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The World: Revelations is a .hack fan-made, 2D mmorpg that is being made by us. We use RPGMaker VX sprites, and use the Eclipse Origins: Event System engine.

It is a combination of both R:1 and R:2 version of the .hack in-game..game called The World. (a .hack / .hack G.U. hybrid)

Features (WIP):

Chaos Gate system
Short Mail
Character Customization
Gate Out
(more to come.)



Wavemaser - A strong support class that specializes in healing and offensive magic but lacks in PhyStr. Uses Rod / staff
Blade Master - A Balance of attack and defense. Uses Sword and Shield.
Heavy Blade - specializes in offense, but lacks in speed. Uses Broadsword.
Heavy Axeman - similar to the Heavy Blade class. Uses Axe
Long Arm - Specializes in range, but lacks in offense. Uses Lance / Spear.
Twin Blade - Specializes in speed, but lacks in defense. - Uses Daggers / Claws



Beast Statue:


Grass field areas:


Mac Anu:



No maps / content / ideas / features listed here are final. We're always open to suggestion. This is just a general presentation. We currently are far from completion, but driven to complete our project.

We are currently recruiting staff for mapping. NPC's, items/weapons, spells, etc. If you need more information, please visit our unofficial forum or PM us here.

Our forum:





Okay, so We have taken over Daikonran's project called The World Revelations. We plan to give full credit to Daikonran and all respective contributors once the game is fully completed.

This game is ran with Eclipse Origins, opening up the idea of a "The World" to greater opportunities. We hope to make this game enjoyable to it's utmost best.

Here are the plans we have for the game..

New name.

New GUI.

More customization.

Better, more effective environments.

More weapons, items, and spells.

(more to come.)

Here are our plans for Rebirth Productions.

New staff.

New name.

New site.

New forum.

(more to come.)

Now, I've released the download for the client. Only registered users can test it out, so now advertising at this point.

More information on controls and starting the game will be released shortly.

This client is used for testing bugs and features within the game thus far. If you find something wrong, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Known Issues:

Lag. (any kind, really.)

Layering of paper dolls. (clothes overlapping hair, accessories being hidden or replaced, etc.)

Anyway, there's usually some built-in guides right now, so hopefully you can find your way around at this point.

We hope you enjoy tinkering with the game, and have fun!



Progress Update.

Sorry for the lack of updats guys. Development was put to a hault due to a hosting issue, but since fixed, I plan to give you updates weekly, most being maps and sprites, but r then nothing right? hurrhurr.

Anyway, The World: Revelations will have R:2 type fields instead of the original R:1 areas. These include Island, desert, and even dungeons with their own keywords (dojo, cave, castle). Here's how the Beast Temple (inside) will look.


We hope to bring you more updates as maps, features, etc. progress.

Thank you all for bearing with us. We plan to have to a functional game up soon.


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