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The first patch is OUT! The major points of the storyline are translated.

Disclaimer: we will not be distributing any patches on this site, but we've made the patch easy to find!

Updated June 3, 2013

Hello .hackers
Welcome to our semi-official thread for the unofficial fan translation of .hack//Link, we are posting important information throughout this thread and in this post in particular.

Current Members of this Team
  • Kuukai - Will be translating the story elements
  • JunBansyoya - Making things work, Translating menus
  • Keii - Will be translating the story elements
  • Kazetrigger - Will be translating the story elements, testing

New Videos

Bonus video 1 (spoilers) - this a Thanatos Report level that was included in .hack//Link
Bonus video 2 (spoilers) - this a Thanatos Report level that was included in .hack//Link

In case you missed the last thread all the images are being hosted on Image bucket here all the old youtube videos are posted here in a playlist.

Release Schedule
v0.0 - "Shadow Signs" - Released August 2011
A movie version of the main story based on the patch for those who don't want to play the whole game. The final videos have been released to Youtube.

v0.1 - "Terror Infection" - Released September 2012
A basic main story patch that covers all the manga scenes and FMVs, and enough conversations for you to understand the gist of the major plotlines. Game text, emails, and non-essential events in the main story (even some Schicksal bosses) will probably be excluded. Basically the same thing as Shadow Signs but playable, with 100% of the animated scenes included, and with better editing.
  • v0.1.1 - "Big T" - Released October 2012
    Fixed a problem with v0.1 where 90% of the translated content was missing.

v0.2 - "Mirage Mutation" - Coming 2014
This patch will incorporate the emails and dialogues that are bridged by "narration" in Shadow Signs. More boss battles, more system text, and more key scenes will be translated. Some sidequests will be translated. Known errors in Terror Infection will be fixed. The first few chapters of the game will be completely translated, and using just the patch you will be able to follow the main story from beginning to end without more confusion than if you knew Japanese.

v0.3 - "Propagation Outbreak" - TBA
For this patch the focus will be on the rest of the boss fights and the rest of the interesting sidequests, and all of the related email. You see more sidestories involving characters like Posaune and Haseo, who are still really interesting in this game, but not critical to the story. This will include more of the exciting, original content that wasn't as crucial to the story as what's in v0.2, including .hack//ZERO. This one is the one we would advise playing if you want to see absolutely everything that .hack//Link has to offer.

v0.4 - "Prophet Quarantine" - TBA
This patch will include the storyline and email for things like Kazumi, Beast of the Apocalypse, and human Cubia, which are cool but either don't differ dramatically from their source material or can be summed up in exactly one sentence.

Known Issues
-Some fskit menu pages crash the game.

I have a question can I ask it?
Of course, but it would be appreciated if you read the thread and FAQ first, I know it is getting long but some questions have already been answered and not posted here. If you don't feel like your question is answered feel free to ask, good questions will be added to this list.

Can I help?
Sure, If you got what it takes, Kuukai is screening people who are interested, I will update this answer later with full details.

I cannot translate, can I help?
Yes! Play the game with the patch, and report any mistakes here! Only you can prevent typos!

When will this be done?
The first version of the patch is done! As for the final version, we are aiming for a quality translation and we cannot do this if we are rushing so don't ask, we will keep you apprised of the progress through this thread. Don't fret you will see this one day assuming <--insert appropriate end of world theory--> does not happen.

Where are X located in the game files?
For the most part text and audio are stored in obviously named places, for instance there is a folder called str, for you guessed it strings... It gets a bit weird when you get into the story boards, they are stored in the demo folder, there are 3 types that we reference to; MV, SC, and CM. We refer to them because that is their sub-folders inside the demo folder, generally they begin with the character 'm' or 's' followed by 7 or 8 numbers. There are other files in there as well, I have not explored them as much and don't know their purpose.

How do I decode media type X? How do I extract data type Y? What is a CPK?
The data types involved in this game are protected by patents and copyrights, discussing such things would also be against the rules of the board. Also there are BBS's that you can find on Google that are dedicated to this. We will no longer be providing info on any of this. There is one exception the ccs files are the main datafile that we will modify they seem like a generic unencrypted data package file which cannot have Intellectual Property laws associated with them so I feel they are fair game to discuss.

I still cannot see text?
Try using a text editer that allows you to set a character type, these are UTF-8 non-BOM files, notepad++ is what I use and recommend. I will add recommendations for linux(probably gedit or kate) and osx later.

You haven't answered my PM are you alive?
Sorry I do read every PM, but sometimes finding the time to reply can be difficult, I will be in touch soon :biggrin:.

Please remember this is not our jobs we don't have to do this, we do this because we have fun doing this and we love .hack//ANYTHING, I don't have fun if people are fighting or rushing us please keep this thread a fun place to be :biggrin:

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