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Looking For More: World of Warcraft Players

Gaming Generation (Games) Today, 07:59 AM
We've all heard of the game, no doubt, so who subscribes to World of Warcraft and what realms do you play or favor the most? Which game-region do you hail, North America (which North America, Oceanic, and Latin America realms), European, Korean, Taiwan, or China? Are you looking for a group to do...
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Official List of Gaming Tags

Gaming Generation (Games) Today, 07:16 AM
Do you use a gaming service with a username? Post your Xbox Live Gamer Tag, your PlayStation Network username, your Steam name, your username, your friend code, your BattleTag, etc. If you have an account that let's you add people to your friends list, post it here so others can add you! I'll upd...
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Special Update - Integrability is Back Online!

System Broadcast Today, 06:44 AM
Hello Everyone!   We apologize for not getting in touch sooner but due to circumstances beyond our control we were unable to. As some of you may have noticed Integrability has been offline for about a week, undergoing maintenance and upgrades to the system. Thankfully, I can officially anno...
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Mysterious Server Failures?

News Capture 27 Aug 2014
In a recent mass email to all users of The World, CC Corporation stated that the servers have been taken offline for an indefinite amount of time due to technical difficulties. An interview had provided an explanation. There had been a malfunction with the cooling system, which inadvertently caus...
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August 2014 Integrability Updates

System Broadcast 27 Aug 2014
Extra, Extra! Read all about it! News from the offline home-front, fresh off the press!   It would seem things are just beginning to heat up in the offline roleplay with the addition of a few old, but new faces added to the fold such as Piros the Third and Tsunami Silver Dragon who have rejo...
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