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Patch Notes #1.4

Patch Notes #1.4

Okay guys, the team has been working hard on this for a few days. Seem to have all the major glitches taken care of. You MUST download client version 1.4 to play. I'll repeat that, you are REQUIRED to download client 1.4 to be able to play. With that out of the way, onto the notes. There has been an account wipe, please create a new character to play. A remind this a test of these feature, we will be add more like this in the future but please report any graphical glitches you encounter. Thanks again, hope you guys enjoy. The new download, as always, is available on the forums.

*System Changes*

-Major changes when it comes to the character sheet. Before there were 4 equipable slots, now there is 9. We have seperated shield and ring to be their own slots, thus a Blade Master can now wear both a ring and shield. Also added an Enchant Slot which is for high level Enchant Gear later on in the game. Besides those 2, we added 3 Cosmetic Slots. They are Hair, Accessory, and Cloths.

-When players equip a hair, the hair on their sprite will change to that hair. Same goes for cloths and accessories. Thus the way your sprite looks is no longer permanent and can be modified in game by buying these types of cosmetic items.

-Added Staff Event Vendor to the center of Mac Anu, it has rare cosmetic items such as wings, sunglasses, cloaks, etc. The only way to get these cosmetic items is by winning future staff run events until you have enough “Advanced Staff Tokens”.

-Working on Staff Event items for regular “Staff Tokens” which will be rewarded for just participating in a Staff Run Event.

-The first 13 weapons and 2 shields, have all been re-done, and now appear on your sprite after you equip them.

-Character Creation Room and Vendors have been implemented. When you create your new character you will appear in said room. You may then pick out 1 hair, 1 piece of cloths, and 1 accessory from the vendors. This is regulated by new characters receiving 3 staff tokens. When the player is done selecting, the merely need to step through the door and they will be warped to Mac Anu. All remaining staff tokens will be removed from the players inventory upon exitting the Creation Room. Cosmetic Items are Bound on Pickup, meaning they cannot be traded to another character.




Patch v1.3

Well guys here we are at v1.3 Unfortunately the only way to implement the guild system was do an account wipe (otherwise the server would crash). I do apoligize but it had to be done sooner or later to implement it. There will not be another account wipe until Character Customization is added (Do not know when this will happen, but it does not appear to be anytime soon as of right now, I am fiddling with it though). After this most of the main necessary features will have been added, and I will go back to mapping fields, making gear, and npcs, to extend playable content past level 21. A new client update is required. If you do not update to v1.3 be prepared to expect crashes, as there was a multitude of client modifications to make the guild system function. The download, as always, is available on our forums www.dothackrevelation.freeforums.net.

*Staff Changes*

-Would like to inform the community that Cerberuspaw will be creating Sprites for us in the future. You should treat him just as you would treat any other member of the Staff Team

Staff Team
-Daikonran – Admin
-Akira – Lead Programmer
-PieOhPah – Website Design/Moderator
-AmorousLovers – Mapper
-Cerberuspaw – Sprite Artist

We are still in need of a tileset artist in the future, if you have experience with creating tilesets please send me a private message.

*System Changes*

-Added Hot Keys.
Pressing “i” will open your inventory
Pressing “c” will open your character sheet
Pressing “p” will open your party menu
Pressing “k” will open your skills
Pressing “o” will open the ingame options

-Changed Loot button to Space Bar

-Added “WASD” movement, so you can either use that or arrow keys. Whatever you prefer both are functioning.

-Modified chat to require you to press “Enter” before you start typing, so when pressing hotkeys it does not enter it into your chat bar.

**Guild System Added**

-Player must be at least level 10 and have at least 500 gold in their inventory to create a guild.

Some highlight features:
Invites- When a player sends an invite to another player, they will have 2 minutes to accept/decline or it will auto decline players can only have 1 invite at a time.

Founder- There can only be 1 founder at a time in a guild they can't be kicked and can't have restricted privileges(Can do anything period). You may transfer the founder status to another player with the /founder (name) command.

Guild Ranks- Each guild can have its own guild ranks(custom names), each guild also has its own set of guild permission(see below).

Guild Permission- Guild leaders can set what each rank can do, these include: Open Admin Panel, Edit Options/Ranks/Users, Recruit Users, Kick Users.

Guild name over head

Guild Commands:
Make Guild: /guild make (guildname,no spaces)
To transfer founder status use /guild founder (name)
Invite to Guild: /guild invite (name)
Leave Guild: /guild leave
Open Guild Admin: /guild admin
Guild kick: /guild kick (name)
Guild disband: /guild disband yes
View Guild: /guild view (online/all/offline)
You can talk in guild chat with: ;Message

*Map Changes*

-Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground Redone

-Dun Loireag Added

*Bugs Squashed*

-Staff Level appearing at top of map they are on

-Blade Master/ Wave Master SP growth mix up (also required an account wipe to change)

-Removed EXP portion of Sanjuro Quest Reward to prevent exploitation

-Lowered EXP portion of Elk Quest Reward to prevent exploitation

*Work in Progress*

-Threat ("aggro") system




Patch v1.21 Notes

Sorry to post another update so soon, but I added a bunch of things to both the server and client today and a new client download is needed to play again (v1.21). Please delete previous versions and download the client from the forums.

Patch v1.21 Notes

*General Changes*

-Added monster levels in brackets to right of monster names

-Added Tags for staff, so their names are now marked [MOD],[MPR],[DEV], or [ADM]

-Added afk, type /afk to go afk and /afk to leave afk

-To use Emotes type “-” then the emote.
Ex. - grins at Bob
Displays in blue: [playername] grins at Bob

-Added Stat Layout to Tutorial

-Added more controls to “Controls” section of Tutorial

*System Changes*

-Changed the way in which a player gets experience. You still get the exp from killing monsters, however if the monster is higher level then you, you will get more exp per level higher it is, if it's lower then you, you will get less exp per level lower it is.

