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Welcome to The World, the name of a MMO from the .hack// animated and video game series. A game where the use of head mounted displays lets you feel immersed in a fantasy RP where a hidden agenda stirred by people and AI's cause havoc and mystery in the game that people slowly realize is connected to the rest of the real world's electronics and everyday functions.

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The Novasphere Pioneers Update welcomes you to the Log Horizon anime universe. Where players of a PC MMO are suddenly transported into their favorite video game the day the next major patch is released.

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Fellow Pokémon trainers, gather together to combine your knowledge and skills on becoming a Pokémon master in the mobile game.

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Roleplay one character in many online worlds while retaining skills and experience.

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The stories told by the students of Beacon Academy. A school that teaches children to become Hunter's and Huntress's to combat the creatures of Grimm to defend their own homes and countries as seen in the animated web series RWBY.

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Sword Art Online role-playing community forum allows players to immerse themselves as their characters in the SAO Aincrad VRMMO game. Where your only strength is from the steel of your sword and shields; this game as the title states specializes in one and two handed swords for combat. Your mind is trapped in the game and to escape the goal is to reach the 100th floor of the Aincrad castle.

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Enter a world divided into 4 nations built up by 4 types of specialized people who can bend water, earth, fire, and air to their will. And one special individual with the power to master all 4 elements exists to unite them towards peace.

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