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  2. .hack//SIGN LE Grunty Plush #dothack @YouTube #Shorts Are you one of the 150,000 owners of this tiny puchiguso? Please join our YouTube channel for more and check out our Discord server!
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  5. .hack//SIGN 13in Grunty Plush #dothack #shorts YouTube Do you have a Grunty plush? Which Grunty from which series would you like see made into a plush? Check out our YT short series Dothack Collector and subscribe also check out our Discord server.
  6. Erroneous

    Dothack Collector

    Short and long video's showcasing all the products the .hack franchise has amassed over it's lifetime.
  7. Paperback vs Hardback .hack//Legend of the Twilight @Youtube #dothack #Shorts Would you prefer a hardback version of all your .hack manga? And do you own any hardback manga from Toykopop?
  8. .hack//Legend of the Twilight manga comparisons @Youtube #dothack #Shorts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKag4GEAPtw
  9. .hack//Legend of the Twilight Complete Collection manga @Youtube #dothack #Shorts
  10. .hack//Legend of the Twilight manga volume 3 #dothack #Shorts
  11. I don't recall back in Tokyopop's reign of selling hard back versions of their paperback manga. Though I do own one. I used the Wayback Machine to double check if there was a page regarding the sale of hard backs and found nothing. So today, I hope to be one step closer to that answer and emailed Tokyopop myself. Hopefully they actually get back to me with something useful. 🤞
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  13. Our second #Youtube #Shorts featuring .hack//Legend of the Twilight Manga 2 via @YouTube
  14. Dothack Collector is back! The first episode of our YouTube #Shorts series begins with .hack//Legend of the Twilight manga volume 1. Be sure to like and subscribe to see more on your daily YT video feeds! #Youtube
  15. CC2 turns 25 today! Formerly CyberConnect on Feb 16, 1996. Later renamed CyberConnect2 on Sep 16, 2001. What is your favorite CC2 video game? #CC2 #CyberConnect2
  16. Happy Valentine's Day (V-Day)! Roses are red, violets are blue, which .hack character is your secret admirer/crush? Image source Guilty Dragon #ドットハック #guiltydragon
  17. Happy Lunar New Year 2021! Guilty Dragon was a mobile game filled with events. We want to bring it back, we need your help! if you have the cache files still, please send them our way! Plus play an offline version at https://discord.gg/8xRQNJPrvU #GuiltyDragon #Android
  18. Buy .hack//G.U. Last Recode -84% off for $7.99 SPECIAL PROMOTION! Offer ends February 15 Buy it for a friend, buy it for a loved one! https://store.steampowered.com/app/525480/hackGU_Last_Recode/ #dothack #ドットハック #dothackgu #dothacklastrecode #lastrecode #steam #cc2 #cyberconnect2 #bandainamco #sale #steamsale
  19. .hack//INFECTION Releases in NA (Feb 10, 2003) Happy 18th Anniversary! Join us on Discord and lets talk about that https://discord.gg/YkRJjQF #ドットハック #dothack #dothackers #dothackinfection #ps2 #playstation2 #sony #cc2 #cyberconnect2 #bandainamco #kite #blackrose
  20. .hack//G.U. Last Recode (Steam) is $6.99 on GamesPlanet https://us.gamesplanet.com/game/hack-g-u-last-recode-steam-key--3450-1
  21. When .hack//fragment went live November 2005, Japanese players were able to play this game as intended. One notable fan you may have heard of known as Crab, has created a site documenting their travels in .hack//fragment at brambling.net and has maintained the site to this day. Much of our knowledge and resource over the years has come from their website. And in light of their revival interest with the game, Crab will be moving the fragment section to a new link. Old Link: http://www.brambling.net/onihime/fragment/ New Link: http://fragment.brambling.net/ Be sure to bookmark the
  22. As of today, an early build for Japanese language text support is now introduced to our DHN website. There is some early testing of auto-detect, however, you can manually select Japanese from the option on the bottom of every page on our website.
  23. .hack // Fragmentのガイドへようこそ! 必要なものとオンラインにする方法はこちら。 1. ゲームのコピーおよび/またはディスクイメージまたはISO。法的な理由により、ISOまたは画像ファイルは提供されません。 2. 日本のエリアサーバー。https://www.dothack.org/files/file/89-エリアサーバー日本語版/ そのページの指示に従ってください。 3. PCSX2エミュレーター https://www.dothack.org/files/file/71-fragment-compatible-emu/ 4. DS4 http://ds4windows.com/lang.html 日本語を選択 PS4またはXBOX1コントローラー。有線である必要があります。 ワイヤレスはお勧めしません。PS4コントローラーを動作させるにはDS4プログラムが必要です。 必要な資料がすべて揃ったら、ここに戻ります。 コントローラ入力から始めましょう。 PS4またはXBOX1コントローラーのいずれかを入手してください。: それはXBO
  24. :P I'll be creating a comprehensive guide for Japanese users soon enough. Having a script I made proof read and then I'll make the video with a full tutorial to get the Japanese players back online!

