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  1. Erroneous

    Looking for Uncut sheet Hack//Enemy

    Aiming to make a video this June on the sheets themselves for Dothack Collector. After that, then I will host one last round to give away the remaining two. So looking towards the end of the first week of June for an announcement for the last contest.
  2. We've recently came across the family of Kevin Seymour, director for the localization/translation of the bundled .hack//LIMINALITY OVA, who had gone through his estate and sell off his notes and all the documentation that went into the production of the localization. Things like the line reads for the voice actors, payments made to the voice actor talent, communication and emails between the companies involved in the rights/licensing on how they wanted their IP's handled, translation notes of original text and adjustments for English audiences. They are willing to sell off everything for $199 USD. Now this may end up being sold, to hopefully someone who is a fan of the franchise, or it may end up being sold to someone who doesn't recognize the series, or worse that it may end up be thrown out. We hope it may end in the hands of a genuine fan of the series but in the case it doesn't, we'd like a chance of obtaining this rare piece of .hack history and to share it back to everyone in the community. We at Dothack Network are a hub that helps point fans towards related projects relevant to their interests i.e. playing .hack//fragment, playing a The World themed Minecraft game, playing in worlds modeled after The World in VRChat, playing with other role-players, meeting other cosplayers, sharing arts, etc.... We have no capital or assets other than building and maintaining this community and linking everyone and everything together. Thus we need your help in reaching a goal of $199 USD to obtain this piece of .hack history. If we are able to acquire these documentations, you can expect us to share it with you the fans and the community. Scans of each document, video's going through the works, and acknowledgement to those that help us bringing this back to the community. Any amount helps, even a $1 USD will get us closer. So if you are able to aide in this fundraiser, we thank you wholeheartedly and hope to show you something amazing, new, and exciting! You can donate here by clicking this link. https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_donations&business=dothacknetwork@gmail.com&lc=US&item_name=Director+Scripts+$199+USD+Goal&no_note=0&cn=&curency_code=USD&bn=PP-DonationsBF:btn_donateCC_LG.gif:NonHosted Below are pictures of some of the documents the family has provided.
  3. Erroneous

    Humble Bundle Steam Key Sale

    Thanks to medao on Steam for pointing out this great deal for .hack//G.U. Last Recode Steam Key at https://www.humblebundle.com/store/dot-hack-gu-last-recode
  4. Erroneous

    Dothack Discord

    Join us on our Dothack Discord today and chat with hundreds of fans of the series. https://discord.gg/YkRJjQF #dothack #dothackers #dothacksign #dothackgu #anime #games #ps2 #CyberConnect2 #CC2 #BandaiNamco
  5. For those unaware, our goal and mission with Dothack Network is to archive and promote both official news and content, as well as fan sites and fan projects. Basically, if CC2 or BandaiNamco mentions or graces us fans with something new in the .hack// universe we will cover it and keep a record of it. And if a fan wants to create content related towards the series, we will acknowledge it, we will promote it, and do what we can to help you grow it. This is our first and foremost purpose of our community; to network you to the information you want or didn't know existed, to network communities together and help them grow, and build an everlasting network that proves how amazing the fans and fandom are, what they've done, what they've accomplished, and how we all did it together. So if you know something we haven't covered, or wish to start something new, let us help you and help others discover and explore all the great things you all can do. This is officially the first email update of 2018, we apologize on not keeping you informed on the changes and news since 2017. The PS4 and Steam copy of .hack//G.U. Last Recode had released a demo copy for both systems, this only allows you to play the tutorial, but if you never played the .hack//G.U. series it is a nice little entry into the series. No news has come about the franchise since Last Recode of November 2017; but there has been a ton of events, promos, and new merchandise sprawling over in Japan in relation to .hack//G.U. and .hack as a whole. We at Dothack Network have begun a quest to catalogue all the merchandise, products, and memorabilia from the .hack// universe over the years both new and old on our main website which you can view here. Earlier this year, social media and social networks have had hit it rough to the point that the end user have either opted to continue using their platforms or called it quits. Dothack Network originated on Facebook back in 2012. Since then we've built this site, created a Facebook group for the fans to reach out to each other, we've spread across various social media platforms other than Facebook, and established an official chatroom on Discord. We've acknowledge this dilemma and have been refreshing our site to be a great neutral ground for those hesitant to be on Facebook, Twitter, etc.. All our content on our site can be accessed freely without any accounts, registration, or providing any information from you to our site always. But should you wish to join in the comment and discussions, you can create an account with just your email only. Or if you wish and still continue to use social media, our site allows login's from your Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Twitch, and even your Steam account. The Dothack Network website can be reached at our easy to remember web address dothack.org from any device or PC. No installation required, so if you are hesitant on joining our Discord chatroom, the website is still a good neutral ground; however Discord can also be accessed by web browser only and no installations too. Here's the latest in the realm of fan projects and content creators. SMZeldaRules continues to update us with new cosplay photo shoots with other .hack cosplayers. AzureZhen makes new features and model rips to his .hack themed free version of Minecraft. Taka is in develop of a Dungeons and Dragons tabletop based on The World FORCE ERA as seen in the .hack// movie Beyond The World. There has been a ton of new players and new area servers in Alkalime's .hack//fragment hosted lobby server. Rekka keeps us updated on the latest concert, meetup, and events related to .hack over in Japan including the latest Lien Live concert. Scygoku and others show off their recently shipped Haseo white/black .hack//figurarts. There has been a surprisingly amount of discussion on .hack//ENEMY the American TCG from 2003 over on our Discord chatroom, of those building decks and trading/selling cards. Ameila shares off her review of each .hack entry on her blog as seen over on our Facebook group. Erroneous trolls everyone on Facebook with an April Fools Day box cover of a .hack//IMOQ remaster reaching 16,013 people and again with a .hack//Loot Crate, although the later is more a request to BandaiNamco rather than a prank. There has been quite the amount of fan activity lately, we apologize if we missed something here. And lastly, we'd like to share our reach of fans across all our networks as of April 26th 2018. Discord Users: 922 https://discord.gg/YkRJjQF Facebook Page Likes: 2,630 https://www.facebook.com/dothacknetwork Facebook Page Followers: 2,588 https://www.facebook.com/dothacknetwork Facebook Group Members: 855 https://www.facebook.com/groups/dothacknetwork Instagram Followers: 125 https://www.instagram.com/dothacknetwork Player.me Followers: 14 https://player.me/dothacknetwork Twitter Followers: 206 https://twitter.com/dothacknetwork Steam Members: 74 http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dothacknetwork YouTube Subscriptions: 49 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBEy6D--SAMARDmSx6a6FNA Website Registrations: 527 http://www.dothack.org Wikipedia Users: 6 http://www.dothack.info
  6. Erroneous

