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    Version K.U.S


    Introducing the Area Server This copy of the Area Server is at least mostly translated and fully usable and ready to connect to the Netslum Lobby. This program will allow you to host your own area server so you can play with your friends. Because it has already been run and unlocked via Disc Authentication, there's no need to do that yourself. Just make sure you port forward. In your router, log in and go to the port forwarding section, forward the TCP/UDP port 20000 in start and end. Side note: The desktop of the Area Server has 4 icons that aren't translated and that is because they are pictures, not text. (Will fix later) First Icon: Manages the server status Second Icon: Map editor Third Icon: Display settings Fourth Icon: Exit.
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    Prior to the raise of the Netslum server, there was a program to check if people where online in fragment. After much delay, I've updated this to support Netslum. This program will run in the tray, periodicity checking the Netslum status page for; Available servers that have players waiting Players waiting in the lobby new server appears Popping up a notification like the one below (images out of date); LobbyServerChecker.7z
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    That is AWESOME @Owliekiss Does the tri-edge sign glow too? I see a wire behind the frame.