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What professions would you like to see in R:2?

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We want to know what skills and professions you want to see!
Players may choose any (or all) professions to level up.
You may cast up to three votes.

Here are descriptions of each skill (better descriptions coming soon).


Armor Smithing:
The crafting of armor for each class.

Weapon Smithing:
The crafting of weapons for each class.

Steam Fletching:
The crafting ammunition for the Steam Gunner class.

The crafting of appearance items.

Catching fish to be used with cooking to create health and stat boosting food.

The crafting health and stat boosting food.

Weapon and armor enhancement (must be in a guild).

Potion Making:
Create health and stat boosting potions.

Gather materials to be used in other skills or sold in auction.

Steam Engineering:
Create steam enhancements for steam based mounts (Steam Bikes) and weaponry.

The crafting of supplies and objects for dungeons, guilds. and other miscellaneous uses.

---------- Possible additions ----------

Shadow Hunter:
Tasks given to you by an NPC to defeat certain monsters and bosses.
Can unlock various equipment for use.

Gardening (Guild profession):
A type of micro-farming where you can grow certain plants to get special materials (which doesn't require gathering to harvest) for other skills (must be in a guild).


If you have any ideas or questions for professions and skills please post them with a description below.

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