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Welcome .hack fans!

The PS4/Steam remaster for .hack//G.U. Last Recode is 25 days away from now. And to celebrate and bring awareness to this occasion we will be raffling out a second round of our .hack//ENEMY uncut card sheets. This event starts now and will run until October 30th and winners announced on October 31st.

  • tl;dr
    1. Comment on this topic on dothack.org to enter
    2. Ends on Oct 30th, winners announced Oct 31st
    3. Winners will be asked mailing address
    4. Pay shipping fees via PayPal
    5. Wait for package in mail

Simple right? Let's take a deeper look! Here's an sample of one of those sheets.


Picture frame not included.

For those unaware, earlier this year between January and February we ran a similar event exclusively on Facebook where participants had to complete 4 tasks. This time around we will be hosting the event here on dothack.org and all you need to do to participate is comment on the event topic. This will allow our friends on Twitter and YouTube participate rather favoring one social media. So just sign in on whichever preferred social media you choose and comment. Be sure to review the rules and terms before participating.

Terms and Conditions

  • 18 Years or older, alternatively have a parents/guardians permission if underage.
  • Raffle is free to participate, uncut sheet is free, however you will be required to purchase for packaging/shipping via PayPal prior to mailing.
    • Itemized invoice will be messaged to you to accept or deny charges
  • Domestic and international shipping is available; origin Washington, USA.
  • Participation starts October 8th, event ends on October 30th, winners announced October 31st.
  • Must be willing to provide a mailing address to @Erroneous after winners announced.
  • Only comments on dothack.org are valid entries, any comments on any other media will NOT count towards entry.
  • If it is determined you have flooded the comments with multiple fake accounts, you will be disqualified.
  • Commenting more than once does NOT increase your eligibility or entries.
  • Only 5 sheets are available and only 5 winners will be announced.

The sheet itself was graciously donated by fellow member @Matt Rogers earlier this year. The sheets originate from Decipher the card game's distributor from Norfolk, VA during print in 2005. The size of the sheet is 26 inches wide by 40 inches height.

Be sure to spread the word of this event and the upcoming .hack//G.U. Last Recode remaster this November 2nd and 3rd for Steam and PS4.


Salutations and good luck everyone!



More  photos from the past event.


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Welcome .hack fans! The PS4/Steam remaster for .hack//G.U. Last Recode is 25 days away from now. And to celebrate and bring awareness to this occasion we will be raffling out a second round of ou

I would like to enter please!  I was so excited to hear about the remake that I turned my old ps2 games into a shrine

Oh boy, I love me some .Hack// Enemy. I want this sooo bad. Ahem, also looking forward to .Hack being a thing again! Now I wont feel so alone in the world!

Posted Images

I'd like to enter!

Also, to anyone who would like some cards, I have a billion extras. I'd be willing to give away a bunch of commons/uncommons/rares for free to anyone who'd like to pay for shipping!

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Just saw this on steam! This is absolutely awesome you guys are doing this. Been a massive fan of .Hack since I was a child, and have a binder of all my old Enemy cards, so the more the merrier! (I am missing a lot obviously!) But yeah, here's my comment. :P Also, hope everyone here is as excited as I am for the PC/PS4 remake! (Now let's get Infection through Quarantine and maybe some new ones ;))

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I've been a fan since 2009, I'm still collecting all of the .hack DVDs and CDs, and this would be an amazing addition to my collection!! I've been closely following all updates for this and each time I watch the new trailers, it brings a tear to my eye because I've wanted a remaster for so long! 

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