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The main blog for all Dothack Network news and updates!

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Fan Games

Hello everyone! I would like to remind you that CyberConnects is back online. Also, Rebirth Prouductions staff is back in action producing another MMO. And don't forget to check out Iridium Based to learn more about their Kickstarter project starting soon!


Erroneous in Updates

51 Likes in 24 Hours

51 likes in 24 hours, lets set a target goal of 500 likes! Spread the word about Dothack Network and together lets reach 500 likes before the end of the year! Also! Don't forget to share and talk about your favorite dothack sites here! Linking is fine and commentary is much appreciated!


Erroneous in Updates

Start of The Network

On this community anyone and everyone is free to share and exchange their own or their favorite dothack fan made specialty from the internet. Get it known out there no matter what it is. Websites, message boards, web blogs, video blogs, deviant art pages or groups, facebook fan pages or groups, twitter communities, youtube channels, irc chatrooms, oekaki boards, official developer and publisher websites, fan made MMO's and single-player games, etc..


Erroneous in Updates

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