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  1. CasuallyNoted
    Hey everyone, just a quick final update for now. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback lately, especially with the recent popularity of VRChat. It makes me happy to see users using the worlds this project has created and enjoying finding other .hack fans inside of social spaces.
    With this said, at this point in time, active development of The World V:R worlds will cease due to me (Casuallynoted) leaving the VRChat community.
    Many of you may not know this, but early to mid January, I pulled over 80% of my worlds in addition to my official VRC event due to concerns with VRChat as an app and social platform. I explain my reasons for that decision here:
    After personal, non-official discussions with two fantastic lower level administrators, I decided to stop content creation, but observe how the app continues to progress for two months before making a decision to leave entirely.
    Events concerning an easily trigger able glitch that can and has caused someone to lose hearing being in the app for four months have lead me to seriously question the safety of the app, and the response the lead dev provided when asked about it recently, in my opinion, was both impolite and insufficient.
    I’m currently looking into posting these worlds into another VR platform, and will provide info if and when that happens. I apologize for the lack of communication from this page and even from my personal account for those who are in the .hack VR discord these past two months in particular. For now the worlds will still be accessible fully via twvrc.com or casualsportals.com, but will not be maintained in VRChat past this point.
  2. CasuallyNoted
    First surprise of tonight's launch event- Steam Bikes are now live! Special thanks to VRC community members Jazneo and Mimi for helping us set them up perfectly! Head to Net Slum Tartarga and use the @home doors to check it out!
  3. CasuallyNoted
    The time is finally here! Anyone who's logged into VR Chat over the last few hours as noticed .hack worlds popping up left and right! It's true that we've done some hard work optimizing and revitalizing each and every world for the event and so as a result, every TWVRC world will be going public today by 7PM! This does include our event hub, Net Slum Tartarga! Stop by Tartarga during the day on November 2nd for some .hack fan meet ups and fun events, including a Steam Bike race, a reading of the .hack project's english translation of Epitaph of the Twilight and the new online Kite novel, and live footage of Last Recode gameplay as soon as its available!
  4. CasuallyNoted
    Wow, looks like Last Recode is only a little over a week away! What’s your favorite part of Last Recode’s release? The HD Visuals, Cheat Mode, PC Support, New Haseo Form, or Volume 4?
  5. CasuallyNoted
    One more quick blurb from the team, looks like the water in Mac Anu and Hy Brasil may be a bit wonky looking for a few days as we change up the water system to something more dynamic!
  6. CasuallyNoted
    Some TWVRC worlds will be going offline briefly for a massive maintenance! But don’t touch that dial, they’ll be right back and better than ever, sporting better compatibility with VR Chat’s 5.6 update, new lighting, and relinked world connections!
    Of course, this wouldn’t be a page post without us talking about the Last Recode launch event. Zelkova’s readying the dial to put Tartarga online for just one week starting October 30th!
    In the meantime, enjoy all your favorite TWVRC areas in a much easier way! All of the player-accessible worlds will be made public later today to encourage easy access and more player interaction.
    One other thing that may be worth mentioning, I’ve been hearing a lot of noise from the Steam Bike garage in Eternal City Mac Anu recently. Wonder what they’re building over there...
  7. CasuallyNoted
    Wow, so it looks like the US launch of Last Recode will be only two days after the Japan release, on November 3rd! So here's the question we have for you guys- should we keep the main launch event on the first, or move it over? Nonetheless, we do now plan to keep Tartarga open all week in celebration!
  8. CasuallyNoted
    TWVRC Update .25a Update Notes:
    -World Upgrade (5.6)
    -Better Lighting in every area
    -Post-Processing Effects to better recreate original lighting and look
    -Massive improvements to Lost Grounds
    -Beta of new TWVRC menu system (Active in Dun Loireag for testing, will be added to other towns after feedback-based modification)
    -World Relinking (50% done)
    -Fixed texture glitches in some Lost Grounds
    -Patched up some notorious bugs!
    -Prep work for VRC scripting beta!
    Currently testable in the VR Chat 5.6 Update beta, and will be public as soon as the 5.6 update is public. In the meantime, stay away from those new shopkeepers. They tend to spread rumors around.
  9. CasuallyNoted
    Please excuse any glitches you may notice about the interconnectivity between worlds as we continue to upgrade the entirety of TWVRC for VR Chat's upcoming "56" update, which will bring about a number of amazing changes and optimizations, including scripting support!
    Also, should you be in a world once the update has gone live on Tuesday, and notice that an object appears white when it should have a texture, let us know and we'll fix that object- we've done our best to spot any shader/material glitches, but some may slip through the cracks as we make this transition!
