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Any Cosplayers Here?

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Aahh what a fun one! What cosplays have you already done? Do you do any sewing or do you buy the costumes? 

I haven't done any dot hacks, but I've cosplayed from Pokemon, Durarara, Attack on Titan, Legend of Zelda.. I don't have any sewing knowledge unfortunately, so I've cobbled the outfits together via ebay and thrift stores. It works, anyways! 

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Only one I have done so far is D.Va from Overwatch, I was working on one from TERA online but I never finished it in time for the convention I was going to, it's still not done. I moving on and going for another one. Since Overwatch was so popular at the convention I went to last year I'm going as Ghoul Ana.

I have pictures!

[D.Va] [Casual D.Va][Group Photo]


Do You have pictures?

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Hi! I'm a cosplayer from the USA. I haven't unfortunately done any .hack// characters, though I have cosplayed from other series. I recently completed Kaoru Sakurayashiki / Cherry Blossom from SK8 the Infinity, as well as cosplayed Shiro and Matt Holt from Voltron, and Ryousuke Kominato from Ace of Diamond. I did design a Mia kigurumi that I hope to eventually bring to life one day. 

Mia Kigurumi Design  Cherry Blossom from SK8 the Infinity Cosplay Ryousuke Kominato from Ace of Diamond Cosplay Shiro and Matt Holt from Voltron Cosplays

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