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  1. As some of you may have noticed, Mac Anu has a winter theme in spirit of the season! In addition to this, it has come to my attention that the updater has been working incorrectly for some players. I would ask that anyone attempting to play, please download this version of the updater and replace the one in your games directory. Download : zip, rar For many players, the updater was giving a "File create error" or "Permission denied" popup. Not to mention it wasn't adding the new files to the Common.CC2 file. This is a huge problem. ALSO. In order for the game to run correctly, you'll have to set your version back down to version "64". You can do this by running Notepad (as administrator), and opening the file \Data\Patch.CC2 You will see a line that says Version=X. If the X is under 64, you are fine. If it is above 64, you will need to change it to say Version=64 and then save the file. When you run the updater again, it will get all the new files properly. UPDATE: The old process may have been confusing, so I made this small manual-patch. Just extract these files to your game folder (overwriting the old files) and you should be golden! Download I know you've all been waiting very patiently for 1.0.9.x (some even gave up), and we're close to releasing it. We were on a roll with R:2 and didn't have time to work on R:1, but now I am back and actively working on it! There will be over 100 bug fixes in the new version, as well as new features, new sprites, new tilesets, and better performance. @Homes may not be ready for 1.0.9.x release, but may be pushed to a later version (still 1.0.9.x)
  2. the world r:1

    https://github.com/CyberConnects2/R1Alpha-Tracker/issues I want to encourage everyone to start using this for bug reports. It's much easier to keep track of things that need fixing, and all of you will be able to see our progress on the bugs as we go ^^ There's a lot of bugs I need to fix, and I want to get them fixed ASAP, but I need your help! Thank you
  3. the world r:1

    With the 1.0.9.x patch coming up, we've been having to do a lot of server maintenance to improve our systems as well as the game. We have a lot of features planned, loads of improvements on their way to rolling out, and bug fixes all over the engine. As such, the server will be down until further notice while we gather data and process it as needed. We may also have minor patches before we release 1.0.9 Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused anyone, and we look forward to your support in the future. Thank you
  4. The ones with a "#" do not need to be typed, and have a hotkey for it Regular commands: Chat Apostrophe ( ' ) before a message - Broadcast it to the whole server "/g<space><msg>" - talk in guild chat "/p<space><msg>" - talk in party chat Hyphen ( - ) before a message - Emote the message "/w<space><part of username*><msg>" - Send a whisper to the person. General stuff "/save" - saves your character data when standing near a save shop "/afk" or "/away" - flag yourself as away or not away (toggle) "/minimap" - Opens or closes the minimap (toggle) # "/gate" - opens the gate window when near the gate # "/gateout" - attempts to gate out of the area # "/who" - Shows a list of online players, and their up-to-date afk status "/fps" - displays the Frames-Per-Second in the upper left corner area "/fpslock" - removes the FPS lock causing the game to use more resources and possibly run more smooth Console Commands All of these begin with "/console<space>" and further into development they will be removed from player-access; and staff will have another place to type these commands. They are strung together as shown in the tree. Code: /console set sfx 0 "set" "sfx" or "sound" 0 - turns SFX off 1 - turns SFX on "music" 0 - turns music off 1 - turns music on "ctm" -- note : this may be removed in later versions 0 - turns click-to-move off 1 - turns click-to-move on "gfxmode" You can use either 0, 1, or 3. 3 is the only supported one at this time, and will be the default in later versions. You are free to experiment and see which one works best for you. Some may load quicker and run slower, etc /console set sfx 0 /console set music 1 /console set gfxmode 3 "get" "version" - returns the client version into the chat box "gfxmode" - returns the GFX Mode currently in use into the chat box "items" or "equipment" or "equip" - lists the items currently worn into the chat box "stats" or "stat" or "character" or "char" - lists your stats into the chat box /console get version /console get gfxmode /console get stats /console get items "party" "invite" or "add" - invites the selected player into your party; only the leader can do this "leave" or "quit" - removes yourself from the party. This will not disband the party unless the party consists of a single player after doing so /console party invite /console party add /console party quit /console party leave "guild" "invite" or "add" - invites the selected player into the guild. This is in alpha and may not work correctly "leave" or "quit" - removes yourself from the guild. This will disband the guild if the command is performed by the leader "disband" - disbands the guild; only the leader can do this "kick <part of username*>" - kicks the player from the guild; only the leader can do this "set<space>motd<space><msg>" - sets the guild MOTD. Currently, this only works for a single word (no spaces in the MOTD) "get<space>exp" - displays your guilds exp into the chat box /console guild invite /console guild leave /console guild kick Tyrial /console guild get exp "trade" - trades with the selected player. Must be standing next to each other (or on the same spot if allowed) "sprite<space>1" or "spriteshop<space>1" - displays an early version of a sprite editor. Unsupported; no one will see the changes except you and they will not save "reload" or "ref" - reloads the hotkey binds incase you change them with the game open "chat" "save" or "print" or "log" - saves the chatlog to a file on your computer, located in \Data\Logs\Chat. *You need at least 3 characters of their name, and without typing more it may go to someone else if the amount you type is the same as another. Ex : "Tre" could go to "Treehouse" and "Trespass"
  5. We will be having server maintenance for the next few hours while we process collected data and give everything a nice flush (in terms of cache, not accounts). I'll add on to this post (and lock it) when the server maintenance is finished. Thank you
  6. We're 3 months into Alpha Testing as of today, and although we've made a lot of progress and fixed a lot of bugs, there is still a lot to do. We really can't stress how important it is to report bugs (no matter how small), how helpful they are, or how hurtful it is to not report them. We're really thankful of everyone who is helping us improve the game in any way they can, and we appreciate everyone else supporting us by simply being a part of our little community. Thank you all P.S. There will be double exp for players under level 25, and players 25 or higher will have 1.25x exp for the next 24 hours
  7. There hasn't been much progress the past few days, and there wont be for the next few days as well. We got some new machines and are migrating our data to them. Things should go faster once we're done, and we appreciate your patience. We aren't giving up
  8. the world r:1

