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  1. エリアサーバー日本語版

    For use of Japanese players.

    Snownamiに特別なクレジットが与えられます。 彼は私にGeneral Crabを紹介してくれました。 そうすることで、日本のガイドは成功へと駆り立てられました!Snownamiに大いに感謝します!


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  2. Area Server

    Introducing the Area Server
    This copy of the Area Server is completely translated and fully usable and ready to connect to the Netslum Lobby. This program will allow you to host your own area server so you can play with your friends. Because it has already been run and unlocked via Disc Authentication, there's no need to do that yourself. Just make sure you port forward.

    In your router, log in and go to the port forwarding section, forward the TCP/UDP port 20000 in start and end.

    In these new releases, OLD saved files do not carry over. You will have to start back at level 1.
    A big thank you to Vi and Alice for providing the translated words for Monsters, Keywords, Items, Weapons, and Armor that would normally have been incredibly tedious to gather. Without their spreadsheets of the infinite cosmos I would be working on this for months like I had the last time!


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  3. Fragment Compatible Emu

    I've compiled together a RAR package with all of the necessary plugins and stuff with the PS2 emulator to play Fragment. You just run it and set it up on your own.
    If you haven't already done so, download and install this in order for PCSX2 to even RUN on your PC in the first place. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145
    To get this to work, you will need to open up the emulator, go to -
    1. Config
    2. Plugin/Bios Selector
    3. Plugins
    4. Dev9 and select CLR DEV9 0.8.9
    5. Configure
    6. Make sure Enable Ethernet is checked
    7. Hit Options and under Adapter, select your Ethernet adapter. Ex: Ethernet - Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller (Note: If you use Wi-Fi, you must select the Wi-Fi Adapter, not the Ethernet Adapter from the drop down list.)
    8. Hit Apply

    To get the keyboard to work you follow similar steps as before but instead of Dev9 -
    1. USB
    2. Select CLR USB Keyboard 0.7.0 (USB_VB)
    3. Hit Apply
    To use this plugin, you just-
    1. Place file into Plugins Folder for PCSX2
    2. Open PCSX2
    3. Config
    4. Plugin/Bios Selector
    5. USB drop down box
    6. Select CLR USB Keyboard 0.7.0
    7. Hit Apply

    PCSX2を実行するには、このファイルをインストールする必要があります。 https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145

    2.プラグイン/ BIOSセレクター
    4. Dev9を選択し、CLR DEV90.8.9を選択します
    6. [イーサネットを有効にする]がオンになっていることを確認します
    7. [オプション]をクリックし、[アダプター]でイーサネットアダプターを選択します。 例:イーサネット-Realtek PCIe GBEファミリーコントローラー(注:Wi-Fiを使用する場合は、ドロップダウンリストからイーサネットアダプターではなく、Wi-Fiアダプターを選択する必要があります。)
    8. [適用]をクリックします
    1. USB
    2. CLR USBキーボード0.7.0(USB_VB)を選択します
    3. [適用]をクリックします
    4.プラグイン/ BIOSセレクター
    6. CLRUSBキーボード0.7.0を選択します
    7. [適用]をクリックします



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  4. 1UP's Elf patcher for .hack//Fragment|フラグメント用の1UPのELFパッチャー

    Use this to connect to the online mode and disable item penalty.


    1. Start PCSX2
    2. Click CDVD
    3. ISO Selector
    4. Browse (Find Fragment ISO and select it)
    5. Click System
    6. Click Run ELF
    7. Wait for screen to load
    8. Press Start
    (If you followed previous instructions correctly, the game should auto boot)


    1. PCSX2を起動します
    2. CDVDをクリックします
    3. ISOセレクター
    4. 参照(フラグメントISOを検索して選択)
    5. [システム]をクリックします
    6. [ELFの実行]をクリックします
    7. 画面が読み込まれるのを待ちます。
    8. スタートを押す


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  5. Area Server Explorer

    This program is only for those interested in helping to figure out more about the Area Server.


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  6. Lobby Server Checker

    This program is by Air Gamer for .hack//Fragment
    It notifies you whenever there's activity on Fragment!
    Things it notifies you for:
     * New player and player's name when they enter the Lobby
     * New Area Server and server name when it connects to the Lobby
     * Whenever someone enters/leaves an Area Server
    It also gives you some more detailed information in the dialog box like what lvl the Area server is and how many are in it!


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  7. Slidingdock

    After finding out that the .hack//GU theme file Sliderdock was dead and the programmer was MIA, I decided to go make my own. I went to rainmeter.net (btw, you'll need rainmeter) to get some assistance and I got just that. I got much more than I could have bargained for. A nice person from the community named Balala helped me by giving me code and I just tweaked it and modified it. I understand enough to put in icons, sounds, locations, add GUI and play with GIMP. Here it is!

    The more recent versions do not require you to open the .ini to add icons. As most of you probably figured out, you will have to use the settings button. The settings window usually just appears to the top left of your screen. I hope to find a way to fix that one day!
    What's New in Version 1.5.0
    Released April 1
    I will be making frequent updates until I feel it is set the way I want it to be. Check back once in a while to see if anything is new. No more new pages, I'll just continue to update this one.

    Updated Version
    Last Updated: 4/1/2017 6:03PM EDT

    Found an error that made the meter crash if somebody typed the address to a certain file or website manually rather than use the browse (B) button to set the action.

    balazslaci.deviantart.com/ - The code
    Cyberconnect2 - Icons, SE, graphics.

    Nothing actually belongs to me, I was just tired of searching for something that doesn't actually exist online anymore and was tired of staring at that broken Sliderdock program that was abandoned years ago.

    For those unable to get icons to show
    It isn't a bug or error or any of that. What you do is you click Settings after you install the rmskin. This will open a settings window somewhere on your screen. Drag it into position so you can see it all. You will see several sections you can edit, the very last (blank spaces next to the B are clickable) space is for icons. Click any of those empty spaces, navigate to the icons folder for that rmskin (or make your own custom icons) click the desired icon, and click ok. The Icons will then show.

    If you change the number of icons, they will not appear in the circle. Here is how to fix.
    This is relatively easy if not just a tad tedious. For this you will right click Rainmeter, click Manage, in the left panel navigate through the folders to the slidingdock file, click it once, to the right you will see coordinates and that's what you mess with until it is re-centered. Don't forget to Check "Save Position" before exiting.

    Quick rundown on Settings and what all it does.
    Number of icons: You may add or subtract icons within a certain limit. Up to 16 are possible.
    Radius of the circle: This either shrinks or expands the loop of icons.
    Name: Name the icon
    Action: This is where the address goes to the file or website you wish to open to matching icon of choice.
    B: A file browsing button to manually search for and select the file of choice who's address will then show up in the Action section.
    (Blank Space at the end): This is the Icon selector. It will pull up a file explorer for you to navigate to an icon folder and select one to use.


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