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      21 Oct
    Tsunami Truelight

    Wow... That post feels short in comparison to some of the others that I've been making. Even so, it accomplished what I needed it to do.

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      21 Oct

    What's up guys! I noted that my name has returned to default. was it because i'm inactive?

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      20 Sep
    The Shadow

    4-0 my khans prerelease. Neat set, not sure how good its gonna be in draft though.

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Roleplay time! But no idea...

Support Forums 21 Oct 2014
Is it possible now to post on other threads like Asia, Australia, or Europe? Or should I stick at North America first?
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September/October 2014 Integrability Updates

System Broadcast 21 Oct 2014
Hello Integrians!   We here at Integrability hope that you all have been doing great, and do apologize for the delay in the annual monthly update last month. However, it seems that we've had gigantic things come up between this month and the last such as the official announcement of The Worl...
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What time is it? It's Release Date time!

News & Updates 21 Oct 2014
Hello Patrons of The World!   Last month we here at CC Corporation finally let the cat out of the bag and announced the name of our latest upcoming revision for The World R:2.5. Of course that news was incredibly exciting, but we had also given a deadline of one month to our players that we...
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Announcing The World R:2.5

News & Updates 21 Oct 2014
Dear Patrons of The World,   It was Shigeru Miyamoto who said that "Players are artists who create their own reality within the game." We took this quote to heart when creating "The World". When we heard of the terrible news that "The World", the canvas of which our players paint a picture o...
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Roleplay Rules

Help Center 20 Oct 2014
General Roleplay Rules All posts must be at least three sentences long. If those post is one sentence or shorter it will be removed without warning. No gate hacking, hacking or viruses unless explicit permission is given from an Administrator. No gating in/out in the same post. Allow for at least...
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