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  1. I am unsure of how to do that, I'll look into it later. For now I am working on translating the Area Server for Fragment. Make sure that the individual pieces are marked. It'll have a black bullet next to them. To do this, go to rainmeter icon in your tray, right click it, go to skins>slidingdock. There you will see 3 parts. 1 is the iconseeker (gray ring), 2 is iconseekercenter which is the filled in portion the icons slide on top of, and 3rd is the slidingdock itself. The 3rd part is what you need to make sure is selected. Hover your mouse over it and see if the slidingdock.ini has a black bullet next to it.
  2. Surprised there isn't or hasn't been any discussion over .hack//Fragment since Coldbird and his team has improved the game and made some work arounds for specific issues (mainly the keyboard and ethernet plugin). This video is here to help people get their Fragment game started! Additionally I have an Area Server setup guide for those willing to watch it. I hope this helps. Also you will need these plugins. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9l9s1cnq6g9s67p/needed%20plugins.rar?dl=0
  3. Hmm.. If .hack or rather "The World" did become an MMORPG, I'm sure there would be a lot of changes as to how it would function. The battle system would get an overhaul, the Chaos Gate system would be overhauled, everything would be changed at least a little bit. "The World" as it stands? Play Fragment and that's how it would be. Especially now with Fragment being so easy to join with a bunch of the errors blown out of the water. Not a bad game, just more fun with other people. In fact I encourage you to support Coldbird's efforts and play the game. Help that community grow a bit.
  4. It's no problem! I'm sure Balala would be happy to know you're using his program :D He's an awesome guy!
  5. Remember this tho. In order to change what each icon does you will have to edit the Slidingdock.ini file. Near the top of the .ini text file you will see a long list of shortcuts. That's where you place the new file paths.
  6. Version 1.5.0


    After finding out that the .hack//GU theme file Sliderdock was dead and the programmer was MIA, I decided to go make my own. I went to rainmeter.net (btw, you'll need rainmeter) to get some assistance and I got just that. I got much more than I could have bargained for. A nice person from the community named Balala helped me by giving me code and I just tweaked it and modified it. I understand enough to put in icons, sounds, locations, add GUI and play with GIMP. Here it is! The more recent versions do not require you to open the .ini to add icons. As most of you probably figured out, you will have to use the settings button. The settings window usually just appears to the top left of your screen. I hope to find a way to fix that one day!