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  2. So as you read on the forum I was trying for a thing called BizSpark. I did get in but I did it under a different group name because I and another are creating a full game/software company. I cant bring this game under that company as its a fan game nor would it be good since its an MMO and we want to get things moving fast and that wouldn’t go well. I have been trying to decide whether or not I should close this project and leave the code out here or not for someone to continue. I have decided to not drop it but work on it as my personal project. The reason I say personal now even though it has been is because under the company employees work on a company project or a personal project under the company. Since being an owner we are making an exception and my personal one wont be under the company. With that said Its not on my top priority for when I program (though its probably going to be worked on just as much). With that said I will say the other coder that did work with me on this game is also the other owner of the new company and will not be with me on this one anymore so the new code to make the server into an authoritative server will not be done unless we moved to unity as the server again. So for now unless I find a way to make it work for monsters there will be no monster combat. That said I will make it so killing players earns u money but u have to challenge them to a duel or be in an arena battle. Would that be good? Ill also see what I can do for making events and ill add in the field that you can spawn things into. If you have any other ideas let me know cause I want to make it fun and playable as much as I can.
  3. v3.2 PC Download Color’s to use video Release Notes http://dimensioncorp.net/?p=89
  4. Description: [To be added] Classes: Blademaster Heavy Axe Heavy Blade Long Arm Twin Blade Wavemaster Development Plan: [To be added] Current version: v3.2 PC Download Color’s to use video Release Notes Old version’s: v3.1 – not connected to sql server PC Download Release Notes v3.0.1 - not connected to sql server PC Download MAC Download Release Notes v3 - not connected to sql server PC Download Mac Download Release Notes Developer version’s: [None]
  5. The other day I was able to add the guild rooms in since of adding a room system. Really nice to have for guild. Its modeled off of the .hack//GU ones since r1 never showed guild rooms.
  6. A newer look on the snow field so we can add variety into the game more then what was in the original ps2 game
  7. This is the first concept of the Heavy Blade. There will be more to come on different looks.
  8. Colored concept using original concept design So here are some concepts for the Blademaster now.
  9. Male colored concept Original Concept Female color concept These are the male and female wavemaster concepts for the game. I actually really like them and cant wait till we are able to get someone to model these
  10. Hello Members, Once again I am asking for some help to offord things for the game. These things include server (photon or sql) payments and game related things that are needed and I can’t make. Im not forcing or asking all people to help just those that can donate what that want or can then I would like it. I wont use the money for anything other than what I have said. The donation link is on the right side of the main website (www.dimensioncorp.net). Thank you for all the help and support you all have been giving me while working for a little over a year now! Thanks, Zach Lambert
  11. Ready for some awesome news?? Well here is some, I am going back to Photon Cloud and will work with that with the game and make new things. When I am actually able to work on the other better networking I will but doing this will give you and me things to do and have ideas of how to do it later on too. So how does that sound, huh? Just wait a little bit and you will once again see the beautiful Mac Anu once again!
  12. I have been working on making new textures for the chaos gate and have thus designed chaos gates for events and one for special parts in the game.
  13. So that you can all start getting the idea of what you want here is the heavy blade class and its colors to choose from right now. Other classes will be posted as they are finished.
  14. Dear Users of The World, As you all know we are making The World not .hack//The World. Since of this we need a new side story for our game. I still want to have the game just like the original R1 game so don’t worry, but since what we all knew before about the story involved kite and other. We are allowing a chance for you users to create a new story for the game and this will guide how some of the game quests will be made. Things like Aura, Harold, and the phases are still allowed to be used since those were built into the actually game unlike kite and others who physically in the game’s code. Anyone who thinks they can create a story can do it and the best one will be picked as the main story line. If you have any questions to what can be in it from the old ps2 games and parts of the anime that had things about the game then ask. When finished please send it in an email to zarch.zl@gmail.com or send a Facebook message to us. DEAD LINE: OCTOBER 25th 2013!!! Thanks, Zach Lambert http://dimensioncorp.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=33
  15. The forum is now up at http://forum.dimensioncorp.net Since of the issue with the old server I will not be able to move the old forum database and files over to this one. I am sorry to all those that lost anything they needed and if I do ever have a chance to recover them I will let you know. This host will be much better and will stay on all the time unlike the old one. All new and old users will have to register once again. Again I am very sorry for what happened. Thanks, Zach Lambert
  16. About: This is a small mini-game designed after the old arcade game Wack’a Moles. Instead of moles however I made it have Kite from .hack in it. The game right now has three difficulties Easy, Medium, Hard. The hard mode right now will become the insane difficulty since of how fast it is. It also has the timed mode where you get 60 seconds to get as many points as possible and and endless mode to enjoy the game for as long as you want. Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!J40QyJDA!UoUM5VPCg0UYTWMgi36KOTw5iSI5178LHsqEh6IVIdI Controls: Pause Menu: Esc Hit things: Left – Click
  17. Version 4.0.0


    The World R1 now offline and discontinued.
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