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  1. I haven't been here in a while. I'd like to know if people have seen blog posts around the internet of .hack//chat.
  2. o.o I always did wonder how to do that
  3. If people pitch in then we can get the missing cards ;P
  4. I'm looking for people who used the service in the past when it was a thing (pre 2008). Related links are Anyone with info Please pm me.
  5. Pretty sure they would need to be digital XD
  6. xD i actually have been asked by a couple of people to make a web based version of every .hack card game. FUNNNNNN. Anyone feel like providing donations so we can get some rights to use the cards digitally ;P
  7. Yeah but most of those images are terrible scans compared to how good most scans are.
  8. I'm actually surprised that no one has taken the time to digitize every last card.