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    .hack//frägment ONLINE/OFFLINE Tutorial


    To play .hack//frägment, the former Sony Playstation 2 video game who's online service ended January 18 2007, you must complete these steps to connect to the new online server created by fans.

    Essential breakdown of things.

    • Acquire the PS2 game disc or disc image for .hack//frägment
    • Download PCSX2 from their official website http://www.pcsx2.net/
    • Install PCSX2
    • Copy the BIOS files from your existing PS2 using a BIOS Dumper https://pcsx2.net/download/releases/tools.html
    • Configure your PCSX2 in the settings to use the BIOS files you completed in the previous step
    • If you have the PS2 game disc for .hack//frägment, convert it to a disc image ISO file (.bin and .img are supported)
    • Configure your PCSX2's Cdvdrom settings to point to the ISO file on your hard disk
    • Click File > Run CD/DVD to play

    This YouTube video is a good visual guide on everything you need to know to get started, but an additional step will be necessary.


    In this video, there is a link included that takes you to a MEGA file storage. Download the 2.10 GB compressed file to your hard drive and uncompressed the folder.

    1. Step 1 - Install PCSX2
    2. Step 2 - Copy the 3 BIOS files to the BIOS folder Documents\PCSX2\bios
    3. Step 3 - Copy the 2 .dll plugin files to the plugin folder Program Files (x86)\PCSX2 1.4.0\Plugins
    4. Step 4 - Run the Network Adapter ISO file from PCSX2 and format your memory card
    5. Step 5 - Run the .hack//fragment ISO from PCSX2

    Not shown in the video however is a pnatch file to make the game point to the new server.

    1. Step 1 - Download the pnatch zip file.
    2. Step 2 - Unzip the file 9C9D549D.pnach file and move to the folder Documents\PCSX2\cheats
    3. Step 3 - Run PCSX2, upper left select System > Enable Cheats
    4. Step 4 - Run the game

    After doing those essential 9 steps, you will gain access to the current lobby server for .hack//fragment

    If you request further assistance, join us on our Discord chatroom channel! https://discord.gg/behCxEB

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