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Every now and then hunting down that one last item to wrap up your collection may need some assistance. Whether it's completing a full set of .hack//ENEMY trading cards, finding non-bootleg versions of .hack//VERSUS, finding the best price for .hack//Quarantine, finding .hack//G.U. Vol 3 novel, finding a ChimChim or Grunty plush, or that one rare uncommon thing that nobody's ever seen or heard of; maybe the first time you've just learned about it.

Whatever you may be looking for, we at DHN like to help you find what that is you are looking for. We are a community of fans helping fans. Some of us keep bookmarks for searches on eBay, Amazon, Mercari, Yahoo Auctions Japan, Rakuten, Offerup, etc... and if we see something cheap or uncommon, we share it on our #auctions Discord channel. If you have a wish list you'd like other collectors to keep an eye out for, we have a #wish-list Discord channel. Maybe you wish to put items up for sale/trade from your personal collection to exchange with other dothack collectors, we have a #trade-exchange Discord channel. Or if you wish to show off your collection to other fans or ask other fans some questions about particular items, we can help you in the #collection Discord channel.

We have an open free channel for these discussions that you may ask in real-time and find answers from fans in real-time. So be sure to join our Discord chatroom and get the help you need, or you are free to ask away here in this topic Collecting sub-forum.



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