    At this time, the crashing while logging in issue is seemingly resolved. I do need people to let me know if any crashes occur (or other problems), and so if you happen to have the game crash please let a staff member know either by telling them directly, or by making a bug report. Thank you everyone for supporting us through these early stages
  9. In celebration of our Moderator @Little Fennell having a birthday today, we will have double exp until midnight tonight. Don't forget to wish her a happy 3rd birthday! She's only level 1, but she has a strong attitude when people don't wish her a happy birthday o.-
  10. the world r:1

    Just like the other updates, most the work has been done under-the-hood and you won't see changes right away. Changes New characters now get starter gear! The party system had some bugs, but is now fixed. Seemingly 100% /afk (or /away) has been added. Moving will revert to normal, and it will automatically come on with 5 minutes of inactivity Guilds now get the correct amount of exp. You can check it with "/console guild get exp" Spell damage has been drastically improved, and melee is adjusted to be a bit more fair. Both may change. Equipment use to disappear after logging out. Mostly gloves. This issue has been resolved. Trades now show the correct item pictures, and amounts Fixed an issue where the minimap caused a TON of errors You can reload hotkeys (if you change them while the game is running) with "/console reload {hotkey/hotkeys}" Repth (and variations) should all now work correctly Items in the hotbar now show the correct one. Item stacks now show the amount you have, and when you run out it will remove the item from the hotbar slot. We have updated the hover states for items to show more info, spells to show more info (sp cost, level, etc) Doors should now work correctly Known bugs : Trying to exit the game from the login screen doesn't work very well. Placing stackable items in the bank occasionally eats the item I may have left some things out, but that's the general idea of it. Make sure to keep up with reporting bugs. The bigger the problem, the quicker I'll get it fixed!
  11. Before today, if you changed your password on the website it would not affect the game(s) we run. However, thanks to user @Azrael for initially bringing it up, and user @Koss for reminding me, any password change is now applied instantly. Prior to this post, I would have the user go through a process that basically manually changed it. Our login system is 1-for-all, and any game we release will use the same login. And now, if you change your forum password it will update on ALL of our games. I should have added that when we started, but I overlooked it and I apologize. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone, but I hope you continue to have faith in us and support us through our alpha stages. Thank you all! P.S. Don't forget to thank those two users if this is something you had been having trouble with ^^
  12. the world r:1

