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  3. Thank you for the upload!
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  5. I mean windows 8 my apologies, haven't figured out how to edit past replies yet.
  6. Any way to run this on windows 10?
  7. And here is the list of changes: Evolution Point 1 – Major Visual Evolution Full-HD (1080p) High-definition movies Supports 60fps High-definition backgrounds and UI Evolution Point 2 – Game System Improvements Added retry function Cheat Mode (Play with maxed out level and equipment) Movement speed increased Item slot number increased to 90 Item menu shortcut and sort functions added Certain items have consecutive usage function Made easier to see empty equipment slots Chim Sphere and Virus Core possession cap at 999 Reduced probability of allies selling off items you give them Improvements that were made in Vol. 2: Reminisce and Vol. 3: Redemption will be reflected on Vol. 1: Rebirth in the HD Remaster. Battle tempo increased with a rise in offensive ability and reduction in hitstop. Weapon skill up rates increased Increase in experience points gained Some powerful enemies have been mitigated Skeith’s shooting speed has been increased Avatar battles have been rebalanced In addition to being able to redo the Marriage Events in Vol. 3: Redemption, you’ll get to do it with all characters that become party members Evolution Point 3 – New Elements Added All movies from the Terminal Disk that was bundled with the special edition copy of .hack//G.U. Vol. 1: Rebirth will be included. Haseo with an unfamiliar look appears… Plus they have other plans for the 15th anniversary ^(^____^)^
  8. So that was announced early this morning on Twitter and Famitsu. There will be a HD Remake for the .hack//GU series; the article says there will be new features that it won't feel simply like an HD remake but a whole new game. There is very few details right now but more will be shown in this week's Famitsu magazine.
  9. fanmade

    Soooooo what has been happening with The World R:Craft? A TON! We've found a mod that allows us to replace the character models with the actual models ripped from IMOQF and GU, they just need rerigged for the MMD format which I'm still learning and translating a ton of guides is making it go super slow. I've even found a way to convert the maps being ripped and rebuilt for the VRChat The World maps into Minecraft worlds saving me soooooooooo much building time. Here we have as follows Carmina Gadelica, Fort Ouph, Lia Fail, Mac Anu from IMOQF, and Mac Anu from GU! This allows us to save the time of scaling, building and getting ton of back ground buildings built and more time detailing. I've also began a process of importing the skyboxes as models but I am facing the same issues as below. I've also found another model that allows me to render in models ripped from the game as a block, allowing us to use the IMOQF gate for those fields, the GU gates for those fields, NPCs instead of Steve models, and even the ships in the harbor! As for the last photo there, that is me testing loading the world itself, a bit without textures that's why it's purple and black, though I am being limited by Minecraft's render as if you move from the source block, the city derenders. I am working on possible workarounds for this. However, should that fail, I've also began work on converting the ingame textures into the games included texture pack like so. If anyone has any questions, free to ask away.
  10. Hey everyone, just wanted to share some news. I've start uploading all the converted models I have for RCraft onto my DeviantArt page! all the models still need rigged with bones and weights, something I'm still learning how to do with MMDs. If anyone has experience, I could use all the help I can get!
  11. xD wow it has been over a year since you made your last post,not sure if you'll get the info your looking for but I'd recommend asking in the Discord.
  12. I haven't been here in a while. I'd like to know if people have seen blog posts around the internet of .hack//chat.
  13. Got ahold of an empty .hack//G.U. The Card Battle box and a full .hack//TC & TCG box,unfortunately didn't get the last card I needed to complete the set .-. :D also obtained 4 .hack//Quantum clear file folders~
  14. ^_^ Thanks for the info fellow dothacker~
  15. Hi guys, As you may well know, Coldbird and his team have made the decision to end their development and support for the .hack//fragment project. Due to this an alternative server has been set up so to allow players to continue accessing .hack//fragment's online mode. You can find information here: Please note that players who are new to the game will be responsible for sourcing their own game client. Happy .hacking!
  16. I am unsure of how to do that, I'll look into it later. For now I am working on translating the Area Server for Fragment. Make sure that the individual pieces are marked. It'll have a black bullet next to them. To do this, go to rainmeter icon in your tray, right click it, go to skins>slidingdock. There you will see 3 parts. 1 is the iconseeker (gray ring), 2 is iconseekercenter which is the filled in portion the icons slide on top of, and 3rd is the slidingdock itself. The 3rd part is what you need to make sure is selected. Hover your mouse over it and see if the slidingdock.ini has a black bullet next to it.
