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$50 off .hack//The Movie and //Versus PS3 game!

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.hack fans waiting for the price of the movie/game hybrid pack to go down, now is your time to import! If you're holding out for a localization, don't hold your breath. Play Asia has .hack//The Movie + Versus Hybrid Pack listed for sale @ $19.99, $50 off the original price. The PS3 will play both the movie and game with no issues, as it is region free. If you're also worried about not being able to understand how to play game, use my strategy: button mash! It usually works well...most of the time. Released back in 2012, //The Movie enjoyed a limited run inside Japanese theaters before hitting store shelves packed with the first (and probably only) ever .hack fighting game.

If you have some spare cash and are a fan of .hack, pick it up before the stock runs out. I ran across a copy while visiting Akihabara back in May of 2013 and had to dish out $50 + exchange rate fees and lug it back in my suitcase. Be smarter than me, although my fanboy-ness took over when I spotted it at a random video store and would have probably paid twice as much...

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