  10. CasuallyNoted
    And yes, before you guys send messages to the page to ask, once Last Recode is out we'll be adding the Hollow of Qua Holme to TWVRC's growing list of visitable worlds!
    Viva la Last Recode!
  11. CasuallyNoted
    Serious thanks from the team goes out to the user Shakotay2, who was able to fix a programming issue we were experiencing!
    (Hopefully more news to come in the future, sorry for the drought lately guys!)
  12. CasuallyNoted
    Something a bit different than what was expected, before the .2a full release!
    .1π Update:
    -Finalized Mac Anu (R1) Root Town
    -Five brand new R1 fields added!
    -Massive gate linking and resizing pending a new Gate Menu!
    -Removed AIDA
    -Added new town portals to the CS room for better and easier use!
  13. CasuallyNoted
    Hope you're having a great night, guys! Just a quick follow up from the team, we've linked up the chaos gate system to the .2a preview and have also replaced old Mac Anu R1 with the correct model. Let us know if you notice any issues in the new Mac Anu or in one of the 20+ explorable GU areas.
    In the meantime, it's worth noting that anyone who's currently using the Steam shortcut method for directly launching into TWVRC will need to either contact the page for a new shortcut line, or switch to using the TWVRC.com portal and/or the VRC world catalogue, which should have the new Mac Anu in it by tonight. We're looking into an easier option for launching directly into TWVRC.
    Edit: In addition for those who may be wondering, as of the beginning of the .2a rollout, the .1a Tri-Edge event is over. Thank you so much to everyone who participated!
  14. CasuallyNoted
    Hey there guys! Just another quick update from the team!
    We're officially beginning to connect the .2a update into the TWVRC setup, moving very very quickly towards the incoming full release of .2a! Things are really looking fantastic right now and we really have the community to thank for this fantastic development!
    However, what is going to happen post-.2a?
    Well, with this update going live comes the entirety of R2 Towns and Lost Grounds, all reconstructed for your visiting pleasure, as well as one additional feature (the one we're currently holding out on before we move the update out of testing) that we think you guys will really like! But of course, the versions following .2a are going to include a vast number of things, most notably fine tuning, tweaking, and buckling down on some things we didn't notice, as well as the very exciting initial work on guilds and @homes.
    The .3a update is going to have a strong focus on guilds, and as a result we're going to have to ask for some help from the community once again! Shoot this page a pm if you're interested in being considered for some testing of .2's early access @homes!
  15. CasuallyNoted
    Wow! Amazing turnout last night, guys!! We wound up having a total of 32 players alt the same time, exploring the entirety of TWVRC worlds while guided by a cat with a stick! From sitting on the viewing platforms and playing music in Arche Koeln, to exploring the insides of Sif Berg, the team and community has an absolute blast! Thanks again for everything you guys do to be a part of this project, and we hope to see you next time as we add in some more great stuff to explore!
  16. CasuallyNoted
    Join us for a TWVRC .2a preview meetup tonight around 8PM EST! Lots of fun to be had, and lots of Lost Grounds to visit! Shoot this page a PM for more details or comment to RSVP!
  17. CasuallyNoted
    Quick follow up to the .2a prerelease!
    There are three VR Chat-side bugs that are currently being looked into and worked on, and as a result you may experience these bugs at any time during your time in TWVRC, both old areas and new.
    1. When players spawn into the world with you, they may be on top of your head and spinning. This is a known glitch and will be fixed on VRC's end very soon. For now they can just walk right off and be A-Okay.
    2. Going through portals that are a part of a world (IE the portals in the Gate Room) will oftentimes take you to a private instance of that world. This currently means that using the Gate Room will stop others from being able to be in that same area as you. Currently, the best solutions are to either visit the public instance of the world together with someone, or to friend them using VR Chat's friend system and invite them to your private instance.
    3. Currently the CS room avatars apply to your character, but don't show on your end. In the mirror, you'll appear as if you were a red smokey figure. We've tested every avatar and they all show up on the other players' ends.
    Hopefully within a week or so we'll see all three of these bugs be patched, but at the moment these are things worth making players aware of.
    Thanks again everyone, and forward any questions you have to the FB page, we'd love to hear from you and would love to meet up with you ingame if you'd like a .2a tour!
    -The TWVRC Team
  18. CasuallyNoted
    Announcement time!
    It's been about two or three weeks since we had the tremendous breakthrough on .2a update content, and we're really excited to be announcing that the .2a update is going live, into early access, today.
