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  2. It has been a little quiet in terms of .hack//Quantum information, however a new exciting 7-whole-minute video was released, and we are very excited to be showing it. It has been uploaded to our youtube page for easier viewing, as well as posted below. The quality sadly isn't top-notch, but that's to be expected for now. You will also be able to catch a glymps of two new characters, Atoli & Kuhn to the cast. Enjoy!
  3. The official Japanese CC2 website apparently held a poll for the 2010 most popular .hack character, with the top 3 characters being made exclusively into a downloadable wallpaper. #1 was Haseo, runner up at #2 was Kite, with not so far behind at #3 Ryoko Terashima. The entire list can be viewed in Japanese on the official website here: http://www.cc2.co.jp/hack_link/vote/ranking.html I have translated the other poll results below. #4: Shino #5: Alkaid #6: Azure Flame Kite #7: Albireo #8: Ovan #9: Endrance #10: Tsusaksa #11: Tokio Kuryuu #12: Atoli #13: Midori #14: Balmung #15: Mistral #16: Zelkova #17: BlackRose #18: Klarinette #19: Flügel #20: Sora #21: Carl #22: Silabus #23: Kuhn #24: Aura #25: Matsu #26: Cubia #27: Kite (Sora) #28: AIKA #29: Pi #30: Elk #31: Geist #32: Mimiru #33: Natsume #34: Subaru #35: Knight of the Azure Flame #36: Tabby #37: Saika Amagi #38: Sakubo #39: Piros The 3rd #40: Gaspard #41: Ryo Misaki #42: Zefie #43: Kaede #44: - #45: Metronom #46: Mai Minase #47: Gabi #48: - #49: AINA #50: Nanase Of course, our beloved Helba didn't make the list, simply because they probably didn't add her to the options! Without a shadow of a doubt, she would be #1, because lets face it, she's the toughest gal in Net Slum. You can also freely download the wallpapers available below. 1024 x 768 1600 x 1200 1680 x 1050 1920 x 1080 Here are a couple I messed around with to change up the color, since yellow really isn't all that nice on the desktop. 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080
  4. The .hack//Quantum official Japanese website recently updated their website to include the dvd box cover to be released on blu-ray & dvd, as well as pricing and other dvd related information. For the blu-ray copy, it will cost about ¥5,040, which equals $62.08 USD. For the regular DVD copy, it will cost about ¥3,990, which equals $49.14 USD. The dvd's are already available on Japanese amazon and other websites, so be sure to get your hands on it! Also, I have added the trailer to our .hack//Portal YouTube channel, which will feature all of our trailers from hereon out.
  5. .hack//Quantum is the latest dot hack installment from Kinema Citrus studio. This will be a 3 part OVA, with the first DVD releasing November 2010 – January 22, 2011. The first DVD will feature one episode and a 16 page booklet, as well as special features such as special footage, bonus CG animation, character commentary and more. Quantum revolves around adventures in a fictional online game called The World, the characters Tobias (Top right, Balmug look-alike), Mary (Top left, BlackRose look-alike), and Sakuya (center) form a party and embark on a high-difficulty-level quest in The World R:X. This will be the same 'World' shown in .hack//Link released for the PSP. Bandai Namco Games announced at last September's Tokyo Game Show that a full-CG anime project from Bandai Visual would tie into the .hack//Link game. .hack//Quantum is in fact NOT the mentioned project, so fans can look forward to yet another full CGI film in the new year.
  6. You may or may not have noticed, but on .hack//Portal there is a donation button. You can use this button to help with the cost of running this place. The donations help pay but are not excluded to: Hosting Fees Server Upgrades VB License Contest Prizes ... and much more. (read more on donations here) We know you all enjoy coming here and being a part of our community, so why not help make sure this community will be here tomorrow? Even if all you can donate is $1, thats enough to make a difference. Look to your right and find the button that looks like this Click on it and support .hack//Portal! All people who donate will be put on the "Donors" list for all to see Thanks guys!
  7. Over the next 48 hours, .hack//Portal will be undergoing a server transfer, causing the website to possibly be down for several hours. We apologize for the inconvenience!
