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    A mysterious root town will be opening up October 31st-November 2nd, as we celebrate the release of .hack//GU Last Recode in Japan (And hopefully the US!) Join us in Netslum Tartarga's Control Room as we count down the hours until Last Recode's release! We'll also be upgrading all GU avatars and adding a few new ones for players who are joining!
  2. Hi there! I'm Namine207, better known as Casuallynoted of the TWVRC project! But I'm also just a really big .hack fan in general. I don't have too too much to say but I'd love to meet some more likeminded .hack fans on here, and I'm excited for the future! Oh- and if you're ever in VR Chat, look for the cat with a stick!
  3. To join the VRChat service, a free to use virtual reality headset program that also works without a headset via keyboard and mouse, you must chose either of the following options. Option A Go to the main developer's website http://www.vrchat.net Download the program Install the program Launch the program Setup a free account in the program Go to http://www.twvrc.com Click on a Chaos Gate to enter that Root Town Option B Launch Steam Go to the store and search for VRChat
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