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    Patching the Game for English
    (to play in Japanese, skip this step)

    The first and foremost part of this setup will be to patch your existing copy of .hack//fragment Playstation 2 DVD disc. We do not support or advocate piracy, so you will not find any links to ISO's or pre-patched games here. You'll want to purchase your own copy of the game online on eBay, Mercari, Buyee, and even your local video game store if they sell import titles. The average price today and for the past 10 years has always been no more than $20 USD for a complete-in-box of this game, check PriceCharting.com to see for yourself.


    Once you've obtained the disc, you'll need to ensure your PC has these applications, ImgBurn and .NET5 Runtime (make sure you get Runtime, not SDK). ImgBurn will copy the game from your DVD player, .NET will download the current files (consistently being updated) necessary to patch the copy of the game you made with ImgBurn, and once again use ImgBurn to put everything back together.

    Download the patcher referred to as Tellipatch (version 1.1 as of July 2nd, 2021 thanks to Telli and Vector). Extract the zip file anywhere on your PC.
    Alternatively for Linux users, use this patcher.

    1. Insert your PS2 .hack//fragment DVD into your PC.
    2. Using ImgBurn, click on Create image file from disc option.
    3. From this screen, you will see your disc drive at the top. The destination should be ending in .ISO, if not then click on the folder and choose Save As and select ISO from the options. Best practice, name the file fragment.iso and be sure to save to your hard drive, not on a removable drive/card. The lower the read speed the better, but don't read at the lowest otherwise you'll be here a long time. Once done, click on the picture on the bottom left.
    4. Move the file fragment.iso to the extracted directory from the tellipatch zip file, if you done everything correct, you should see something similar below. Launch the file Apply Patch.bat.
    5. Follow the prompts.
      For the most part it will work automatically unless it outputs an error such as
      1. the file you supplied was not named correctly
      2. you were missing .NET5
      3. that ImgBurn was installed in a different directory
      4. the disc image you supplied was not an unmodified copy of the retail disc (MD5 must match 94c82040bf4bb99500eb557a3c0fbb15)
    6. Once done correctly, you should see a message:
      Your patched ISO is located at: .........\tellipatch-1.0\dot Hack Fragment (1.2).ISO
      Press any key to continue . . .

    That's it, your game is ready for your choice way to play it. In case you missed a step, here's a video by vector.

    An additional add-on you can install is the grunty food voices from Japanese to English, by default there is no voicing in .hack//fragment with the exception of the grunty food items. After you patched the game, move that patched ISO onto this new folder eng_grunty from this download file.

    You will need to also include a FOOD_E.BIN file from .hack//Infection, .hack//Mutation, .hack//Outbreak, or .hack//Quarantine NTSC-U/C game disc. After you move the patch ISO and the food_E bin file to the eng_grunty zip, run the file Run Me!.bat and you will have a new patched ISO called dotHack Fragment (Eng Grunty Food).iso, this will be your new game image to run.


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