post-crypto progress here.


Happy New Year!

Looking back to 2013 we have seen a lot of things happen.

Especially for me it was a wild year. First and foremost I got married, which in itself is quite a adventure, I resumed my .hack//frägment side project and was part of two big scale projects.

But not just my side has been busy, other people accomplished similiar, if not even bigger feats and all summed up it was a great year for most of us.

Lets all work together to make the coming year even better than this last one.

I wish everyone a happy new year!


It is the 24th of December and bit by bit the xmasy mood comes up (hopefully).

A lot has been happening over the last months, both in my life and in the scene.

I got married to my longtime love Crispy, TN released his new eCFW for Vita and Yifan Lu started digging into the Vita Hardware, I’ve also been following a bunch of Metal Gear posts on wololo.net which gave me a good time reading them (go check them out when you get the chance).

As for me, I had to avert legal threats from a third party for which I’ve been working part-time, the results were… acceptable I would say.

Also, the xmas holidays are coming up, which means I get to have 3-4 days off finally.

On the hacking frontier – I’ve dug into something old… but annoying.

DNAS, the hated Authentication System for Online Games on PS2, and yes, I’ve cracked it, I required to remove DNAS from a PS2 game called .hack//FRAGMENT as reviving its dead gaming server has been a long term goal of mine forever and the only thing standing between that goal and me was the DNAS Authentication System.

I know that a bunch of other projects try to achieve similiar things, mostly the Metal Gear Online scene, so, to help them and probably other people out, I will be posting a technical blog post in the near future detailing how DNAS works on the inside and how to remove it from a game successfully (including MIPS-ASM snippets).

So, for the time being, all that is left to be said is Merry Christmas everyone!

I will keep you guys posted. Enjoy the holidays!


A lot has been going on lately and I’m in the middle of migrating all the data from my old server to this new one.

This blog is somewhat of a placeholder for the time being, so don’t expect too much of content on it until I actually find time to upgrade it appropriately.

The old blog has been backed up and will gradually get merged into this new one as time goes by (and I actually find time to do so).

Most of the important network functions have been moved already, this includes the community forums, the gaming server, the code repositories and a bunch of other new things that I will introduce to you guys in a few weeks.

As for my wedding a few weeks ago, more information will be given when I find the time to do so (just like all the other things just mentioned).

Greetings, Coldbird

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