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English Area Words?


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Originally I was typing this as a response in Erroneous' CT tables thread, but considering the subject matter it seems a better idea to simply create a new thread to ask for assistance. This is also quite a bit of text I think for discord, despite that being where the people are.

I still have a copy of Ver 1.0.3 of Coldbird's Area Server, and in it there are complete translations of area words instead of the original Japanese. This includes "Chronicling" and words that go beyond the 10 character limit, like "Fate Castle", "Mirror World", etc. This is not the case when I create a new server on this same copy, and obviously not so on any KUS' version of the Area Server.

I cannot seem to find the corresponding hex or Japanese text in the most recent release of the Area Server. The address that I can locate them in Coldbird's version either are not the same or are hidden in blocks of question marks, which as far as I know cannot be changed or so says commenters on the cheatengine forums, though I'm willing to admit this may not be entirely factual. Trying to go through cheatengine might even be completely unnecessary, but at this point it seems like it's the only option that I haven't tried.

This wasn't an issue for me in the past (I pretty much just solo play) but my server stopped working around a year ago. It is able to connect to the Netslum servers and appear in the lobby, and it will show the player attempting to connect, but it fails to establish a connection, kicks the player, and after enough attempts will actually cause the application to crash. I am however able to successfully publish a server with KUS' version, so I'm not sure what networking error I might have. I have noticed that Vi's server is similar to how mine was, and their server works. Most other servers that I've seen simply remove all area words besides "Chronicling" since it is a special word, but I find it breaks immersion to have Japanese area words show up when you randomly generate an area to go to.


Does anybody have any pointers? Clearly it is possible.

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Could you give me the entire list of Area Words that the AS has? I didn't go hunting for them. It is true I left them untranslated but if you can provide me an entire list of keywords I'd be happy to add them in. You'd need to borrow a lvl 99 AS save, the crab server is a good example, and replace the save file in the 1.0.3 folder with that one. Or if it is simpler just give me a copy of the coldbird 1.0.3 AS and I'll do the finding myself.

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