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      29 Oct
    Tsunami Truelight

    Well, my life just went to hell. I'm going to be online very rarely since I have to look into getting a second job now. Please feel free to do what you need to, I have to work on keeping my sanity while I deal with everything falling apart.

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      25 Oct
    Virgil Rega

    I applaud those who have been working steadfast in getting the RP back in order. First time in a long time, I am excited to RP in The World.

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      21 Oct

    What's up guys! I noted that my name has returned to default. was it because i'm inactive?

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Special Release Day Message!

News & Updates 5 minutes ago
Dear Patrons of The World,   First off we would like to thank you all for purchasing the new software for The World. However, many know it’s not just another game. VMMORPGs have been given a chance to breathe new life into our busy lives and we want to make The World an enjoyable experience...
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Special Update - Launch Night!

System Broadcast 10 minutes ago
Greetings Integrians!   Just a quick update before the big release of The World R:2.5 tomorrow; It looks like CC Corporation has sent out another message detailing the hottest topic on every patron's mouth! We here at Integrability had the privilege of receiving the announcement just moments...
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Patch Notes []

Updates 56 minutes ago
Patch Notes  Highlights  New Advanced and Master Classes! Now each starting class has additional class paths for you to choose from for as you make your way through the fields and dungeons of The World!All New Items! Check out a gigantic new list of weapons, armor, consumables and acces...
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Game Play Basics

Play Guides Today, 02:36 AM
Introduction     Hello! This my friend is the beautiful root town of Mac Anu! The place you will see when entering The World for the first time! Now before we begin, there are a few things you should probably know how to use to make game play a bit easier on you. Do not worry, if for an...
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Local Anime Conventions

Japanimation (Anime) 30 Oct 2014
So the next 5 days I'll be down in Seattle, Washington, USA to attend an anime convention I frequent yearly. This one is called AkiCon hosted at a Hilton hotel at SeaTac. I'll be attending all 3 days and bringing my Nintendo 3DS obviously for StreetPass (yes I'm still addicted). Anywho, this conv...
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