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  1. .hack//SIGN LE Grunty Plush #dothack @YouTube #Shorts Are you one of the 150,000 owners of this tiny puchiguso? Please join our YouTube channel for more and check out our Discord server!
  2. .hack//SIGN 13in Grunty Plush #dothack #shorts YouTube Do you have a Grunty plush? Which Grunty from which series would you like see made into a plush? Check out our YT short series Dothack Collector and subscribe also check out our Discord server.
  3. Erroneous

    Dothack Collector

    Short and long video's showcasing all the products the .hack franchise has amassed over it's lifetime.
  4. Paperback vs Hardback .hack//Legend of the Twilight @Youtube #dothack #Shorts Would you prefer a hardback version of all your .hack manga? And do you own any hardback manga from Toykopop?
  5. .hack//Legend of the Twilight manga comparisons @Youtube #dothack #Shorts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKag4GEAPtw
  6. .hack//Legend of the Twilight Complete Collection manga @Youtube #dothack #Shorts
  7. .hack//Legend of the Twilight manga volume 3 #dothack #Shorts
  8. I don't recall back in Tokyopop's reign of selling hard back versions of their paperback manga. Though I do own one. I used the Wayback Machine to double check if there was a page regarding the sale of hard backs and found nothing. So today, I hope to be one step closer to that answer and emailed Tokyopop myself. Hopefully they actually get back to me with something useful. 🤞
  9. Our second #Youtube #Shorts featuring .hack//Legend of the Twilight Manga 2 via @YouTube
  10. Dothack Collector is back! The first episode of our YouTube #Shorts series begins with .hack//Legend of the Twilight manga volume 1. Be sure to like and subscribe to see more on your daily YT video feeds! #Youtube
  11. CC2 turns 25 today! Formerly CyberConnect on Feb 16, 1996. Later renamed CyberConnect2 on Sep 16, 2001. What is your favorite CC2 video game? #CC2 #CyberConnect2
  12. Happy Valentine's Day (V-Day)! Roses are red, violets are blue, which .hack character is your secret admirer/crush? Image source Guilty Dragon #ドットハック #guiltydragon
  13. Happy Lunar New Year 2021! Guilty Dragon was a mobile game filled with events. We want to bring it back, we need your help! if you have the cache files still, please send them our way! Plus play an offline version at https://discord.gg/8xRQNJPrvU #GuiltyDragon #Android
  14. Buy .hack//G.U. Last Recode -84% off for $7.99 SPECIAL PROMOTION! Offer ends February 15 Buy it for a friend, buy it for a loved one! https://store.steampowered.com/app/525480/hackGU_Last_Recode/ #dothack #ドットハック #dothackgu #dothacklastrecode #lastrecode #steam #cc2 #cyberconnect2 #bandainamco #sale #steamsale
  15. .hack//INFECTION Releases in NA (Feb 10, 2003) Happy 18th Anniversary! Join us on Discord and lets talk about that https://discord.gg/YkRJjQF #ドットハック #dothack #dothackers #dothackinfection #ps2 #playstation2 #sony #cc2 #cyberconnect2 #bandainamco #kite #blackrose
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