    1. Erroneous


      Doing Aura's work, thank you @Kuskus! ❤️

      If you like to hear from other fragment players, be sure to join our #fragment channel on the DHN discord chatroom, especially to announce all these updates and changes you do.

    2. Kuskus


      I like to fly under the radar most of the time but I'll make sure to make a public forum post and add real instructions to the Japanese area server to make it ready for use. I came to the conclusion a video isn't necessary at all but I'll still have to revise the script.
      There were a few things that went wrong with the test script that need to be edited.

    3. Kuskus


      The Japanese guide is now live! You may want to pin it.


  25. Version 1.0.0


    Use this to connect to the online mode and disable item penalty. オンラインモードに接続し、アイテムのペナルティを無効にするためにこれを使用します。 Instructions 1. Start PCSX2 2. Click CDVD 3. ISO Selector 4. Browse (Find Fragment ISO and select it) 5. Click System 6. Click Run ELF 7. Wait for screen to load 8. Press Start (If you followed previous instructions correctly, the game should auto boot) 指示 1. PCSX2を起動します 2. CDVDをクリックします 3. ISOセレクター 4. 参照(フラグメントISOを検索して選択) 5. [システム]をクリックします 6. [ELFの実行]をクリックします 7. 画面が読み込まれるのを待ちます。 8. スタートを押す (正しく従えば、ゲームを自動開始する必要があります)
  26. Version 1.0.3


