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  1. .hack//G.U. Rebirth US Guide #dothack @YouTube #short Unlike the IMOQ guides having 1 guide each per game, the .hack//G.U. games only got 1 guide and only for the first game. The other two volumes never received a guide and this guide doesn't cover them.
  2. .hack//Quarantine US Guide #dothack YouTube #short The last guide of the series. Granted each game was in its own packaging, would it have been better if there was one large guide, or making four separate guides make more sense?
  3. .hack//Outbreak US Guide #dothack @YouTube #short In an age before the internet was widely accessible, before users wrote their own guides and adding them to sites like GameFAQ's, and later making YouTube guide's. There was printed guide books.
  4. .hack//Mutation US Guide #dothack @YouTube #short Have you ever used a guide to learned some secret about a game you never otherwise would have known? If so, what game was it, and what secret did a guide show you?
  5. .hack//Infection US Guide #dothack @YouTube #short Ever go out of your way to purchase a game guide? Or were you a GameFAQs person? Or never relied on guides ever?
  6. .hack//Liberation of the Brain C83 Book #dothack @Youtube #Short There has been many art books for the .hack series, do you own any? Share your photos in the comments!
  7. Makoto-san C83 Plush Toy #dothack @YouTube #short The Google Assistant in the future of Dothack, this little guy did everything and assisted you while playing games. It even was compatible with ALGOS glasses and ALTIMIT systems.
  8. Happy Anniversary .hack//Quarantine (JP) NTSC-J! April 10th 2003 #ドットハック #cc2
  9. Kite C38 Earphone Jack #dothack @YouTube #short Remember when handhelds and phones had charms? What about when they had earphone jack plugs when you weren't using a headphones? This guy would pop in keeping the port plugged while smiling at the world.
  10. .hack//fragment on PC, if you haven't tried or unfamiliar how or why, let us show you every step of the way on your journey to playing this game offline and online. Check out our written guide, video for PS2, and new video for PC #dothack #ドットハック
  11. Haseo C83 Tumbler #dothack @YouTube #short Four interchangeable covers, you can take your .hack drinks anywhere! If you could design a .hack cocktail, what would the main ingredients be and what would you name it?
  12. Blackrose/Haseo C83 Tote Bag #dothack @YouTube #short Walk around in style with this tote bag of Blackrose and Haseo. If you could have Dothack characters on everyday clothing and accessories, what would you like to see?
  13. Comiket 83 Lucky Goods Bag #dothack YouTube #short Many .hack goodies in this stylish tote bag during Comic Market Winter 2012. A tote bag, a tumbler, a plush, an earphone jack, and an art book!
  14. Erroneous

    Macha Plush #Short

    Macha Plush #dothack @YouTube #short You know you made a successful character if you can make a mute cat one of the most beloved character of the series and franchise.
  15. Tsukasa Plush #dothack @youtube #short .hack//SIGN, the first anime that started it all for most. With its fantasy gothic sci-fi visual, it’s stunning audio composed by Yuki Kajira. And it’s memorable and forward thinking characters like Tsukasa.
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