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If you ever used Cheat Engine, a program you can use that allows you to modify values in programs and games, then you should be aware that you can use Cheat Engine to modify nearly all values in the game. Not knowing what you are doing can be quite dangerous, so you should have some basic understanding on what this tool does before you jump right in.

For starters, you use this tool to select a program/game to focus on, and it allows you to search for information that the selected program/game is running in the background. So if a program/game is running some values or storing some values, you can search, add your address to a list of tables, and then modify the value stored.

Let's say for example in .hack//Fragment you start out with 1,000 Gold Points, and you want to change that to like 999,999. Well you can, just like that. But what you might not know is trying to find that number when and where in the game, could be like finding an earring in a desert. Luckily I have saved my values found for .hack//fragment, however there is one caveat regarding my tables, they are different from modified version to version of the game.

So right now I have two copies of my Cheat Engine tables, one for the vanilla base game and one for the old Coldbird's team "Build 8" modified version of this game, it's easily spotted with the black/red .hack//G.U. style graphics in-game. A vanilla .hack//fragment is heavy on the blues and cyans for it's graphical interface, and huge avatars across the bottom of the screen while in battle and on the field/dungeons.

You'll be able to edit your GP (Gold Points) you own EXP gain (max always stays at 1000), and the EXP gain for all your NPC friends from the series .hack//Infection and .hack//SIGN.

Whatever version of .hack//fragment you have, you can manually search for the EXP and GP quite easily if you follow along this video.\



The video above will work on any version, but the attached files below only specificly work on the versions in the file title i.e.



Vanilla unmodified Japanese .hack//fragment.



Exclusively works on Team Coldbird's Build 8 red intro screen and .hack//G.U. user interface.

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8 hours ago, junxhax said:

it doesnt seen to work with the latest patch


There was two versions of the CT table made, one for vanilla unmodified straight from the PS2 disc .hack//fragment, and the last one Team Coldbird ever made back in 2013.

If I were to make one for the latest patch, I would have to remake a new one every single time they have a new update, and that would be very confusing for most people because there's only 1 patcher now (used to be two) and the locations changes.

That doesn't mean you can't use CheatEngine and find the values yourself, simply enter your current EXP, kill a monster, whatever the EXP you get, add that to your previous EXP and search, and it should narrow down easily.

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