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  1. Daikonran

    How to Join a .hack//fragment Lobby

    Joining a Lobby Forenote: This guide assumes that you have already downloaded the fragment iso (http://www.coldbird.net/fragment), and that you have already configured your emulator properly to play online. Also this is not a guide to creating a lobby but rather how to join another player's lobby. If you do not connect your PC directly to your router via Ethernet you will not be able to join a Lobby, unless you follow the steps in Coldbird's WLan guide (http://www.dothack.org/topic/8-guide-how-to-setup-your-nics-for-wlan-in-pcsx2/) IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT LOBBIES Lobby's can only hold three players at once The name of the Lobby is chosen by the person who creates it You can not switch Root Towns in a Lobby, the Root Town is chosen when the Lobby is created. All offline keywords are available through the Chaos Gate regardless of Root Town the creator of Lobby chose Players cannot join a Lobby if the players in it are already in a dungeon, it will appear as a choice but will be un-selectable from the menu Players must travel from Root Town and Field together as a group When joining a Lobby you are automatically added to the party of the other players in the Lobby Player created maps can be accessed through the Chaos Gate If you do not log out from a Lobby properly via the log out menu, you character will not be saved. With that out of the way, onto to actually logging in. Load up Fragment in your PSCX2 emulator. The main menu will appear, select Online from it. This will load and then ask you how you wish to connect. Create a network profile (for a guide specifically how to create a network profile go to this link viewtopic.php?f=32&t=1594). After you create it press select and click it, and then connect. After this one time you won't need to select the save anymore and can just hit connect. Hit connect from this menu. It will now load to the Altimit screen. If you get the error “Server not found” it means that the server is currently offline and check the forums for more information about when the server will be available. Move the selector up to select “The World” icon. This will load the character select screen. At this point you can select a character you made for offline or create a new character directly. After you select your character this screen will appear.You then want to select LOBBY from the menu. Once loaded select the main lobby. You should now see a blank user list screen. Press the triangle button and then select the top option from the list that appears. Then select Main, and finally a list of the different Lobbies will appear. Select the one you wish to join and enjoy. If you have any questions feel free to ask on this thread.
  2. Hello everyone. I'm not sure if many of you remember me, I used to be quite active on Iridiumbased and a Moderator on Dimension Corp. I was going through old documents on my external hard drive and located a tutorial I had created in the past on how to modify Kite's class, model, nameplate, and animations in .hack//infection, however I realized that this probably wasn't posted anywhere anymore. Thus I figured I would post it on this site, so it is available for anyone who would like to play through the game in a different way than in the past and so my effort was not wasted. If you have any questions you can leave them in this post, though I am unsure if I will be able to answer them fully anymore since it has been so long since I made this tutorial. Enjoy Well guys I'm gonna try my best to explain how to do this. This is my first guide for modding. I also wanted to say thanks to Aryth and Pieohpah for helping me with the pnach files and to Xu Yuan who's thread is how I learned to do this. So first you need to decide what do you wanna do. Here are your two options (If you wanna do the second you have to do the first if you're switching to a different class): Change Kites Class: This will change his class, the weapon you are currently equipping will change to the weapon of the class you changed it to. You will now be able to equip that classes armor and weapons, and learn their skills. The weapons all fit nicely in Kite's hand and do not look awkward. However when fighting monsters Kite will still use the weapons as if they are twin blade and have twinblade animations. This however is as simple as downloading the files I provide. Model/Animation/Nameplate: These are three changes that I think make it more enjoyable playing another class.You must change both the models and animations for it to work, but you don't need to change nameplate. So to have Kite attack like the class he is you must change both the animation and the model. 1. Kites Class Files you need pcsx2: http://pcsx2.net/download.html Classes: http://www.mediafire.com/?s81jxm7fhd8md8a This is rather simple. For this to work you must be using pcsx2, I will not provide where you to get the Bios for the emulator or the iso file for the game. If you actually own a ps2 and the game, you will have no problem acquiring these files. So after you have pcsx2 set up and the class files downloaded, extract the .rar to your desktop. It will create a Classes folder with 5 folders in it. Each folder has a .pnach in it, one for each class, it's not hard to figure out which is which. Take the one you want and move it into your C:/ProgramFiles/PCSX2/Cheats. Afterwards load up pcsx2. On the top menu bar hit hit System, and then check Enable Cheats. That's it, when you load up the game you will be the class you changed it to. Do not put more than one of those .pnachs in your cheats at once. Only one can load at a time. Also it highly suggested you start a new file, or equip armor that has no skills attached to it beforehand. This is because the skills you currently have will stick when you change classes and you will permanently have those twinblade moves and whatever spells you had. This does not change your stat progression. So running as a WaveMaster will be difficult SP wise, as you will still be leveling up your stats as if you were a twinblade. Changing that is more complex and I can't do that yet but I'm looking into it. 2.Advance Modifications Files you need: HxD: http://download.cnet.com/HxD-Hex-Editor/3000-2352_4-10891068.html Models Okay we are gonna go through this step by step. I'm going to start with the PC Model, then the Name Plate and finally the Animations. The reason for this is because you cannot apply animations without changing the PC Model first. So Install HxD Editor from that link, it's free and easy to use. Once installed, find the location of your dot hack infection iso. Load HxD and open the iso in it. So now you hit ctrl G. In it type “13CAC80”. One there you should see this, without the red boxes. The red boxes are the codes you are going to want to replace. Here is a List of the different models, credits for finding them go to Xu Yuan. After changing that, saving and reloading, you will have the name plate of the ones you entered. Animations So now it's time to change the animations. This requires a bit more editing then the rest of the modifications. Once more, load the iso in HxD. Hit ctrl G and put in “1726560”. This is part of the code, well the end of it, it goes up to the offset number we put in “1726560”. What we want to do here is find everywhere it says “tu1” and replace it with the code we want. You will see I squared out a few of them in red in the image (ignore the blue squares, that'll be addressed farther below), I did not square all of them though, you must change all of them, from “1726560” down.. That is EXCEPT “ANM_ctu1hac4b”. That one needs to be edited a bit more than just subbing in for tu1 (you will need to change “ctu1latc0” below it the same way you changed the others). I isolated where the one you need to change more extensively in between two red lines in the image so there is no confusion. The reason for this is no other character has a gate hacking animation so it will not work. You NEED to change “ANM_ctu1hac4b” to something like “anm_cXXXdwn0”. This should fix any issue with that. The XXX would be subbed for the animations you using for everything else you substituted for “tu1”. There is an optional part you may way to do if you are are changing to a wave master, they are suppose to have 2 more magic animations instead of 3 skills animations. So if you wanted to do this look back up at the image at the blue boxes. You would want to change them from Ski2, Ski3, Ski4 to Mag1, Mag2, and Mag3. This will change it to the magic animations, one of your animations will be a repeat of a prior one (Mag1) but it will correct this issue so you have more animations. Here are the animations codes you will want to sub in for tu1:
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