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What is Twitch Plays .hack//fragment? In 2014 a social experiment called Twitch Plays Pokemon was where a 24/7 live stream of Pokemon Red was streaming where the viewers in the Twitch chat could control and move the main character around by saying certain words in chat. A program interrupter listened for those specific words/commands and proceeded to play the game on the emulator by moving or performing the actions of the whitelisted words.

What I have setup, is PCSX2 on an old Windows 10 machine, running the English patched .hack//fragment connected to the new online lobby server service currently available with a Python/Javascript interrupter running coincide with PCSX2 which listens to the channel dothacknetwork's twitch chat for certain complete standalone words/letters and moves the character accordingly to the mapped out key controls. Up being up, down being down, T being triangle, X being X, L1 being L1, etc... There is however a delay from the input sent to Twitch by us the viewers, and the interrupter/PCSX2 performing the action and the livestream software OBS sending to the stream the final action.

If you do not want to setup yourself your own PCSX2 and translated/patched .hack//fragment, this is an option to get your feet wet and try out the game from any device that can connect to Twitch.tv i.e. desktop computer, tablet, smart phone, etc... Control whitelist is on screen on the bottom right, chat commands will appear in stream in the upper left.

Check it out at https://www.twitch.tv/dothacknetwork

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