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  1. I nearly have a complete set of .hack//ENEMY, I want one of these sheets so bad.
  2. .hack//LINK Fan Translation One of my aliases on line is Jun Bansyoya this is the name I use to post on the dothackers forums. In February of 2011 I started work on creating a fan translation of the not localized game .hack//LINK. I started this project because I am a big fan of the series, and wanted to see the “third season” of the series in English. I initially posted some cryptic messages and screenshots of the game online on the previously mentioned forums. Through this I was able to find Kuukai, a translator willing to help me with the work. We prepared a rough draft and prep
  3. The first patch is OUT! The major points of the storyline are translated. Disclaimer: we will not be distributing any patches on this site, but we've made the patch easy to find! Updated June 3, 2013 Hello .hackers Welcome to our semi-official thread for the unofficial fan translation of .hack//Link, we are posting important information throughout this thread and in this post in particular. Current Members of this Team Kuukai - Will be translating the story elements JunBansyoya - Making things work, Translating menus Keii - Will be translating the story elements
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