    For use of Japanese players. 日本の選手の使用のため。 Snownamiに特別なクレジットが与えられます。 彼は私にGeneral Crabを紹介してくれました。 そうすることで、日本のガイドは成功へと駆り立てられました!Snownamiに大いに感謝します!
  27. Fellow collector Rekka does an unboxing of last November's pre-orders for the latest .hack merch including new ChimChim's, Anthology book, .hack//Arms, and more! #dothack #ドットハック #dothackgu #dothacklastrecode #collector #collection #merch #chimchim #anthology #cc2 #cyberconnect #haseo
  28. .hack//G.U. Last Recode 84% Steam Sale for $7.99 USD. https://store.steampowered.com/app/525480/hackGU_Last_Recode/ #ドットハック #dothack #dothackgu #dothacklastrecode #lastrecode #hackgu #steam #sale #steamsale #game #videogame #videogames #pc #rpg #jrpg #mmorpg #fantasy #haseo #endrance #atoli #aura #chimchim
  29. How to Setup RPCN You can connect .hack//VERSUS online with the (PSN) Play Station Network normally on any PS3 console. Reminder that .hack//VERSUS is a Japanese import but the PS3 is not region locked, you can play out of the box. You can also connect (tentatively) .hack//VERSUS online with the emulator RPCS3's own private network RPCN with the setup guide here. https://wiki.rpcs3.net/index.php?title=Help:Netplay You must have the latest RPCS3, make a RPCN account, and you can connect online. However players playing on consoles who connect to the PSN can NOT connect to p
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    • Versions and Iterations Throughout .hack//fragment's lifetime and today, there has been many versions and iterations of the game officially and by fans. Early Release Version The very first iteration was called the "pre-release" version. This was given out ahead of schedule to allow a select few to obtain and play the game much like a beta tester to ensure the network was ready for people to play. This version lacks an Offline mode and was exclusively meant to be played on Online mode only. On the cover there is a red-stripe at the bottom left, there is no UPC bar code on the back, and the game's disc is a purple color. This is a full game, but will not connect to an online server. This game is fully in Japanese only and attempts to connect to j5q.channel.or.jp Serial: SLPM-68521 Sectors: 670656 Size: 1,373,503,488 MD5: 23235b733e0695939a5fdfb093e68ba1   Retail Release The first public release also known as the "retail release" was the main vanilla copy of the game. This version does not have the red-stripe, and the game disc is green and not purple. Also this version does have a bar code on the back. This is a full game, but will not connect to an online server. This game is fully in Japanese only and attempts to connect to j5q.channel.or.jp Serial: SLPS-25527 Barcode: 4543112 37879 8 Sectors: 600400 Size: 1,229,619,200 MD5: 94c82040bf4bb99500eb557a3c0fbb15   Coldbird Team Build 7 After the game server's went offline in 2007, sometime after work from a different fan community began to develop work on a new emulated server for the game to connect to. And with that, they began work on modifying the retail copy to point to the new server. After some time, work began on translating the game. However the bare minimum was only ever completed, but at some point a release was made available known as "Build 7". This has the appearance of the original retail copy, but in English and could be played online. Mainly the menus, items, equipment, and status screen's are translated. This is a full game, but will not connect to an online server. Beyond that, not much else. This was released by the Coldbird team and attempts to connect to fragment.coldbird.net Size: 1,229,623,296 MD5: 710EA1C129341BFB8F593554365789DC   Coldbird Team Build 8 After the success of the Coldbird team's Build 7 release, more improvements and changes were attempted. That went as far as replacing the entire GUI, or graphical user interface. The original retail copy and Build 7 had the same menu style as you would see from the .hack//Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, and Quarantine games. The next iteration, known as "Build 8" would change all that for simplicity, and would become the basis for further customization. This is a full game, but will not connect to an online server. Build 8 swapped out the blue GUI with a theme akin to .hack//G.U.'s black and red theme. The overhead in field/dungeon's was much smaller and attempts to connect to fragment.coldbird.net Size: 1,235,132,416 MD5: 3D045C8C8BF6F3874EF2AABF6CE1385E   Telli-Patcher Currently the best iteration out there to-date is the "Telli-Patcher" version. This one unlike Build 7/8, will require that you own the original disc, as it's only meant and intended to work with the original retail copy. Build 7/8 was prepackaged and would have to be rebuilt anytime a new or smaller change is needed. What Telli-patcher does is takes the base game, and applies changes that are live online based on the communities updates. It's goal just does 2 changes, finds the location on the disc where the game connected to the old IP and puts in it's place the current IP. And it finds the location of all the Japanese text and swaps it for an English text. Because it just finds the location and has ready what it wants to replace it with, any attempt to use another version like the Pre-release, Build 7, Build 8, or other customized version will result in a failure as the locations do not match the Retail versions location. This is the only version that is not a full game, making this the ideal and light version. Roughly 1.5 megabytes file and connects to a.dothackers.org
    • Japanese to English Patch Plus New IP Community member Alice has been working on a standalone patch that would change the in-game's Japanese text into English. This process has obviously been slow and steady, but as of now an early version is available for you to use on your copy of your game. It will require more steps on your part, but the added beneficiary is that it will include the swapping of the IP address from the original cyberconnect2 domain to the current one in use, so consider this step shaving some time. But don't forget the process is still early, so any notable errors, please report them in our Discord server so they may be updated in a next release. This new step will require you to patch your own disc image (the Build 8 copy online will not work) and will require ImgBurn. For the latest steps, be sure to check the official documentation here: https://bbs.dothackers.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&p=262 The section below is if you are unable to access the link above. To quote vector: Click the Expand button below to see more (if the above link is unavailable) Head on over to GitHub and download the pack of your choosing. https://github.com/Tellilum/.hack-fragment-Definitive-Translation/releases/tag/Pre-Release
