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  1. New .hack content?

  2. greetings and happy holidays!

    ah yes for sure, did you get it on steam or for ps4?
  3. the first 4 games

    thanks for your help, yeah definitely wanna obtain as much of the story as possible
  4. New .hack content?

    likewise dude, even if its a risk of coma who gives a heck make it happen please cyber connect!
  5. greetings and happy holidays!

    also the new remake of gu looks awesome, what's the verdict from you guys? And they made kite look scary 😓 hehe
  6. greetings and happy holidays!

    hey there, nice to find such a great forum. Have been a fan since the first game as well as the entire franchise, I don't know much about fragment but I found this forum via a link from fragment, just wondering how things are going in the community. I reached out to cyberconnect recently about whether they are gonna make a new remake of the original four games and have also posted on here about wanting to track them down as I only ever played the first three and am missing it greatly. Thanks again everyone!
  7. the first 4 games

    hello there everyone, I myself am new to the forum and am looking forward to the future and discussing .hack etc. I wanted to ask if anyone knew of a good place to get the original four games in pal. I used to have them in mint from Italy which I was happy with but I live in Australia so not sure where to look besides ebay, thanks everyone!//