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Integrability Update 02/27/10

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February the month of love has come and will be gone after tomorrow. But we all had a lot of fun this month! We got ourselves a Phyllo, Saaga who won the previous becoming dothack. And after tomorrow we will be gaining a Shugo and Rena, so if you like a chance to win these names, drop by the Becoming Dothack asap!

Many new changes swept Integrability this month, many new members volunteered to become staff members, even some joined the webcomic team and are brainstorming as we speak of possible new comics after 2 years! But that's not all, the GM's have had the most work cut out for themselves this month with the opening of the advancement area and records, 21 registered players have joined the new world! and have already signed up for their advancement tests to become even better.

We've been graced with a shoutbox, how does this differ from the profile status and the chatroom you may ask? The profile status much like Facebook allows you to write what you are up to like if you are listening or watching something at the moment you are on the forum. The shoutbox is as it states a shout that you may like to say and announce to the whole forum, not meant to be used a means to hold a conversation with someone, and meant to replace what people were using their profile statuses as it profile status were making shouts to people. And of course the beloved chatroom is to hold any kinds of discussions freely among your fellow users.

Other changes occurred both on and off the site. We even grew into the Playstation 3's Playstation HOME Beta clubs, look us up as Integrability on the US server and ask the user Erroneous to add you to the club. Note only 30 people allowed into the club as Playstation's maximum allotment.

Something new we been tinkering at the end of 2009 was the start of a Member of the Month Committee. These people would be responsible for discovering a single individual and unanimously decide a member for the month based on the persons attitude, kindness, support, participation, and other qualifications. This month the committee got together and discussed privately who that member would be, and their verdict was........ Shadoman!! He will be now known as our first ever Member of the Month on Integrability for the month of February 2010. Congratulations!

In other news, check out the new Company Blog at our blogs section to see what changes us staff members are making, working on, and deciding behind the scenes that you may soon see live on the community. It's your ticket to the inside scoop of what we're planning beforehand.

Well that's all that I have to share with you for now Integrians, be sure to check out all the latest and join the many exciting events and changes going on today!

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