    • under construction, reserved for troubleshoot support including error code 1001 and 6000 Error Codes While playing the game, if certain conditions are met or the lack thereof, you will see on screen some error codes. These numbers range from 3 to 4 digit numbers and usually mean one of two main categories, something did not go as expected or something timed out (disconnected). Below area list of common error codes throughout the game and common reasons why the code is issued. Do note however, some of these codes are generic and not specific, i.e. you can get error 1001 for a time out, but it can also be used for other various reasons unrelated to timing out. 402 - DNAS Stating Invalid Disc   611 - DNAS Host Not Found   1001 - Unexpected Time Out   3002 - Area Server Already In-use   6000 - Disconnected   6061 - Lobby Server BBS Fetch Error   6043 - Unable to Retrieve Data   6053 - Area Server Issue   7005 - Character data corrupted These are just some of the common codes and the common times you'll encounter them. Should you see a code not listed here, let us know in the comments below or contact us on our Discord servers. Conclusion Unfortunately the most common issue you'll ever come across is 1001, this is almost always encountered if you attempt to go online and one of few reasons. You console is not connected to the internet, your emulator does not have the plugin CLR_DEV9, the plugin was modified and not configured properly, you are using the original game disc and it is pointing to the original lobby server that is non existent, you have a Coldbird ISO and did not modify it to connect to the new lobby server, you patched your game incorrectly to point to the new lobby server, you did not enable the ELF patch file to superseded your game's internal lobby server connection. Your best bet is to stop what you are doing, trouble shooting the error code you are given, start from the beginning, perhaps with the guides above on PCSX2 or for the PS2. Ensure you hit everything on the mark, and try again. And if it continue to persists, hit up our Discord servers and ask the community but be prepared to answer a lot of questions and potentially provide screenshots.
    • under construction, reserved for tutorial getting from main menu to root town online, adding friends, trading How to Get From Main Menu to Online In-Game So you did the steps to get what you needed and the tools to point the game in the right direction. Depending on what version you have, you may be staring at Japanese and have no idea what you're looking at. Here we will discuss getting you from start to finish by looking at the screen's you will be encountering along the way. First thing to remember, regardless of what controller you are using; Xbox, Playstation, Switch, etc... these are the patterns of the game's controls, remember them and the position they are in and will be on the right side of the controller. In addition O means Yes/Confirm and X means No/Cancel. Once you load the game however you do, as long as you got the .ELF patcher (example fragmentPatcher1.0.6-packed.elf) running, you'll see this screen. Press Enter on your controller.  This is the game's main menu. You will see Offline, Online, and Area Server. The green texture in the background is from the base game, if you by chance are playing on Coldbird's Build 8 copy, this background color will be red and not green, in addition all the game's UI colors will be black instead of blue. From here you can go into Offline to play with NPC's level 50-70 and get skills like Data Drain; the Area Server is used to setup the original Area Server program which is not necessary if you use one of the newer ones, and Offline is where we will be going next. Select that with O.  Next you will see a series of screens basically telling loading memory card and do not take out your memory card or unplug your PS2. So don't do that. Here you can choose whichever memory card slot you wish, port 1 or port 2. Choose the one your memory card is stored in and press O to continue, you'll very briefly see this info text at the bottom. And here we will see the blue ALTIMIT desktop background for the Online mode, the Offline mode has an orange ALTIMIT desktop background. There will be a prompt in the middle of the screen, this is the old Netslums message of the day box, press O to continue. By default your cursor is on Mailer, move your cursor up one to select The World! Press O to continue. Before you can get into The World, you must first choose a character, or in this case, create one. Pressing O will prompt you this message choice, basically Yes or No with Yes being the option on top. You can also slide right to choose other characters you have stored on your memory card. Max 3 character per memory card. Want more characters? Insert more memory cards or format ones on PCSX2. Flip the screen to the character you want to use and press O, you will be prompted a Yes and No option again, pick the top option for Yes and press O. And welcome to Za Waurdo! I mean The World. From here you see the options for Lobby, Guild, BBS, Ranking, and Quit. Choose Lobby and press O. Welcome to the Lobby Server, remember that because things are about to get confusing. This page above is "Lobby Server", you'll see from the menu options "Lobby Chat". This is the only option you can choose. It will also display in real time on the right how many players are sitting in the lobby chat, the screen above shows 2 people. Press O to continue. Now you are seeing the Lobby Chat. On the right is a list of characters who are currently viewing this page as well. This does not list people are already in-game. You can use the text space below to write message for everyone to see publicly. Check the picture below to see an example of people talking. Press △ to get to the Area Server list. Once again very important here because the lack of obviousness, PRESS △ TO GET THE AREA SERVER LIST. You'll see 3 options, choose the top one to move to the next screen. Press O to continue. Choose the only option available to you, Servers. Press O to continue. Now this is the heart of the online play. This is a list of Area Servers that are being hosted by real people around the world. This requires you to have the Windows program Area Server installed and running for them to appear. Even though your server or someone's server is listed, if it is not port-forwarded correctly for port 20000, nobody will be able to actually connect. There is some good information from this screen we can see. First is the area server's name. For those who are publishing a server, you can name the server whatever you like. We are hosting Dothack Network. Beside the server name you can see the server's