    Logs in and says hello

    Thank you for joining us!
  7. Erroneous

    Loot Crate .hack// Edition

    What if, BandaiNamcoGames got into the LootCrate business for their license over the .hack// franchise and we the fans were given the chance to see these every other month. Would you sign up for one? Share this idea on over to Bandai NamcoGames Inc and maybe someday we all will be waiting by the mail box. #dothack #dothackgames #dothacksign #dothackanime #dothackinfection #dothackgu #dothackers #BandaiNamcoGames #CyberConnect2 #CC2
  8. Erroneous

    Melo Monday's

  9. Erroneous

    Dothack Discord

    Join our Dothack Discord here https://discord.gg/YkRJjQF We talk about fan projects, we play .hack//Fragment on the new 24/7 lobby server, we obviously talk about dothack, collecting merch, sharing art, host a weekly trivia game, and much more! If you don't know what Discord is, it is a chatroom program you can run in any web browser, or install on your PC, and a downloadable app on your phone. You can choose to register or login as a guest. Join us! we are 884 members strong!
  10. Erroneous

    Last Crisis

    Fall 2018 1080p and 60 frames per second High-resolution movies High-detail backgrounds and user interface, etc. Retry feature added Movement speed increased Auto mode (play with your strongest levels and equipment) Maximum items you can possess has been increased to 90 Item menu shortcuts and sort features Feature to use the same item over and over Empty equipment slots are easier to understand New recovery method “leisurely break” added to the platform, available from the early stages Decreased the probability of allies selling the items you give them Improvements made in Vol. 2, Vol. 3, Vol. 4 have been applied to Vol. 1 Attack power has been increased and hit stops during attacks have been reduced to speed up the battle tempo Some tough enemies have been made a bit easier
  11. Erroneous

    Looking for Uncut sheet Hack//Enemy

    There are still 2 unclaimed sheets since the last giveaway we hosted on the launch of .hack//G.U. Last Recode on November 1st. I've been meaning setting up a third giveaway for the remaining 2 uncut sheets. I haven't figured out how I wanted to host the next event as of yet.
  12. Erroneous

    Looking for the .Hack trading cards

    I only know of http://www.wholesalegaming.biz/dothackenemy/ when it comes to .hack//ENEMY. I have heard both good and bad things, though I question if the bad comments are from people who actually used the service. Just out of curiosity, which of the 4 card games were you referring to? .hack//ENEMY .hack//TC&TCG .hack//SIGN Trading Card .hack//G.U. The Card Battle .hack//LINK Victory Spark
  13. Erroneous

    Kadokawa Publishing

    Kadokawa Publishing has been a major book publisher for the .hack// franchise since the series began in 2002. They handled the manga's, novel's, strategy guide's, magazine's, and even the info books. Unfortunately many across the world never got the chance to review these major products from this publishing company (exception of Tokyopop's licensing to US & UK). To most of us collector's, importing these product's was the only means to acquire them. Have you ever imported any of these amazing products? Which one sounds interesting to you the most? Leave your comments below! #dothack #dothackers #dothacksign #dothackgu #dothacklink #Kadokawa #CyberConnect2 #CC2 #publishing #book #manga #novel #infobook http://www.dothack.org/store/category/5-kadokawa/
  14. Erroneous

    Tokyopop Books

    Greetings dothackers, some of us started or expanded onto the novels and mangas. How many Tokyopop books do you currently still have? Which ones are you still in search of? Be sure to check out our full list on our web page below. http://www.dothack.org/store/category/3-tokyopop/
  15. Erroneous

    Current Community Stats

    Current stats on our communities as of March 16th 2018 Discord Users: 872 https://discord.gg/YkRJjQF Facebook Page Likes: 2,586 https://www.facebook.com/dothacknetwork Facebook Page Followers: 2,543 https://www.facebook.com/dothacknetwork Facebook Group Members: 835 https://www.facebook.com/groups/dothacknetwork Instagram Followers: 119 https://www.instagram.com/dothacknetwork Player.me Followers: 14 https://player.me/dothacknetwork Twitter Followers: 193 https://twitter.com/dothacknetwork Steam Members: 72 http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dothacknetwork YouTube Subscriptions: 42 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBEy6D--SAMARDmSx6a6FNA Website Registrations: 517 http://www.dothack.org Wikipedia Users: 3 http://www.dothack.info