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  1. And here is the list of changes: Evolution Point 1 – Major Visual Evolution Full-HD (1080p) High-definition movies Supports 60fps High-definition backgrounds and UI Evolution Point 2 – Game System Improvements Added retry function Cheat Mode (Play with maxed out level and equipment) Movement speed increased Item slot number increased to 90 Item menu shortcut and sort functions added Certain items have consecutive usage function Made easier to see empty equipment slots Chim Sphere and Virus Core possession cap at 999 Reduced probability of allies selling off items you give them Improvements that were made in Vol. 2: Reminisce and Vol. 3: Redemption will be reflected on Vol. 1: Rebirth in the HD Remaster. Battle tempo increased with a rise in offensive ability and reduction in hitstop. Weapon skill up rates increased Increase in experience points gained Some powerful enemies have been mitigated Skeith’s shooting speed has been increased Avatar battles have been rebalanced In addition to being able to redo the Marriage Events in Vol. 3: Redemption, you’ll get to do it with all characters that become party members Evolution Point 3 – New Elements Added All movies from the Terminal Disk that was bundled with the special edition copy of .hack//G.U. Vol. 1: Rebirth will be included. Haseo with an unfamiliar look appears… Plus they have other plans for the 15th anniversary ^(^____^)^
  2. xD wow it has been over a year since you made your last post,not sure if you'll get the info your looking for but I'd recommend asking in the Discord.
  3. Got ahold of an empty .hack//G.U. The Card Battle box and a full .hack//TC & TCG box,unfortunately didn't get the last card I needed to complete the set .-. :D also obtained 4 .hack//Quantum clear file folders~
  4. ^_^ Thanks for the info fellow dothacker~
  5. :P Thought this page was in need of an update~
  6. ^.^ Just keep checking on ebay, every so often promos or even sets are sold for reasonable prices compared to random one off sales of $30-40 each like with say the .hack//LINK Victory Spark trial deck signed cards. I would also check amazon or alternative ebay sites such as e.g. UK,Ireland,Australian as they may have listings not present on .com however its probable they may not ship to you. Doesn't hurt to ask the seller though. Also I'd recommend buying a booster box or two to get most cards from the set, if you are missing singles then there are listings on ebay for common/uncommon sets (not sure how many are left) and individual Xtra rare cards. As Errorneous said,ask among existing groups is another way,surely other collector's would have cards to trade and possibly looking for missing cards.
  7. :D Congrats to the winners~
  8. ^-^ Either way it looks like an awesome game, hoping for a .hack connection or even a newly announced .hack game in the future but its always nice to see them work on a game that isn't Naruto for a change lol
  9. I can believe that, a shame you were tight on case but even if you bought it then travel would've been even harder on you .-. Heck over here it was extremely rare but you did come across the .hack games but usually it was Infection/Mutation. I did see Quarantine (and .hack//LINK Zettai Houi pack) afew months back sell for around ‎40-50 quid,though I asked my friend to check it but it was missing Limanlity and pretty sure the disc wasn't in the best condition. ^^' Over here its possible to get Quarantine for 40 quid (bout $50) with both discs+manual compared to the crazy $100+ that most people demand,seems less costly getting the PAL (Europe) editions xD
  10. I'd imagine if they did make an MMORPG they would use "The World" Force Era or the newer iterations atleast seeing as its more update for the modern gamer, I'd look forward to a new console game using these mechanics. :D Just make sure to pick up a cheap copy of .hack//Fragment to show support for the physical game.
  11. Considering the price atleast with Outbreak/Quarantine surely that in itself gives enough reason for a digital release,why have people pay crazy amounts for the games when putting them online to get potentially many sales. Hard to get people interested in the games when they cost is staggering whereas SAO is easy to acquire and remains in the public eye in the West. Well they were having a crossover event in the mobile game, other than that nothing has come of it ^^' Heck more people have atleast heard of SAO and haven't a clue what .hack is though from the opinions I have heard they prefer .hack to SAO.
  12. We can only hope for a VR based .hack, it helps that the game's setting involves the use of VR headset to begin with ^_^ Not sure what CC2's plans are, would be amazing if they either re-released/re-mastered the PS2 games as surely they are losing money from the inflated prices :/
  13. :D Thanks, its a shame you can't just order most of these items from Just recently gotten ahold of most of the original .hackeys, the 10th Anniversary Rei Idumi clear file folder and postcard ^.^
  14. :P What are you implying~
  15. ^.^ Thought it was time for an update. 1 - Megane Kikuya doujin (artist for X-Fourth & LINK manga), .hack//KOYOMI ( neck warmer -dual sided- and desk calender), S.H. Works (artwork for G.U.), the Haseo Xth Form was for pre-orders and the buttons were if you spent over 5000 yen or so in Kotobukiya. 2- A Spin Gai Gu necklace from the .hack//LIVE event 3- .hack//BLOCK and the complete set of .hack//G.U. The Card Battle including some rule books from the packs. Would be nice if I had a booster pack to see what they look like ^^'