level. Dothack Network is currently a level 12 server. Azure Twilight is a level 13 server, and Vi's Place is a level 17 server. All Area Servers start at level 1. And the more people run dungeons and fields on your server, that server levels up. Allowing for more difficult fields and dungeons. The red dot represents a busy server, this means not only is the server at max capacity, 3 players per server, but they are no longer in the root town and are in a field or dungeon. It will also be greyed out a opposed to being white. Choose a server that has enough space for you to join, with the people on the right being 0-2. Press O to continue. You'll be given a confirmation prompt, move your cursor to the left to accept and the default on the right is decline. Move left and press O to continue. You'll see this screen with the server's name in the middle with the servers host chosen abbreviation at the top right. And you'll land near the Chaos Gate in Mac Anu. Move closer to the Chaos Gate and press O to continue. This is the warp gate menu. The second option will allow you to choose 3 different keywords that you may use in combination to create a field or dungeon. The list on the left is the available words for that Area Server, the options on the right display different features each keyword will offer. From the following options: Field Type Dungeon Weather Ground Level Structures Area Level Monsters Items Magic Portals The more the gems on each keyword overlap, the better the chances are that field will have that option available. Press O to confirm then poof! off you go to sudden danger! And quite literally as most times you will be dropped near a magic portal or a free roaming monster. As you slowly appear on the field, check your surroundings quickly. You may have only moments before you will see this next message across your screen. You have entered a battle, that means one or more monsters are now after you and probably using spells or debuffs on you. You can go and fight them or move quickly out of range, avoiding other monsters on the horizon and magic portals. Whatever you decide, once you see this blue message, the battle has ended. After you've completed the field, or raided the dungeon and used a sprite ocarina to return back to the top field, you have two options to leave this area. You can either return to the root town or quit the game. Press △ to bring up your character menu, this will have things such as items, equipment skills, status, etc... The last option is Gate Out. This will return you back to the Root Town with your party so that you can do things in the Root Town or pick a new field/dungeon to explore. You will be prompted if you wish to confirm. Press O to continue. Alternatively if you are done and don't wish to return and quit the game, press the start button. The last option is quit the game, this will take you back to the main menu of the game that shows you the Offline, Online, Area Server options. Move the cursor up and press the O button to continue.   Conclusion These are just the basics for getting into the game online. If you done everything correctly, you'll be well on your way grinding your character to level 99 max. This process will take time so switch back between online and offline for a time. Your offline NPC's are at a high level to carry you for awhile. After about level 50 your online friends will need to support you. Check out our Discord to meet new friends to join you in your adventures and make use of our voice chat to talk while you play as opposed to typing everything out while you are in battle. And you are still stuck anywhere, ask on our Discord server for any questions you have, no matter how small or silly it may be we are here to help you! Also a translation patch is still under way so keep an eye out for that. But by far the biggest issue people have is pressing △ Triangle on the Lobby Chat to see the list of Area Servers to join. Don't get stuck there!
    • under construction, reserved for setting up controllers, keyboards, ` language select, shortcuts, overlays Setting Up Controllers You can play PCSX2 emulator on your PC with real console controllers, it's highly recommended. Most are plug and play, while others may require additional hardware and plugin's to work. Just make sure your plugin's are configured correctly. For this we will be using the LilyPad plugin for PAD. The default settings are fair enough, but should they be different, please ensure the highlighted area is unchanged. Here are your options for plug and play, meaning you take the included USB charging cable for these controllers, and plug them into your PC USB2.0 or USB3.0 slots. Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One controllers and their PRO controller variants all work.   However, legacy controllers like the Playstation 2 will require additional hardware such as this USB to PS2 Adapter. Really you could use anything, so long as it's configured correct and connected. Even with the right Bluetooth USB receiver adapter, you can make use of the Bluetooth wireless functions of your controllers as well. Could even use a certain JoyCon, with the proper drivers of course. Keyboard By default if you have no controllers, you can play via the PC emulator PCSX2 by only using your keyboard. However this will prove difficult if you are trying to walk and rotate the camera. A physical twin joystick controller would be much recommended. But if you can't, here's how you can do so. First off you'll have heard above about CLR-USB, this is a plugin that let's you type in-game for chatting and filling out information. This is NOT for pressing the buttons or moving your character around. From the menu above go to Config, Controllers (PAD), and select Plugin Settings.. At the top there are 3 tabs; General, Pad 1, and Pad 2. Click on the Pad 1 and you should see a screen like this. The space on the left is for keeping tabs on what controller is assigned to what keyboard key. Just click on the button on the right, and the program will wait for you to press a key on your keyboard to assign that button. For example, press the Up button in the outline Left Analog Stick area, and on your key board press the W key. Click on right and press D, press the down button and press S, and press the left button and press A. So now while in game if you use the WASD keys, this will imitate the left analog stick. Complete the rest for all the other buttons to have a full controller assigned to keys on your keyboard. But as mentioned, now certain buttons are assigned as a controller input. It's recommended not to use CLR-USB at this point as doing so will now type in random letters in the in-game's chat, as you play.
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