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Domain Expiring

So I got an email today about the domain name expiring in the next few weeks. Part of me wants to keep it and part of me wants to let it go. Ideas on what to do with it if I keep it?


Hello this is Lee Keramory, executive and head of the graphic department at CyberConnect.
Yes we are a real company, and no so you are not mislead, we are not CyberConnect2.

We are proud to show, to the point of going out our forums, our newest product.
This of course, is the new online .hack game. And yes, it is in 3d.


A brief video of Mac Anu, our 3d root town.

Our company site can be located at www.cyberconnects.com
Our public forums can be found at www.cyberconnects.com/forum, where many other users waiting for the game interact. For GU users we have a very active RP forum for them, because our games are based off R:1.

For any questions, feel free to ask. There has been much confusion with CyberConnect and Bandai to the public eye which can be easily corrected while I'm here.

For my personal work, feel free to photobucket "Keramory".
Thank you for your time,
Lee Keramory


NEW YORK, New York, Mar. 01 – CyberConnect Corporation (Nasdaq: CCC), the game production corporation, which is know for such games as The World, and the in-development title The World R:2, has publicly announced a partnership with ALTIMIT Corporation (Nasdaq: ALT). ALTIMIT Corporation has been known for it’s development in Operating System development for multiple technological devices, such as PCs and mobile phones.

According to CC Corporation, the partnership between the two corporations has been toyed around with over the last several months, while the both continued to support each other, decided to finalize the deal.

Joseph Stacko, President of CC Corporation, had very encouraging words to say: “Our partners at ALTIMIT Corporation will complete the opposite side of the coin which we at CC Corporation provide. They provide the system, we provide the entertainment.”

According to Stacko, the ALTIMIT OS is so far one of the most secure operating systems out there, and thus will help prevent such things at the “Ovan Incident” from reoccurring.

“I know I will be using it myself, it is the ‘Ultimate’ operating system after all.” stated Stacko as he stated in a press conference of Thursday.

The ALTIMIT OS is stated to be released some time in the second half of 2007, and is rumored to have a preinstalled copy of The Word R:2 available with it.

To learn more about the ALTIMIT OS, and other ALTIMIT products, please visit: www.altimitos.com.


Apply for a job at CC Corporation!

Over the last several months, we have been informing players that we were not hiring at the current time. This ends today. CC Corporation is now hiring young, skilled staff to help with The World, The World R:2, and CC Corporation in general. For the most part, this is all volunteer work, and will not be paid, though you sill will gain experience, as well as join the CC Corporation family.

If you wish to apply, please go here:


The site gallery is now fixed. We have corrected the "Not Authorized" error, and thus we have placed the gallery back on the main page of the site. Feel free to submit images when you feel like it at the gallery.


The Ovan Incident

NEW YORK, New York, Feb. 03 – CyberConnect Corporation (Nasdaq: CCC), the game production corporation which was previously a subsidiary of ALTIMIT Corporation (Nasdaq: ALT), which is know for such games as The World, Aerion Online, and the in-development title The World R:2, has publicly announced what it is calling the “Ovan Incident”. For the last several months, System Administration at CC Corporation have been noticing large glitches in the game, since the data loss of Aug. ’06, and the resulting fire.

According to CC Corporation, the “Ovan Incident” seems to be revolving around a player in the game who uses the name ‘Ovan’. CC Corporation has stated that much of these glitches, which have been shown on the entire network, are as a direct result of this player.

Joseph Stacko, President of CC Corporation, had very strong words to say: “While Ovan is still at large, we are using all of our resources to track him down, as well as to repair the damage to our data, as well as the network as a whole.”

According to Stacko, Ovan has been linked to the Aug. ’06 fire at CC Corporation, as well as the lost of the AIDA program, which CC Corporation and ALTIMIT Corporation had lost after the fire.

“We are hoping to have this entire situation cleaned up in the next twenty-four hours, hopefully utilizing the TSN we recently created.” stated Stacko as he addressed the World Network Commission (WNC) on Friday.

The extent of the damage to CC Corporation data, and the network as a whole, is still under investigation.


Return of Joseph Stacko

To the members of The World, Aerion Online, and to the CyberConnect Corporation community as a whole, I would like to first of all say that I am sorry, but also to say that I am back.

For the last week, I have been institutionalized in a mental institution (please do not think I am joking about this, due to if need be, I will send you pictures of what I did to myself to get myself in there). As a result, I was unable to access CC, The World’s servers, or even talk with people over the last week or so. I am now moving to the “Out Patient” program, which is every day, but I get to go home at night, so I can do some work. For the most part though, I will still be taking it easy.

Aside from that, I would simply like to apologize for me being away… but with that out of the way, I would just like to say this:

(People who have known me for a while will know what this means)
“Jack is back”

Joseph Stacko
President of CC Corporation


That's right players of The World, it's finally time for another one of my wacky little maze events! Though still hoping we can find and restore the Black Tower to it's original beauty, I am currently in the process of creating a new event field called Guin Taligra! The thing with the Black Tower was it had tons of flashy mazes that made you go, "oh, that, that's kinda neat..." but Guin Taligra is filled with mazes that take more than at least 5 minutes to figure out (by which I mean, you'll be lookin for a while). There are monsters in the maze that actually fight back as well, and pking is incredibly incouraged, since the prize item is so great, you'll want to be the only one that has it.... X3

Lambda: Quiet/Silent/Aqua Field

You're more than welcome to go there now if you want, you can't go insde the Palace yet, but you might find some familiar Jingle Bell prizes here. The Palace doors will open after the next update, which will be soon...

PS:.. Pk each other please.. I want this to be hard! xD

(God I hope we find the Black Tower)


Editations & Revision

After receiving many complaints about people becoming annoyed by all of my, “quick”, fixes to Aerion, I’ve decided to discontinue all future updates to Aerion Online till January 28, 2006, excluding a...


I just want to let everyone know, that I will be out of town till August 20th. Thus if the server goes down, there is not much I can do about it (though I will try my best to figure out some way in the next 3 hours till I leave).



Event has begain!

And the event is out! Please note the scedual of the event:
Tuesday- Event begins, doungeon compleated. Please remember to update.
Wed- Fishing Event (5PM-7PM)
Thurs- Grunty Racing Event (5PM-7PM)
Friday- Enter the Abyss quest opens


New Class: Fighter

The fighter class is up.
Fast, powerful, and strong, they are not ones to mess with.
The fighter class, also has the power to turn into a were wolf.
To do so, type in /wolf to change. Then, type in /man to change back.

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