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How to Setup RPCS3

#1 Download PS3 emulator RPCS3 for your OS (Windows/Linux) 

#2 Use your own PS3 firmware, or the one online at

#3 Using the Quick Start guide, go to File > Install Firmware, select PS3UPDAT.PUP (if file is renamed, it will not be available to select)

#4 From the menu bar, choose Configuration > CPU. Adjust the emulator core settings as follows:
        CPU Tab
            PPU Decoder > Recomplier (LLVM),
            SPU Decoder > Recomplier (LLVM),
            Additional Settings > [Check] Lower SPU thread priority

#5 Adjust the emulator graphic settings as follows:
        GPU Tab
            Renderer > Vulcan
            Aspect Ratio > 16:9
            Default Resolution > 1280x720
            Everything else on page unchecked

#6 Either find the game files for VERSUS online or make your own game files off your own disc and move file to dev_hdd0\disc

#7 To dump your own ISO from your .hack//The Movie+VERSUS hybrid PS3 disc, you will need a PS3 with a Custom Firmware CFW using the the homebrew software MultiMAN or other compatible app. Once your game ISO is extracted, you can transfer the game from your PS3 via external HDD or via FTP to your PC.

#8 Alternatively you can use a PC and a Bluray drive, but it must be compatible. A list of compatible devices and instructions for use can be read on the quick start guide.

#9 Plugin and a PS3/4/5 controller or an Xbox One/Series controller and go to Pads from Configuration > Pads
Under Player 1 and under Handlers, you can choose Keyboard, Dual Shock 3 (PS3), Dual Shock 4 (PS4), Dual Sense (PS5), XInput (Xbox One/Series). Choose your controller then hit save.

#10 However you acquired the game from step 7 or 8, back in step 6 the game files should be stored as dev_hdd0\disc\BLJS93008, after launching rpcs3.exe the game should show, if not, press the Refresh button. Double click the game to launch or click the Play button.

#11 On the first launch of the game, it will take some time to load. This will be much faster after your first time launch.

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After much testing and forgetting how to change game focus, I got TwitchPlaysVS up and running. As I have done with TwitchPlaysFragment

The controls will be horrific as it's a fighting game and there will always be lag between twitch chat, to the listening program, to the game, and from the capture program OBS, and back to your screens; but hey who knows, maybe this will be many of you first chance at playing the game for once.


Type in the controls you see on the lower right of the screen, when you see them appear in the upper left corner, the action will be performed. As the days go longer with this running, the latency will grow just an FYI.

But go ham on it, RPCN is enabled, so if anyone looking for TROPHY achievements, you can use this dummy account in the lobby server to join your game to get the kills you need for your platinum on RPCN (not to be confused with PSN; the two do NOT communicate)


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  • Erroneous featured and pinned this topic

Playing on PlayStation 3 (PS3) could not be easy. Regardless of what model PS3 you own from any region in the world, you can play .hack//VERSUS so long as you have the disc and a working disc player on your PS3. Just pop in your .hack//TheMovie Beyond the World+VERSUS hybrid bluray disc into your PS3, your video player settings might make the disc go straight to the movie, exit back to the PS3 dashboard, navigate to the Games tab, and you should see .hack//VERSUS, click to launch the game.

The first time loading the game may take longer than all subsequent launches of the game.

Once you are in, you can choose from Story or Versus mode. Story mode will take you onto a progression system with characters. Versus mode just lets you jump right into the fighting whether it be 1 Player vs CPU, Player vs Player locally, or Player vs Player online. Note that players must be online in the lobby either hosting or searching for a quick match. If you get no results, then nobody is on playing this 9 year old game at the moment, this is why you will want to join our Dothack Discord server and get notifications from the #versus channel and join the tag @VERSUSPC or @VERSUSPS3 depending on your preference.

The Playstation 3 is region-free, so you can play on anything PS3, here's a video we've made to show you.


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