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  1. Hello I'm Nero and I've been looking for a dot. Hack forum page for awhile and I like the layout of this one. Thank you
    • Hey does anyone know how I can get to the 2dmmorpg game and if I could possibly download it because I usually go offline when I play games cause I love them too much I'd admit but still I would love to get my hands on a copy of this game's download file and play it while I'm chilling in the dorm at job corp. because its kinda boring here but it's a good program or whatever, I like it.
    1. Firelad


      Hello Nero,

      I'm sorry, but that 2D MMORPG was down a long time. There, however, are new projects you can download and play, such as .hack//Fragment English project or The World R:Craft that takes place on Minecraft.

      These kind of projects are usually posted in specific blog. Welcome to the community though!

      Regards, Firelad.





    2. Nero


      Thanks :)

  2. so has anyone here been to the dollars durarara website?