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    Playing on PC
    (Linux and Mac too)

    The fastest and easiest way to play is on the PC. The best emulator to play on is called PCSX2, this has the most accessibility and more opportunities thanks to RetroArch's upcoming PCSX2 "core".

    PCSX2 Emulator

    15.png pcsx2160.jpg

    Versions 1.4.0 through 1.6.0 all work perfectly fine. Earlier versions less than 1.4.0 will not work, and the newer upcoming versions may have networking issues. Download the emulator via the installer or binary for your preferred operating system on PCSX2's download page. Once you've installed or run the executable file, you'll be prompted with this welcome message. And now we begin the setup for this emulator.


    1. Press the next button to move onto the next page, this is the plugin's page. By default there are a few included plugin's as shown, but not all plugin's are real. Some are just placeholders for you to choose from online to use. The ones we need to focus on are the categories USB and DEV9. We need to download .DLL files for these plugins for you to be able to use your keyboard for typing (by default a keyboard can only be bind as a controller, not as a keyboard in-game) and ethernet internet connection for online play. Click on the Open In Explorer button to be taken to your plugins folder, keep this open as we will be dropping files from the next steps.
    2. USB will allow you to type and talk with players in-game if you acquire the proper USB plugin, without this you can only type and communicate with a controller. Over on the PCSX2 forums download the CLR_USB.X86 file then extract the .DLL file and copy/paste to your plugin's directory.
    3. DEV9 will allow the emulator to use your internet connection to connect your game online. On TheLastRar's Github page, download the CLR_DEV9.X86 file then extract the .DLL file and copy/paste to your plugin's directory. Linux users, download libCLR_DEV9_LINUX_MONO.X86.Release.tar.gz instead.
    4. The included GSdx32-AVX2, GSdx32-SSE2, GSdx32-SSE4 plugins are not compatible with the network setup included with .hack//fragment game, you'll want to download a fix to these plugins here. Simply download and replace the existing ones in the Plugins folder.
    5. Once you add the files to the directory, the first time configuration page will not be immediately updated. We'll come back to this later, for now click on Next.
    6. On the next page, you'll see the BIOS selector. But you do not have any BIOS files in your bios directory. You can acquire a BIOS legitimately by copying over yours from your Playstation 2 console. You can download a BIOS dumper from PCSX2's tools page. Otherwise if you choose to acquire one through other means, we will not be providing links or how to acquire them. After you've acquired your BIOS files, click on the Open in Explorer button and copy/paste your BIOS files to this directory.
    7. Now press the Refresh button to see your BIOS files listed. Select the file and press Finish at the bottom.
    8. Now we need to revisit the plugins, from the main menu select Config and Plugin/BIOS Selector.
    9. For the USB and DEV9 drop menus, you should be able to see the ones you recently added. If you do not see them available to choose from, try downloading and copy/pasting the alternate .DLL file. Select Apply and then OK.
    10. Now we need to choose the image file you created in the English/Japanese steps. From the main menu choose CDVD then ISO Selector and Browse...
    11. Find your ISO disc image from your computer and make sure it's been selected as shown below.
    12. Select System from the menu bar and choose Boot ISO (full) to launch the game.
    13. If you have a modern controller and USB charging cable like an Xbox One controller and a USB-C charging cable, plug the cable to both your PC and controller and it will immediately work with no troubles. The PCSX2 emulator will map out the controls similar to a Playstation 2 controller instantly.

    Congrats, you have successfully patched the game and now launched the game. All that's left is to configure your network settings and save it to your memory card by either using the built-in network setup in .hack//fragment's online mode or through a network adapter startup disc.

    Setting Up Controllers

    You can play PCSX2 emulator on your PC with real console controllers, it's highly recommended. Most are plug and play, while others may require additional hardware and plugin's to work. Just make sure your plugin's are configured correctly. For this we will be using the LilyPad plugin for PAD.


    The default settings are fair enough, but should they be different, please ensure the highlighted area is unchanged.


    Here are your options for plug and play, meaning you take the included USB charging cable for these controllers, and plug them into your PC USB2.0 or USB3.0 slots.

    1. ps3.jpgps4.jpgxbox360.jpgxboxone.jpg
      Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One controllers and their PRO controller variants all work.
    2. However, legacy controllers like the Playstation 2 will require additional hardware such as this USB to PS2 Adapter
    3. Really you could use anything, so long as it's configured correct and connected. Even with the right Bluetooth USB receiver adapter, you can make use of the Bluetooth wireless functions of your controllers as well. Xbox 360 has their wireless adapter and Xbox One has their wireless adapter.
      bluetooth.jpg xbox360wireless.jpg xboxonedongle.jpg
    4. Could even use a Nintendo JoyCon, with drivers installed by Davidobot's Github page.

    RetroArch Emulator


    Another option is to play through RetroArch if your big on emulation. RetroArch operates on "cores" which are emulators consolidated into a universal platform. However currently the PCSX2 core is not publicly available. There are some beta testing cores out there unofficially you can try. But at this time a networking option for this core is not available, so at best you would only be able to play Offline mode. When it does come available, it would look something similar to this.
    (obviously this post will be updated once it becomes public)

    Download RetroArch from their downloads page based on what system and computer you have. Either use the installer or unpack the binaries and launch the retroarch.exe executable file. Upon startup, you'll see a dark grey interface, this style is known as Ozone, but you may have seen this emulator as a blue wave similar to the Playstation 3's style. For obvious reasons, they choose not to leave this on by default but you can change it under settings, drivers, menu, and XMB.

    ozone7.jpg ozone8.jpg

    1. When the core becomes available, go to Online Updater then Core Downloader.
    2. Scroll down to Sony - Playstation 2 and select it. This is basically downloading and installing the emulator onto your emulator.
    3. Now that we have the PCSX2 core installed, we need to select it from the Load Core on the main menu.
    4. Then choose your Sony - PlayStation 2 (PCSX2) core from the menu.
    5. You'll return back to the main menu, then choose Load Content. Find your fragment ISO disc image, or choose Load Disc if you want to play the original Japanese version if you have the DVD inserted into your DVD player.
    6. Done so correctly, the game will load like normal. You can even use a modern controller connected via USB such as an Xbox One controller connected to a USB-C cable to your PC, RetroArch will automatically detect as shown on the bottom left in green. And the mapping will be similar to a PlayStation 2 controller.
    7. RetroArch also allows for you to create playlists however you like, even by console. Inside it's thumbnail directory, you can even add custom box art, screenshots, and title screens to be displayed.
      xmb2.jpg xmb3.jpg


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