-Changed the respawn rate on majority of monsters.

-Added party chat, if you put /p in front of your text it sends the message to all party members (and only party members, no one else can read it)
Ex: /p I need a Heal




Version 1.1 Patch Notes

G oods News, my internet is now back. That means the server will return to it's normal on time schedule starting tomorrow morning. Here is the patch notes. It should also be noted that the old client will not work at all. You Must download the new client. Pie-oh-Pah had some difficulties with his, he moved his client folder out of the "Dot Hack Revelation v1.1" Folder to his desktop and it solved the issue. I however did not face that issue and it worked perfectly fine in the folder for me. It should work properly if it doesn't please send a message. The download is available on the forums (http://www.dothackrevelation.freeforums.net/). Here is the V 1.1 Patch Notes

*General* -Added Player Tutorial   -Added New Player Welcome Message (Returning players will see this once as well when walking directly south of the Chaos Gate, after initial message you will never see it again)   -Levels Added to Part C of Chaos Gate Options (They are suggestion levels, like guidelines. Usually the level displayed is the level of the monsters in the field, not the dungeon, and monsters in each keyword range various levels. An example: Bursting Pass Over Sea of Sand is labeled level 3, that is the level of the Wander Demons however inside the dungeon the monsters range from level 4 to level 5)   -Added consumables that are for sale in Mac Anu as well as drops off of new monsters: Mage's Soul, Artisan's Soul, Recovery Drink   -Renamed Consumables: Health Pot to Health Drink, Super Health Potion to Healing Potion   -Changed image for Aromatic Grass   -Made 2 New Chest Pieces, 2 New Helmets, 1 New Shield, 1 New Ring and 12 New weapons available via Monsters   -Added some treasure chests besides Gott Stone Treasure Chest to various dungeons   -Added some Trapped Treasure Chests (need Fortune Wire to open) to various dungeons   -Added Fortune Wire for sale in Item Vendor   -Increased Exp per kill for the following monsters: Wander Demon, Snakoids, Death Moths, Hysteria, Bats   -Increased Drop Rate of Gear from the following monsters: Death Heads, Nomadic Bones, Snakoids, Death Moths, Hysteria, Undead Voodoo, Rock Head, Ordoro, Shield Devil   -Added Attack animations for all monsters created thus far   -Increased gold value of HP Consumables, SP Consumables, armor, rings and weapons when selling to a vendor   -Added a Beginner Weapon Store that sells the first weapon for each class (they are expensive however and it is still much easier to loot them, figured I'd add this for people who have rotten luck).   -Redid some of the Spell Descriptions for the Spell Vendor   -Added 5 new animations for when melee classes attack, each now has their own. The reason for this was aesthics but also so players could tell what class each other are by their attack animations. These need to be thoroughly tested, as I have not tested them myself. If something looks off please let me know (Thanks in advance). I also applied the animation for the “Home-made Weapon” to the Staffs/Wands for Wavemasters so they can see their melee attacks as well.

*Maps*   -Mac Anu: Re-Done   -Delta: Hideous Oblivious Twin Hills complete with monsters and dungeon added   -Delta: Hideous Oblivious Nothingness complete with monsters and dungeon added   -Delta: Hideous Destroyer's Far Thunder complete with monsters and dungeon added   -Delta: Plenteous Smiling Hypha complete with monsters and dungeon added   -Delta: Plenteous Pagan Fort Walls complete with monsters and dungeon added

*Quests*   -Added Orca Beginner Quest   -Added Elk Quest   -Added Sanjuro Quest

**Class Changes**

*Wave Master*   -Reduced level requirement of Rai Don, Rue Rom, and Ol Repth   -Added Spells Ani Don, Juk Rom, Rai Rom, and Juk Krux   -Changed Healing amount of Repth from 100 to 150, CD from 30 seconds to 15 Seconds, Range from 3 to 5, and increase SP Cost from 30 to 40   -Changed Ol Repth from Healing 5 HP a second for 10 seconds to 5 a second for 20 Seconds   -Changed Rig Saem from Recovering 50 SP over 10 Seconds to 100 SP over 20 Seconds.   -Added Casting Animations to each element of spell. Fire, Wood, Darkness, Thunder, and Water now all have their own Casting Animation   -Changed the Animation on Rig Saem (SP Recovery Spell)   -Changed the Animation on Repth   -Changed the Animation on Ol Repth   -Changed the Animation on Rai Don   -Changed the images used for the Spells in vendor from Tablets to Color Coordinated Books: Red = Fire, Blue = Water, Yellow = Thunder, Green=Wood, Purple = Darkness, and Brown = Heals/Support

*Universal Class Changes*   Universal Class changes are changes that apply to all classes. These Universal Spells are usable by all classes and normally have a low target range. We plan on adding more spells like these in the future, however they are not as easily obtainable as simply buying them in the store.   -Added Dek Do   -Added Low Blow   -Added Animation to “Gate Out” Spell   -Shortened Cast Time of “Gate Out” Spell   I just want to remind you all, these new features need to be tested thoroughly, especially the new quests and the spell animations for the new spells. Please report all bugs you find on the forums as well as any other suggestions or concerns you may have. And again, if for some reason the client isn't working for you please send me a PM, the server will be up tomorrow at it's normal scheduled time.



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