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  1. G.U. Games Shrine

    That is great! Love the sign in the background. Gives me a reason to buy a loose Haseo.
  2. .hack//ENEMY 2nd Giveaway

    Grats to all the winners!
  3. Slidingdock

    Ya that seemed to do it. Thanks you a lot. Don't know spinnaker well and sisbt want to mess with settings until I got a suggestion. Thank you.
  4. Slidingdock

    I am having some trouble getting the icons to show up. all I can see if the text of the most current app. Any assistance would be welcome. Thanks for bringing this to us.
  5. A Returning Dothacker!

    Well met! Glad to hear you survived the data drain.
  6. Hey guys

    Hello there fellow dot hacker.
  7. Hello

    Welcome aboard. o/
  8. Ay

    Salutations Alkalime.
  9. Hello there! :D

    Hail and well met!
  10. Hello! New guy.

    Long time lurker welcomes you.
  11. o/

    Having fun first and foremost in whatever you play is important. Having a great community like this helps as well.
  12. Up link Established, Hello World!

    Welcome fellow lurker.
  13. First Login

    Welcome, .Hack community is one of the best I have ever had the honor of being a part of. Great to had you.
  14. Cobalt, Online

    Nice to meet you and welcome.
  15. .hack//ENEMY 2nd Giveaway

    I have been searching for these since I was a child. I always thought there was something about the look of an uncut sheet that in unto itself is such a wonderful piece of art. I would happily pay the shipping promptly for one of these. Thanks for offering them up.