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Super Fan Friday - Kira Chi

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Hello CC2 family, Andrew here again with another awesome cosplayer for our Super Fan Friday! Check it out! ?

Name: Kira Chi
Cosplay Name: Kira Chi Cosplay

Country: USA

Occupation: Makeup Artist and Hair Dresser

Hobbies: Cosplay, gaming, World Of Warcraft, Magic the Gathering, sewing, makeup, sketching, singing.

Dislikes: People who have any sort of elitist complex

Favorite anime/cartoon/movie:
Anime- Sailor Moon and JoJos Bizarre Adventure
Cartoon- Winx Club
Movie- Tangled

Favorite game of all time: NieR/ Drakengard Franchise

Favorite CC2 game of all time and why: .hack// the original 4 part series! It was the first game I have ever played on my PS2 and I became so addicted to the story that was so ahead of its times and unique! I adored the characters and the gameplay that I hadn't experienced before.

Best CC2 game memory: Riding Gruntys for the first time!! I SPENT HOURS farming different food to feed my gruntys to get all the different breeds!! It was an obsession XD

Hidden Talents: I'm really good at finding shoes to paint for cosplay. Even shoes that you wouldn't normally think would be used for a character I have added fabric too, added embellishments, painted and turned into the characters' shoes.

Picture explanation: The pictures are of my Shino (.hack// Roots/ GU) and my Black Rose ( .Hack// Original) which was actually my first ever attempt at armor!

Dream/Aspiration in the future: honestly I would love to cosplay as a second job! But I would be very happy to continue to have cosplay as a hobby and continue to do hair and makeup~ I hope to continue to do all the things I love.

Links to my social media pages

Facebook- Facebook.com/kirachicosplay
Instagram- Instagram.com/kirachicosplay
Twitter- https://twitter.com/kirachicosplay

Don't forget to leave a comment and let Kira know what you think, also be sure to check out her social media and I'll see everyone the same time next week!




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