    Miscellaneous bug fixes You no longer attack when clicking Inventory Sign Attributes have been added (not final) Drastically decreased load time of map attributes Stabilized the server when it loads maps. Fixed the alignment of NPC names Moved spawn for Lambda and Sigma to line up with the Gate. Fixed server status page. You can now save chat logs /console chat [save, log, print] Added Guild Commands (Self-Explanatory) /console guild add (while targeting) [Appropriate permission] /g to guild chat /console guild set motd <string> (caps at 160 length) [GM Only] /console guild kick <name> [Appropriate permission] /console guild disband [GM Only] /console guild [leave, quit] (it will disband if the leader does this) Any other notes will be made public as changes are committed. Consumable Items can be added to hotbar. Items stack number show up in hotbar.
  13. There is one pretty bug I've noticed. The inventory will not list any items, nor the buttons to scroll, but does indeed work the same. You will also get a lot of errors while the inventory is open. Let me know if this happens for you, with pictures if you can, and for now we'll have to deal with it (I'm just now getting ready for bed and wont be able to fix it until after I wake) Also, I want everyone to double check their client version. You can do this by typing "/console get version" into the chatbox. If nothing shows up, your client is older than and you need to force an update. If you don't know how to force an update, follow these instructions. Delete TWAlpha.exe (there may be 1 or more shown in task manager, make sure to end all of them) Navigate to \Data\ Open Patch.cc2 with notepad (you can drag'n'drop the file into notepad) Change the version to '8' Save the file Re-Run the updater Verify your client version. If it says, congrats! If not, please redo the instructions Sorry for being so brief in this post, but I am very tired now (8:30am) and need to go to sleep In a later version I will have the updater check the files to validate them, but this is what I'm doing for now. Thank you for your patience. As some people are having trouble with it still, here is the exe. Make sure you delete the old one before you put this in your game folder http://forums.cyberconnects2.com/index.php?attachments/1-0-8-3-zip.101/
  14. the world r:1

    Changes Hotkey buttons for the hotkey bar actually work correctly now. For real this time (before I didn't commit the save) You can now check your client version by typing "/console get version". This is to make sure your client is updated. Fixed a problem where lots (thousands) of bugs were getting triggered. This was due to the targetting. (Also didn't commit this before) Right clicking no longer takes you face-to-face with an NPC... all the time. It might be difficult to click perfectly on a tile, and if you're too close to another one it might round. Try to get your mouse in the middle of the reticle, vertically). In addition to the previous, to help make sure the click lands -- there is a half second delay on click-to-move. Fixed an issue where players stats were getting capped Completely fixed the NPC-Freezing issue. This may also fix the glitch where spells freeze a player. Changing your direction now shows for other people (by much request) Fixed a bug where doors would warp the player. Now, it will rubber-band you (only you will see that, no one else will see you move) Left it out in previous versions, but you can now see dropped items after 3 seconds instead of 30. Escape key will now close the chatbox instead of typing invalid characters. Intentionally, it will also keep your current-typing saved so you can reopen and send it when it's convenient for you. I may remove this feature if people don't like it. Fixed the very poor grammar when you click "Char." Possibly fixed the issue where account names were being truncated. Let me know about this one Scrolling the chatbox should no longer jump either direction (Let me know if it does) Known bugs : (things i'll look into next update) Spells are missing icons Health items don't work Typing & produces an underscore Client crashing when re-logging Client crashing when exiting properly Party invite text spilling out Hold-To-Scroll in the inventory Party GUI Guilds Doing /save to save Much more (in the bug reports) I may have left some things out, but that's the general idea of it. Make sure to keep up with reporting bugs. The bigger the problem, the quicker I'll get it fixed!
  15. the world r:1

    Minor patch Fixed a bug where it showed 0 for HP/MP in the player bar Fixed it so that the IP is no longer hardcoded (I put it there for testing and left it on accident) Fixed it so that you have to use the updater to play the game (also use that for testing and forgot)