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  1. Terms of use with the images on this site, quite important so please read. First off, thank you for reading. Considering some don't even care about the policy and just run off with it. Here it is: You may not use the images on this site for your own use of your own site, AT ALL, without permission. Not just asking, thinking I'd say yes. E-mail me and tell me the URL of the site you will use it for. Otherwise, if the images on this site are found elsewhere without permission, it would just simply be called stealing. I tend to not reply to image usage requests but I read over them and check nonetheless. Please give me credit where necessary. Enough said.
  2. Who? ...are you? Known as Mahoro or Sayoko. Procrastinator. Does updates on sites when felt like it. Visit main domain here, secondary here. Why? ...do this? The mass media project thought up by these "guys" absolutely caught my attention and got me obessed with their project. I love .hack//SIGN as much as I love the game, as much as I love the comic but as much as the ova (though contains no action whatsoever!). There are plenty amounts of .hack//SIGN japanese sites out there (super popular, mind you). There WILL be plenty amounts of .hack//SIGN english fansites out too later on, but how rarely would there be a site out there about the whole .hack project itself (now, that is)?! SO! I planned and set out my goal~! So here it is now, presented to you with lots of anime, manga and gaming love! ^_- When? To be exact, May 6th, 2002 sometime very late at night. Why...? the name, you ask... .hackers (aka. DOT HACKERS) is actually the legend taken from the manga version. The original .hackers consisted of Kite and Blackrose. Shuugo and Rena take over the next generation. And I guess I take on the IRL generation. Why do I...? see boxes? If you see boxes floating all around the site, it means that your browser doesn't have a built in Japanese text. Which you may download, if you're using IE and it asked you a while back when you entered. Or Netscape, you may use NJstar Communicator. If you wish not to download neither, you can still navigate through the site without a problem. The japanese text is usually just the Japanese version/spelling of whatever that's beside it so it is not necessary to be able to read the Japanese.