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  1. ace


    i've never really been one for doing fanart up until recently, sans a few things like pokemon and the like. if i get around to finally doing some artwork (i've been on an imoq binge lately, so--) then i'll definitely post it here!! i did my icon, however! :0
  2. ace


    heya!! been a fan of .hack from the start, and it's growing increasingly difficult to find people that also enjoy it. hopefully with .hack//g.u. getting a remaster, more people will start to discover (and re-discover) their love for the franchise! i'm ace, and i'm 28 years old. i like to play games, although i'm hardly good at them. as long as i'm having fun, that's all i really care about. outside of .hack, i really enjoy fire emblem, ragnarök online, elsword, tree of savior, splatoon, boku no hero academia, the legend of zelda, and pokémon, among other things. .hack got me into mmorpg hell, and i'd gladly stay here forever. i draw for a living, i guess? it's alright. anyway, i'd be more than happy to talk to anyone, especially those with like interests!
  3. ace

    .hack//ENEMY 2nd Giveaway

    hey, why not! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