  8. Looking around today I found more screenshots from Link, and I found myself asking... is that a naked chick!?!?!!? The site these were taken from can be found at Famitsu's site. To find out more or discuss the possibility of that totally being a naked chick, please join our forums. Enjoy!
  9. A member of .hack//Portal's community, _Ovan_ has pointed out that three additional characters may have unofficially been confirmed for our new PSP title, .hack//Link. Look closely at these images, and maybe look past my horrible paint-job. I don't know any other green-skinned and orange hair'd characters from .hack. Mimiru maybe? I thought she was wearing a yellow outfit, but it happens to just be her skin in this image (poor quality). Well, I'll leave it up to you guys to decide, this is just a speculation, but the evidence seems fairly solid
  10. A whole slew of new .hack//Link for the PSP has been flooding in, including a new teaser-trailer which is available for download here [Click to Download]. Not only that however, but 21 brand new hot off the press artwork renders of some characters to be in .hack//Link, and I must say, Atoli looks pretty cute! [Click here for All Artworks] Last but not least, some higher-quality images have surfaced, they don't give us much more of a look at the game details, but I'm sure that will come in the following weeks. You can view all of this and more in the .hack//Link PSP section here.
  11. To commemorate the new .hack game, a new section has been added to .hack.//Portal. Please anticipate a steady flow of information and media over the coming weeks. We will announce any new developments! Visit .hack//Link PSP Section
  12. I have added a neat little function called a topsite listing. It does as the name implies, and displays the top websites in a ranking system when you sign up, and add the button-code given to you on the website pages you want ranked. http://www.dothackportal.com/topsites If you run a gaming/anime/.hack website, feel free to join and participate! It's fun, free, and easy, and is a simple way to get more known around the net. I am still tweaking with the design elements, and some alignment/size issues of tables, however everything should be working correctly.
  13. .hack//Portal has been around for a while now, and still has many plans for the future. Providing fans with detailed information on the .hack project, high quality artwork and images, and keeps you updated on new releases and news from the world of .hack. This of course isn't free, for us that is. We pay hosting for superb additions such as cPanel and Fantastico Deluxe, and we host contests on a monthly basis for our forum members that include .hack merchandise. We would love to provide more space, new additions to the site such as an upgraded vBulletin License, and more. Please take the time to donate even just $1 to .hack//Portal to help fund these amazing additions to the website. There is no limit to your donating, and we will recognize you as a donator on our special donation page for as long as .hack//Portal is alive. Please visit the Donations page for more information.
  14. Tokyopop has been busy! They have released a fantastic Special Edition of the first volumes for .hack//Legend of the Twilight, and .hack//Another Birth. This new title was released December 1st and can be purchased online at amazon for great prices. This Special Edition would be great for existing .hack fans, and anyone who wants to get into the .hack universe. Buy the .hack//Manga and Novel Special Edition!
  15. My apologies for the lack of updates and changes to the website, I am in the middle of re-vamping .hack//Portal, which means making it XHTML Valid, CSS Valid, and converting to a new, more functional look. I anticipate this will all be complete within the next week, give or take. Once the new design is set and in place, I will resume with regular updates, new content, and even a few forum promotions which can win you a prize. So why not get a head start and join up and engage in the awesome discussions we are already having on the forums! Until then, enjoy what we already have to offer, and expect some nice changes around here in the next week!
  16. We are finally back after being offline for 3 weeks. There is a reason for this, of course. My host at the time had billing issues with his server, and as a result it was frozen. I didn't know how long I would have to wait, so I took matters into my own hands and resolved the problem in a matter of hours. I bought my own server, where I have control over my files 100%, and won't have any billing issues. It's good to be back! We also are trying out a brand new news system, called Phpns. It's an open source PHP News System that I have stumbled upon, and since it's new, and is being updated on a regular basis, it's already superior to PHPNews, which hasn't been updated in... forever! Please look forward to a new design, new features, more content, and more goodies.
