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  1. ~Zora Chick01 has logged in~ Welcome to The World: R1! ::As the log in sound dissipated, a pale, blue-haired figure materialized; standing on top of what looked like some cobblestone steps. She slowly opened her eyes, taking everything in moment by moment, wanting to absorb everything happening around her to keep it locked in as if trying to vitalize old memories that had been cast away in dust and shadow. Once getting her fill, she casually surveyed her surroundings, seeing other miscellaneous players and NPC's in what looked like light conversation scattered throughout the ro
  2. Forum username: Zora_Chick01 Discord: Lady Rathian#8450 IRL Name: Rachel Class/(Element): Heavy Blade (Thunder) Level: 10 Appearance: https://imgur.com/a/n50nmPt Medium height, long Blue hair, blue eyes, pale skin, avoiding wearing anything too fancy -fru-fru as it is too constricting for her; breathable comfort is her key. Personality: Wants to be helpful, tomboy-ish, (she doesn't mind getting her feet muddy when helping progress through dungeons), sarcastic and dry humor with close friends, happy to have company (most of the time), a hint of broody mood when trying to find ways
  3. oooh buddy does this bring back memories!

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