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      17 Sep
    Tsunami Truelight

    Finger is mostly healed but every once and a while I hit a key in a way that my finger doesn't like and it sends a jolt of electricity straight up my arm and into my brain. Ah, healing...

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      16 Sep
    Ettore Bladesong

    Well my glasses snapped when I put them on this morning. Thank the stars for ease of access controls

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Special Update - Announcing The World R:2.5!

System Broadcast Today, 06:03 AM
Gigantic news out of CC Corporation Integrians! It looks like "The World" is coming back after all!It was just a few days ago CC Corporation held a news conference about what happened with "The World" R:2, letting us know that indeed it was a technical malfunction that lead to the demise of our b...
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A silver lining for patron's of "The World"

News Capture 17 Sep 2014
CC Corporation held a press conference this morning releasing reports confirming their suspicions of technical malfunctions that brought their servers, and the popular online game "The World", offline last July. Hikaru Matsumoto went on record saying to the press "During our investigation into th...
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What one word describes you?

Meaningless Aspirations (Spam) 13 Sep 2014
I thought this could be a fun game (Alright, I suck at creating forum games.  I'm trying here, throw me a bone).  Basically what the thread title says and it doesn't need to be anything complicated.   You can go more than once. My thread so I'll start: Determination.
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Shin Megami Tensei: IMAGINE

Gaming Generation (Games) 12 Sep 2014
So...  I don't expect a huge turn out in this thread because of two reasons:  One, there are other more popular online games out there, regardless of whether they're free to play or pay to play.  Two, the American server went down and you can only access the game from the Japanese...
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Rational Thought (Serious) 11 Sep 2014
Either stereotypes that you're sick of hearing or sick of being associated with.  It happens to all of us, me more times than I can count, someone judging you without knowing anything about you, based on popular fabrications that they've heard and simply assuming you're the same way. Like ho...
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