  17. You betcha. Thanks to a member of our lovely forum, harajuku_maikeru, we got a little insight into what CC2 is looking for. Be sure to look at the full news article for time, date, and place. View the original article here: http://www.cc2.co.jp/company/recruit/recruit.html
  18. The official Japanese website for CyberConnect2 has opened up their store for .hack//G.U. Trilogy merchendise. The store includes thus far 4 t-shirts, a mouse pad, and a echo bag displaying the CC2 logo. Here is the price list I translated. First 3 T-Shirts: $28.93 (3k Yen) Mousepad: $9.64 (1k Yen) CC2 T-Shirt: $19.29 (2k Yen) Echo Bag: $9.64 (1k Yen) Let us know if you buy a product from their online store! Visit it here: http://cc2.shop-pro.jp/
  19. A new .hack novel has surfaced, seen on CyberConnect2's official Japanese website. This is what the synopsis seems to be, translated from Japanese: "Brought along by her father, a girl named Lara visited her uncle Harald. While Harald was away, Lara logged onto his computer and found herself in a golden field. It was, in fact, the world of the "Epitaph of Twilight" which she loved so much! This is the secret story of the genesis of .hack." This is set to release in Japan on May 1st 2008 for 560 Yen (Around $6 USD).
  20. While doing my usual routine of checking .hack sites for news and information, I ran into some interesting stuff. It was found on the CyberConnect2 Japanese website, featuring a big COMING SOON icon on the main page. When you click on it, you will see an interesting picture that resenbles the world of .hack, with some familiar job classes. I will keep you updated on this, and hopefully more information will become available. Click the link below to view the page where the image is. http://www.cc2.co.jp/new2/index.html Also, here is a cropped image of what looks to be Kite in the picture. Edit: It also appears that this may also be a sequel to the Tail Concerto game, with Kite thrown in the image as a cameo (special appearence). Although this may be the case, lets keep our fingers crossed.
  21. News has been floating around the net about a possible new .hack series. This may involve a new anime series, as well as a game series. Not much is known about what this new series may entail, but none the less here is a small preview of what (hopefully!) is to come in the future. Credit goes to dothackers.net for the image.
  22. A new section has been added to the site, and its about time. Welcome the Trilogy section, which is equipped with a taste of whats to come. I have added 109 screenshots taken right from the movie itself, from the first two scenes, with plenty more to come. I have also added 13 limited edition wallpapers from the Trilogy O.S.T. Also the website has been revised-coding wise. I also added the Music Database page, to view all soundtacks on the site.
  23. A couple weeks back .hack//Portal teamed up with a couple of admins to work on a single forum together, named Aikurushii.net. It turns out the admins there weren't interested in keeping the forums, so I have decided to re-make a new forum. Thanks to Lethargy, one of the previous admins for Aikurushii.net, we now have a Vbulletin, and a new skin from the previous project. Unfortunantly existing members will have to re-join, for the previous phpbb forum was corrupted with the server move. I apologize for the inconvinience, this forum will be the last, and only one. Never corrupted/moved/deleted. Please enjoy the new forums!
  24. The long awaited G.U. Trilogy CG movie was finally released in Japan on Bluray and DVD, on March 24th 2008. No word as of yet if North American's will be able to get their hands on it featured in English. Hopefully the team from Bandai Entertainment will be kind enough to do this for the american fans!
  25. After working for a solid three days I have finally completed the new layout for the website. It's a darker themed layout, but is much more cleaner. I have added JavaScript to the menu's when you enter the game/anime/manga pages, where you can show/hide those particular menu's, so the page isn't a mile long, unless you want it to be. Any feedback regarding the layout is most welcome, you can post your opinions by adding a comment. I also switched from cutenews to phpnews, and each page got a little re-vamp, and cleanup. Enjoy!
  26. The accuracy of this news probably isn't top notch, since website translators aren't that great. None the less, .hack//G.U. Trilogy will be releasing a soundtrack, which will contain 23 songs from the movie. Songs include Liar's Smile, and Deepest Memories. If this soundtrack will be included with the movie, i'm not sure. For those of you fluent with reading japanese, have a go with the source page! http://www.cc2.co.jp/trilogy/news/news.html#arc17
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