    So what can we expect in this early revision of the .2a update? Well, honestly a lot more than .1a had in it!
    Here's a list of all worlds available and their progress:
    Root Towns:
    Eternal City Mac Anu (Delta) - The Dome is currently where it needs to be, but entry to the rest of the town is currently going to be blocked off as we make the necessary changes to get it where it needs to be.
    Warring City Lumina Cloth (Omega) - The entire town is accessible, as well as Iccolo's @home. Some elements may need to be slightly tinkered with, so let us know if you notice any inconsistencies! We'll be sure to fix them right up! Currently, the arena is inaccessible as we're going to be adding it in in the .2b update.
    Celestial City Dol Dona (Theta) - The entire town is accessible, but currently the @home and bike shop areas are closed off. We'll be opening them up soon as part of the .2b update! Some elements may be slightly off here as well, so let us know if you notice any inconsistencies and we'll have them fixed up right away!
    Dual City Breg Epona (Sigma) - The entire town is accessible, save once again from @homes. Monorails are functional. The alleyway is slightly incomplete (no gears) as we're working out a technical issue with that section of the area. However, as always let us know about any inconsistencies and we'll get them fixed right away!
    Lost Grounds:
    Wailing Capital Wald Uberlisterin - Absolutely done! Nothing that really needs to be changed here. The only thing that's currently not exactly accurate to the game is that flames on the torches are not animated. However, all the scripting is in place and they animate on my local build, just waiting for VRC scripts to make it show in-game.
    Morrigu Barrow Wall - Just about there, everything is functional and looks great, but there are a few things that could be tweaked to make it even better, so let us know if you notice anything. However, the area has been given public status for now and looks fantastic.
    Dead World of Indieglut Lugh - Totally done! Nothing that needs to be changed.
    Sugar Mansion Sif Berg - Everything save from the lava is exactly where it needs to be! Going to have to do a bit more work to get the lava looking completely right but right now it's a fantastic experience to check out, and is public!
    Briona Gwydion the Dragonbein Range - Just about all done- there's one camera-related bug that I need to quick tweak some settings for but it doesn't impact the experience in the area whatsoever. Also public!
    Hulle Granz Cathedral (R1) - Currently some extra things that can be fixed (animating the light fixtures and fixing up some colliders), but otherwise totally good!
    There are also four lost grounds that you may be able to find your way into, but that still need a lot of work, so they're mostly there just to have them up and viewable. These four are:
    Isle of Kings Hy Brasil - Needs atmospheric and lighting changes, as well as some more object placement
    Inverted City Megin Fi - Needs some more lighting and object placement as well.
    Great Temple of Caerlon Medb - Skybox work. Loooooots of Skybox work.
    World of Sin Ran Hati - Lots of object placement work that still needs doing.
    We've also been asked about Hulle Granz R2, Arche Koeln, and Coite Bodher, all three of which are going to need some more work before they're going to be visitable. However, we hope you guys enjoy these areas as part of the prerelease, and hope to get tons of feedback! If you'd like, you're more than welcome to submit feature requests, inconsistencies, and bugs over to our bug tracker at twvrc.canny.io!
    Going to make a quick follow up post with some more information so as to not bog down this one.
  19. CasuallyNoted
    Definitely an exciting day! Breg Epona, Sugar Mansion Sif Berg, and Hulle Granz Cathedral (R1) have now gone into early access and are available publicly via VR Chat's main world list!
    Worth mentioning that there may likely be some bugs and inconsistencies with these worlds, so just let me know if you notice anything out of place in our bug reporter at TWVRC.canny.io!
    (Lumina Cloth will also be going into early access sometime tomorrow, assuming all goes well!)
  20. CasuallyNoted
    Ran into some new walls on the technical end of things with the project, so announcements might be slow for a bit while we work things out. But rest assured we're still working hard on getting towns and lost grounds into TWVRC as quickly as possible!
  21. CasuallyNoted
    Serious thanks to everyone who helped out with bug testing and reporting this week! Break the World 1.5 was a great success, and a ton of bugs have now been tucked away for good! We also took the opportunity to begin implementing some amazing new things you guys will love in .2a!
    Special thanks to these guys in particular, you are awesome and this project couldn't exist without you!
    -Xithyl Kykori
  22. CasuallyNoted
    Looks like we're all set to have Break The World 1.5 tonight at 7:30PM EST! It'll be a small event, but we're looking to meet up, check out some of the new rooms, and once again break anything and everything in any way possible so we can record it as something that needs to be fixed! Just shoot me a message or comment on this post and I'll relay more details your way!