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  1. .hack // Fragmentのガイドへようこそ! 必要なものとオンラインにする方法はこちら。 1. ゲームのコピーおよび/またはディスクイメージまたはISO。法的な理由により、ISOまたは画像ファイルは提供されません。 2. 日本のエリアサーバー。https://www.dothack.org/files/file/89-エリアサーバー日本語版/ そのページの指示に従ってください。 3. PCSX2エミュレーター https://www.dothack.org/files/file/71-fragment-compatible-emu/ 4. DS4 http://ds4windows.com/lang.html 日本語を選択 PS4またはXBOX1コントローラー。有線である必要があります。 ワイヤレスはお勧めしません。PS4コントローラーを動作させるにはDS4プログラムが必要です。 必要な資料がすべて揃ったら、ここに戻ります。 コントローラ入力から始めましょう。 PS4またはXBOX1コントローラーのいずれかを入手してください。: それはXBO
  2. :P I'll be creating a comprehensive guide for Japanese users soon enough. Having a script I made proof read and then I'll make the video with a full tutorial to get the Japanese players back online!

    1. Erroneous


      Doing Aura's work, thank you @Kuskus! ❤️

      If you like to hear from other fragment players, be sure to join our #fragment channel on the DHN discord chatroom, especially to announce all these updates and changes you do.

    2. Kuskus


      I like to fly under the radar most of the time but I'll make sure to make a public forum post and add real instructions to the Japanese area server to make it ready for use. I came to the conclusion a video isn't necessary at all but I'll still have to revise the script.
      There were a few things that went wrong with the test script that need to be edited.

    3. Kuskus


      The Japanese guide is now live! You may want to pin it.


  3. Version 1.0.0


    Use this to connect to the online mode and disable item penalty. オンラインモードに接続し、アイテムのペナルティを無効にするためにこれを使用します。 Instructions 1. Start PCSX2 2. Click CDVD 3. ISO Selector 4. Browse (Find Fragment ISO and select it) 5. Click System 6. Click Run ELF 7. Wait for screen to load 8. Press Start (If you followed previous instructions correctly, the game should auto boot) 指示 1. PCSX2を起動します 2. CDVDをクリックします 3. ISOセレクター 4. 参照(フラグメントISOを検索して選択) 5. [システム]をクリックします 6. [ELFの実行]をクリックします 7. 画面が読み込まれるのを待ちます。 8. スタートを押す (正しく従えば、ゲームを自動開始する必要があります)
  4. Version 1.0.3


    For use of Japanese players. 日本の選手の使用のため。 Snownamiに特別なクレジットが与えられます。 彼は私にGeneral Crabを紹介してくれました。 そうすることで、日本のガイドは成功へと駆り立てられました!Snownamiに大いに感謝します!
  5. Could you give me the entire list of Area Words that the AS has? I didn't go hunting for them. It is true I left them untranslated but if you can provide me an entire list of keywords I'd be happy to add them in. You'd need to borrow a lvl 99 AS save, the crab server is a good example, and replace the save file in the 1.0.3 folder with that one. Or if it is simpler just give me a copy of the coldbird 1.0.3 AS and I'll do the finding myself.
  6. Lately I've been getting myself ramped up to play thru the entire IMOQ. I stopped because of difficulties with what I had to record the footage with. If I can't do it right I won't do it at all. I resumed because of my new PC and Nvidia's streaming ability. I don't have to worry about how large the file is because it gets uploaded directly to youtube due to the stream. I finished INFECTION some yrs ago and that's already there. Each volume will mostly be split into many 25-35 minute vids divided into playlists. As of Volume 2 I started recording in 1080p. If you are a huge fan of the original
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This program is only for those interested in helping to figure out more about the Area Server.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This program is by Air Gamer for .hack//Fragment It notifies you whenever there's activity on Fragment! Things it notifies you for: * New player and player's name when they enter the Lobby * New Area Server and server name when it connects to the Lobby * Whenever someone enters/leaves an Area Server It also gives you some more detailed information in the dialog box like what lvl the Area server is and how many are in it!
  9. Version 1.6.0


    I've compiled together a RAR package with all of the necessary plugins and stuff with the PS2 emulator to play Fragment. You just run it and set it up on your own. 日本の手順については、下にスクロール。 Instructions: If you haven't already done so, download and install this in order for PCSX2 to even RUN on your PC in the first place. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145 To get this to work, you will need to open up the emulator, go to - 1. Config 2. Plugin/Bios Selector 3. Plugins 4. Dev9 and select CLR DEV9 0.8.9 5. Configure 6. Make sure Enable Ethernet is checked
  10. Version Kus+1UP


    Introducing the Area Server This copy of the Area Server is completely translated and fully usable and ready to connect to the Netslum Lobby. This program will allow you to host your own area server so you can play with your friends. Because it has already been run and unlocked via Disc Authentication, there's no need to do that yourself. Just make sure you port forward. In your router, log in and go to the port forwarding section, forward the TCP/UDP port 20000 in start and end. In these new releases, OLD saved files do not carry over. You will have to start back at level 1. A b
  11. Kuskus


    That's odd. Have you tried going to your icon tray on the tool bar and right clicking rainmeter there? Hit Manage, then on the list to the left you will see "Slidingdock". Under Slidingdock there will be 3 folders which are 3 different parts of the dock. The seeker, the center of the seeker, and the dock itself. Open the slidingdock folder and double click the dock.ini to make it appear.
  12. Surprised there isn't or hasn't been any discussion over .hack//Fragment since Coldbird and his team has improved the game and made some work around for specific issues (mainly the keyboard and Ethernet plugin). This video is here to help people get their Fragment game started! Additionally I have an Area Server setup guide for those willing to watch it. I hope this helps. Also you will need these plugins. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9l9s1cnq6g9s67p/needed%20plugins.rar?dl=0
  13. Kuskus


    Version 1.5.0


    After finding out that the .hack//GU theme file Sliderdock was dead and the programmer was MIA, I decided to go make my own. I went to rainmeter.net (btw, you'll need rainmeter) to get some assistance and I got just that. I got much more than I could have bargained for. A nice person from the community named Balala helped me by giving me code and I just tweaked it and modified it. I understand enough to put in icons, sounds, locations, add GUI and play with GIMP. Here it is! The more recent versions do not require you to open the .ini to add icons. As most of you probably figured out, you w
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