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Don't get me wrong I'm very happy that .hack G.U. was remastered but... Anyone else notice bugs or glitches? This is on the PS4 version, I don't know about steam. 

There's some horrible clipping, mostly with En, Alkaid, Silabus. The clipping wasn't an issue with the older games. I expirence a hair glitch with Alkaid in the cutscene after Haseo struck her down with Skeith. 

Towards the middle of the game, when you go to a field or dungeon, when you first encounter an enemy, the field music and the battle music will stack with each other. 

That's all I have noticed so far I havent had time to play much. 

Btw the Henako glitch still works.

Does anyone know of the Steam bike race glitch still works too?

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