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So, I have now completed the files that were previously missed and I checked through them to make sure nothing else is missing.


I will soon release a new patch V0.4.1 which will contain the corrections, but first I’d like to translate some more content.


I have also done some checking of the patch data, and it seems (BUT I HAVE NOT CONFIRMED THIS) that the patcher may not be patching all files. Some files contain text that doesn’t seem to be included in the main files I’ve been given to translate. To correct these, I’d have to translate them one file at a time and release the patch without a patcher and give you all a new set of instructions on how to patch the game. There are a few issues:

1. Some of the files are obviously not useful, but for some it is difficult to determine whether the game uses this text or not. So it may be a waste of time to work on these files or I  may be forced to slowly wade through hundreds of files just to find little scraps of text that the patcher couldn’t reach.

2. Some of these files are very sensitive. Changing one character could break the entire game, so I have to be careful to only change the necessary data. I’ll be sure to keep backups, but this could require a lot of testing, which will slow things down. For example, I translated the end credits file into English a few months ago, being careful to only change Japanese characters that were obviously names, and the game wouldn’t load anymore. Just a black screen.


For now, I’m going to concentrate on only the main files I’ve been given and this should hopefully cover the entire game, but if people are still missing translations in their games, I’ll have to wade through the game data and carefully edit a file at a time and test to see if anything breaks.


Some users were telling me that portions of the game remained untranslated, even though I had supposedly finished those files.

Well, the problem is solved. It turns out that an issue in file checking led me to mark files as complete which still had some untranslated lines.

I have identified the files and will complete them, then release an updated V0.4 patch.

I suspect that there might also be an issue where the patcher doesn’t patch all lines, but I’ll have to investigate further.

Nonetheless, the entire game will be completed, even if it takes a while.


The latest patch for .hack//Link has been released! It contains all S files, and has some some cleaner grammar and spelling, although many files still need work. A future patch will correct all the spelling, grammar, and plot issues.

Several users were noting that their patching system is missing files or gives them errors. I’m not sure why this is happening, but this current patch has been tested by me and it patches correctly. I double checked that all necessary files are included, so there should be no issues, but if you run into patching problems, please let me know.

Click here to download the patch, or check out the .hack//Link info page here!




Hi everyone, just when we thought .hack was dying, lots of new content springs up. There’s a PS4 remake of .hack//G.U. called Last Recode, and now a new online (or partly online?) novel called New Testament Novel ‘.hack’, which is about the original .hack games, this time with more info on the hero Kite and his real-life player.

Like .hack//Bullet, I will be backing up the story’s chapters and translating them for you all. Priority will be given to the other projects for now, but since the new novel seems shorter than some other projects, I may be able to translate the chapters and release them more quickly.

Stay tuned!


.hack//Translate is now down to one member again. The great people who were helping me sadly had to stop due to how busy life is.

I too have less time to put into this project, but I would like to finish it.

My main goals are to finish .hack//Link and .hack//Bullet. I would like to finish Guilty Dragon and New World, but I can’t make any guarantees.

With that said, .hack//Translate badly needs translators to help finish this in a timely manner. So if you have a good grasp of Japanese and are fluent in English, please consider translating.

Also, my programs for counting how many lines I have completed are no longer working and I’m not sure why. It might take a while to fix it, so for now, numbers will not be updated on the .hack//Link page, but rest assured that files are still being translated, even if slowly.

.hack//Link and Bullet will have to be considered pushed back for now until I can get things back in order.

I am considering hiring a Japanese translator to help, but that is something I don’t think I can really afford right now.


Sorry about the lack of updates over the past couple of months. I was very busy with school, but I graduated and now it’s summer break. I’ll be job hunting starting from now on, but until I get a new job, I’ll have some extra time to return to translation.

There are approximately 12,000 lines left to translate in .hack//Link, and 250 days left in the year, so if I translate 50 lines per day, the game will be completely translated by the end of this year. Hopefully with some help I can speed things up.


Sorry for  the lack of updates.

School has me busy, but I have uploaded the setting, character list, and prologue of Guilty Dragon in PDF format for you to download.

CHECK THEM OUT HERE: http://wp.me/P4HZNC-7i

I am currently editing Act 1, Chapters 1-10 and will hopefully upload those by next week.


I am still working on .hack//Link and I intend to return to .hack//Bullet soon, since Bullet has now been completely released on CC2’s website.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! As a surprise, I have released Version 0.2.1 of the .hack//Link English Patch! Not much has changed, but it offers a little extra dialogue, more menu dialogue and more system messages. Some of you may notice the changes, others of you may not be at a place in the game where the added translations are used, but progress is being made.




Thank you everyone for helping me reach 11000 views! I haven’t posted in a while, but exams have slowed me down again. I hope to release something .hack related before the new year. .hack//Bullet is still being translated, as is .hack//Link and .hack//GnU. Slow going. I’m still looking for someone with Japanese knowledge to assist in translation. If interested, let me know.


Back at it.

Sorry for the long delay, but I’ll be honest, I haven’t bothered translating much lately. Between school and dating a woman I like, I haven’t felt like translating, but my schedule has opened a little, so I’ll be more diligent in working on .hack.

I love the series and don’t plan on stopping, but it can be tough when doing it all alone.

Stay tuned.



As of today this site has been viewed 5000 times! That may not seem like much, but since the .hack community is fairly small and close-knit, this is a number I’m very happy with. The site has only been open a few months.

The top ten countries for views are:

1. United States
2. Canada
3. Indonesia
4. Germany
5. Australia
6. France
7. Brazil
8. Philippines
9. United Kingdom
10. Russia

The site has been viewed in over 70 countries on every inhabited continent! Thanks to everyone for the support!



Sorry for the long wait. I’m still translating the latest .hack//Bullet chapters and I plan to release a new .hack//Link patch in a month or two, but school is coming up and I’ve been out dating recently, so life has been busy, and I’ll be honest, sometimes I haven’t felt like translating. Selfish, I know. But I’ll be back to it soon enough.

Please keep checking back for more news in the future.


After a short break for exams, I am now back to translating .hack//Bullet and //GnU. I hope to have Chapter 27 of Bullet done in the next week or two. Hope you like it! The chapter provides some interesting story surrounding the history of The Knights and Wandering AI.


I haven’t updated .hack//Link in a while. The patch is still in progress. I updated the stats on how many files are done, and for now, I intend to release a new patch (Ver. 0.2.1) with some new added files and corrections sometime next month. I would like to get past the 1000 file mark in the dialogue section.



.hack//GnU chapter 03 has been uploaded and can be found here.

More chapters are on the way and lots more! .hack//Link, .hack//Bullet, Guilty Dragon 4Koma, Guilty Dragon game transcript, .hack//Epitaph of Twilight! These and more are in store for those who are patient enough. I am but one person, but I intend to finish these projects, even if it takes a while.

Anyone interested in speeding up the process can leave a message here or contact me on the Dothackers forums so you can help translate. All help is appreciated.


All the Guilty Dragon 4Koma that are completed have been uploaded, and a new one, #27 has been uploaded. The comics are still on hiatus, so they won’t be updated regularly. The comics are now at #54 on the official website. I will finish them eventually, but they are not a top priority since they have little story value. I figured I’d just give you this little tidbit while you wait for new .hack//Bullet and //Link.

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