  17. :P Thought this page was in need of an update~
  18. ^.^ Just keep checking on ebay, every so often promos or even sets are sold for reasonable prices compared to random one off sales of $30-40 each like with say the .hack//LINK Victory Spark trial deck signed cards. I would also check amazon or alternative ebay sites such as e.g. UK,Ireland,Australian as they may have listings not present on .com however its probable they may not ship to you. Doesn't hurt to ask the seller though. Also I'd recommend buying a booster box or two to get most cards from the set, if you are missing singles then there are listings on ebay for common/uncommon sets (not sure how many are left) and individual Xtra rare cards. As Errorneous said,ask among existing groups is another way,surely other collector's would have cards to trade and possibly looking for missing cards.
  19. Communities like this where other card owners be willing to catalog their own collections and sharing what doubles or trades they want and mailing each other trades for trades. That would be easiest solution I can provide; thus the purpose of this selection for buying support, Japanese guides/translations, showcasing collections, and trades as well as buy/selling. The same can be done on our Dothack Network Facebook group page. There's a Sell something option or just start a post on what you'd like to trade up and what you're looking for. I could post mine; but I have a crap ton of unopened boxes, sets, and expansions to go through. I used to buyout the cards from convention booths and stores. Not so much anymore being a parent.
  20. Greetings all. This may be a long shot since it doesn't seem like this board is all that active...but whatevs i'm still gonna post. Anyways, I recently decided to get into collecting .hack//enemy cards. I have a decent amount mostly from finding a lot of boosters and a couple of starters at conventions. But i'm curious. How should I go about looking for some of the rarer promos and tournament cards? Since they rarely, if at all appear on ebay. especially the Gift set because of it's limited release. And one promo I really want because of it's hilarity...the one thats basically a schedule for a tournament. So fellow dot hackers. Any suggestions?
  21. I recall awhile back on the old GuiltyDragon Facebook group someone had copied the songs from the game and posted them. Here were the ones I saved in mp3 format. Arena Battle1 Home Maiden of the Silver Tears (Fan made main theme) Menu2 Quest Town ^ Click to download
  22. Hey Scygoku, I do agree with you. It is nice to see CC2 working on a new IP. I'm still holding my breath for a new .hack game or HD release. My hope is that they do not drastically change to feel and formula of the newer releases. while I will be happy with new reading materials. I just do not want the franchise fade, I feel the same way toward all anime, manga, and gaming content from any title that I invested hours or years into.
  23. :D Congrats to the winners~
  24. ^-^ Either way it looks like an awesome game, hoping for a .hack connection or even a newly announced .hack game in the future but its always nice to see them work on a game that isn't Naruto for a change lol
  25. Project LayereD seems to be CyberConnect2's next project that's being published by BandaiNamco. In addition, it has other studio's under it's roof being both an anime and videogame. I don't know much about this series, nor has it been confirmed or denied that I can tell being in relation or the same universe as the .hack series. While it certainly has the makings of being part of the .hack series i.e. anime and game tie-in and the series seems to take place in a digital future close to present time. So who knows if we will have another .hack series enter the stage this year. Visuals look good though. More can be found on their website.
  26. To better suit your needs, I've setup API's that now allow you viewers to log in through Facebook, Twitter, and Google to our site so that you may share and post in various topic discussions and share new media to our galleries and downloads. Be sure to take advantage of this feature to contribute to existing projects that we've preserved through our web site here at Dothack Network.
  27. Hello Dothackers! We have created a chatroom server on Discord. For those unaware what Discord is; think the old IRC chatrooms but simplified as logging onto an IRC chat required some degree to computer know-how. Other benefits is that this chatroom both caters to text chat and voice chat, so should you prefer one over the other; both options are there especially while playing games. It offers both push-to-chat and voice activity to enable your mic; much like how TeamSpeak works. So in our opinion, it has the best features of all the chat and voice apps out there from IRC, Skype, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, etc... And it comes free to use, advertisement free, and light to use. Also available in 3 flavors as a webpage no installation option, a desktop program, and a smartphone app. Be sure to introduce yourself and chat with our Dothack Network community!
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